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Wako (Watch on Kodi) is a very convenient way to search for movies and TV shows on Kodi. It’s a remote control app that lets you interact with several popular add-ons so you can select movies and TV shows using your Android or iOS smartphone and play them on your TV, saving you the trouble of navigating through several menus on different add-ons. 

In this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots, we’re going to configure the Wako app and its many features. Wako can integrate with your Trakt.tv account and supports premium services like Real Debrid and Premiumize.

Before we begin you’ll need a couple of things:

Enable remote control on Kodi

Kodi has an integrated server that allows it to receive commands from other devices on your local network. Lets enable it.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the Home Screen to open the Settings menu. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select Services. Kodi Service settings on System menu

3. Select the Control tab, enable Allow remote control via HTTP and Allow remote control from applications on other systems. Allow remote control via HTTP on Kodi

You can now go back to the Home Screen, but do not close Kodi.

Connect Wako to Kodi

Open Wako on your smartphone.

4. Press the cog icon on the bottom right corner and select Configure Hosts. configure host on wako

5. Tap the ADD button. add host on wako

6. Wako will try to automatically detect your Kodi device. If you see your device listed press on it to select it and skip to the next section.
If your device is not detected press the Skip button on the top right corner and follow the step below. detecting hosts on wako

6a. Enter a Name for your Kodi device and the IP address, the Connection status should now display a green OK. Press Save Host to continue. manually adding host to wako

To check the IP address of you Kodi device go to the Home Screen on Kodi, press the cog icon near the top left corner to open the System menu and select System Information.

Playing content on Kodi with Wako

We’re now ready to use Wako, use the bottom bar to select movies or TV shows and pick some content.

7. Once you’ve found something to watch press the Open on Kodi button. opening content in wako

8. Select an add-on from the list. select add-on to play content on Kodi with Wako

9. Your selected add-on will start looking for sources and Wako will display its remote control interface, use it to select a source and start playing the video. searching for sources with exodus redux

[Optional] Using Real Debrid with Wako

File hosters often limit file availability and bandwidth for free users. Using Real Debrid gives you unrestricted access to several file hosters and to cached torrents for a very low price.

1. Press the cog icon on the bottom right corner to open the Settings and select Configure Cloud Accounts. configure cloud accounts on Wako for Kodi

2. Tap Login under Real Debrid. log in to real debrid on wako

3. Copy the authorization code and press Open the link.real debrid authorization code on wako

4. Enter the authorization code press Continue. (You must be logged in to your Real Debrid account) entering wako authorization code on real debrid

5. Set a name for the connection, we’ll call it Wako. Press the Set that name button to continue. set a name to your wako connection on real debrid

6. Back in Wako, your Real Debrid account should be authorized. real debrid account authorized on wako

If you want to use Real Debrid’s cached torrents with Wako you’ll have to install some providers, read the next section to install providers on Wako.
Be aware that you’ll also have to authorize Real Debrid with ResolveURL on Kodi so your installed add-ons can use it, read our guide on how to set up Real Debrid with Exodus Redux.

[Optional] Install Wako providers

Wako can search for torrents to be used with Real Debrid or Elementum. When using Real Debrid your device will not connect to the P2P network, on the other hand, Elementum uses torrents directly.

1. Press the cog icon on the bottom right corner to open the Settings and select Configure Providers. configuring wako providers

2. Tap on Providers URL: Click here to add one and enter http://bit.ly/wako-providers. Press OK to continue. enter the URL to download providers on wako

3. After a couple of seconds, the providers should be installed. You can scroll down to enable/disable the installed providers. provider settings on wako

[Optional] Using torrent providers on Wako

If you’re using Real Debrid or Elementum, Wako will use providers to search for torrents and play them directly on Kodi. Real Debrid will use cached torrents while Elementum users will download torrents directly. First, use Wako to select a movie or TV show.

1. Once you’ve made your selection, press the magnifying glass next to the blue Open on Kodi button to search for torrents.  searching for sources on wako

2. Wait a couple of seconds while Wako searches for sources. searching for sources on wako

3. Scroll down to see the sources. There are 2 tabs, Cached only are torrents that are already on Real Debrid’s server. All shows all the torrents available. Select a source. select torrent source on wako

4. You’ll see a couple of options, Open with Kodi will use Real Debrid to play the cached torrent while Open with Elementum Kodi addon will play the torrent directly. playing source with wako

[Optional] Using Trakt with Wako

If you have a Trakt.tv account you can get access to your collection and lists using Wako.

1. Press the cog icon on the bottom right corner to open the Settings, scroll down and select Sign in or Sign Up with Trakt. setting up trakt account on wako

2. Enter your Trakt.tv username and password. linking wako with trakt.tv

3. The Home button on the bottom bar will now act as a bookmark for all your episodes. wako home screen with trakt.tv account

When enabling Trakt the Movies and TV shows sections will show new features, use the Menu button (three vertical dots) on the top right corner to access your lists and the Explore drop-down menu to see your Collection.

Wako is a great app and it’s constantly getting updates and new features, you can support its developer by opening the Settings and selecting Contribute.

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Wako – A remote control for your Kodi add-ons
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This post is not valid anymore, wako doesn’t do that anymore, you can only watch movies/tv shows using itunes add-ons