Kodi Media Center already has a default repository where we can find a lot of interesting addons but if we want to stream movies or TV shows and do other fun stuff we are going to need to install a 3rd party repository.

In this tutorial we’ll show you, step by step, how to install SuperRepo on Kodi. SuperRepo is one of the most complete and popular repositories for Kodi, with more than 2000 addons that are frequently updated.

Lets start by adding the source containing the files needed to install the repository.


1. Make sure you are on the home screen and select “System” > “File manager”.File manager option on kodi home screen
2. Once inside the File manager select “Add Source”.Adding source in kodi file manager
3. Type “http://srp.nu/” in the upper textbox and “.superrepo” in the lower one, after that confirm by pressing “Ok”.SuperRepo source path
4. Now lets to go back to the Home screen and select “System”.System option in kodi home screen
5. Click on “Add-ons”.Addons option in Kodi settings
6. We are going to install the repository from a file located in the source we just added. Select “Install from zip file”.Install from zip file option
7. And then choose “.SuperRepo”.SuperRepo source folder
8. Select the right file for your version, Kodi 16.x “Jarvis”, Kodi 15.x “Isengard” or Kodi 14.x “Helix”.SuperRepo folder for kodi isengard
9. Select “All” to install the complete repository.SuperRepo all folder
10. Click on the zip file to install SuperRepo.SuperRepo zip file for kodi Isengard
11. After a couple of seconds you’ll see a confirmation message.SuperRepo Enabled notification
12. Now select “Install from repository”. Install from repository option
13. SuperRepo is installed along with Kodi’s official repository. SuperRepo repository on Kodi Isengard


Now that you have installed SuperRepo you can browse though its categories and install non-official addons. If you feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of addons available check our tutorials on some of the most popular kodi addons for streaming.

Exodus, multi-scrapper addon from the creator of Genesis, supports trakt integration.
SALTS (Stream all the sources) multi-scrapper addon, supports library integration trough trakt.
Specto, a Genesis fork with the same features but under new management, multi-scrapper, supports library integration and also trakt.
Quasar, video streaming using torrents (peer-to-peer), supports library integration and also trakt.


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Tutorial: How to install SuperRepo on Kodi
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I just completed the download and I’m on the Jarvis version. However, none of the popular or recommended add-ons (1Channel, Exodus, SALTS, etc.) are available in the Add-Ons list. Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of add-ons, but none of them are the right ones. Did I do something wrong?


I have just got a Fusion5 MXQPRO (I’m VERY new to this) so, can anyone tell me the what to choose when confronted with either ‘helix’ and ‘isengard’ and ‘jarvis’?


Hi Paul, the codenames for each Kodi version can be confusing. Helix is Kodi 14.x, Isengard is 15.x and Jarvis is 16.x. The names are following alphabetical order. If you installed Kodi from the Play Store you should have Jarvis. You can see the codename when you start Kodi on the loading screen.


Hi if i already have a source downloaded can i download more? Probably sounds daft but new to kodi and dont want to accidently delete the stuff i already have on the system please can you help. Thanks kerry


Yes, it is possible to download more than 1 video video at a time.