Velocity is a multi-scraper addon for Kodi Media Center with integration features and a nice, fast user interface. Although a trakt account is not necessary, it is definitely recommended. Velocity can manage your trakt collection and watchlists and can show you special lists like episodes you haven’t watched yet, watched items history  or recommendations based on your watched movies and TV shows.

We are going to use Addon Installer from to install Velocity and its official repository (Blazetamer’s Repository) on our system, check our How to install Fusion Addon Installer tutorial if you need to and come back here when you are ready.


1. Start on the Home Screen and select “Programs”. programs option on kodi home screen
2. Then select “Addon Installer”. kodi fusion addon installer
3. Click on “Featured Addons”. featured addons in fusion addon installer
4. Select “Velocity” from the list of addons. Velocity addon on Fusion Addon Installer
5. Now click “Velocity”. install Velocity addon
6. Select “Install” to install the addon and its official repository, wait until all the files are downloaded and installed. installing Velocity addon Kodi
7. Restart Kodi. Then select “Videos” > “Addons”. video addons option in kodi home screen
8. Now click on “Velocity” to open the addon. Velocity Kodi Addon
9. Velocity’s Main Menu is easy to use, click on “Movies” or “TV Shows” to access the content. To use trakt features get your authorization code at, press the “Trakt Integration” red button and enter the code. Velocity main menu, tv shows


If you authorized trakt, Velocity will automatically “scrobble” to trakt whenever you watch a movie or TV show, some users find useful to set their trakt accounts to private. Items you put on a Watchlist using Velocity will stay in that watchlist until they are watched. If you want to create a permanent list to hold your shows use your Collection.

You can also download content using Velocity, find the movie you want to download, click it to get the sources then open the Context Menu on the source you want to use and click on “Add to Downloads”. Don’t forget to setup a download folder first or it won’t work.


More Info:

Velocity Kodi Addon Installation Guide
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Christine Weklar
Christine Weklar

Can someone at velocity help me, tried traxt they said go to velocity have traxt account and velocity keep getting velocity error 403 forbidden for velocity, do i Need trakt and what is wrong, loved velocity had it before have kodi 17.1 krypton no issues before. Thanks


When I try to play TV shows on velocity. There seems to be no stream to play anything. Any ideas?

Billy Baty
Billy Baty

Hi, Movies aren’t downloading on Velocity. I have a download folder, the movie title appears there , I get a tag that’s it’s downloading but no download. Later I check (it still says downloading) and no downloading has begun. Any suggestions?


Sometimes sources fail, you should remove the current download and try with another source. Velocity is a new addon and the downloading part is even newer so some bugs are expected. You can check your downloads by using the Context Menu and selecting “Download Status”.