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Most of the popular Kodi video add-ons are capable of downloading subtitles automatically, but sometimes you need more control over the subtitle selection process to get the right one for your videos.

In this guide, we’ll enable subtitles on Kodi using a couple of add-ons, so you can watch all your shows and movies with subtitles in your preferred language.

1. Set up subtitle preferences on Kodi

Let’s start by setting our preferred language for subtitles and audio.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the screen. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Open the Player settings.
Player settings on Kodi 17 with estuary

3. Highlight the Language tab and set your Preferred audio language and Preferred subtitle language. language settings on kodi

Configuring the Preferred audio language ensures that the correct audio track is selected when playing multi-language streams. If English is not your primary language, you should be aware that streams in languages other than English are harder to find.

4. Now highlight the Subtitles tab and set Language to download subtitles for to your preferred language. You can enable multiple languages for subtitles. 
select language for subtitles on Kodi

The Default TV show service and Default movie service settings allow you to define your preferred subtitle add-on. Since we have not installed any add-ons yet, we’ll leave these fields empty for now. Please remember to come back and set your preferred subtitle add-ons later.

2. Subtitle add-ons on the official Kodi repository

The official Kodi repository offers a variety of subtitles add-ons for many languages, some of these add-ons require a user account from their respective websites.

Some of our favorite add-ons on the official repository are, Subscene Subtitles, and Addic7ed. These add-ons offer subtitles in many languages.

OpenSubtitles requires a user account, while the other two do not. Try a couple of add-ons to find which one works best with your preferred languages.

In this guide, we will install, their website offers a large catalog of subtitles in many languages. You must create a free account on to use the add-on.

1. Pressing the cog icon near the top left corner of the Home Screen. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select Add-ons.Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

3. Select Install from Repository. Install add-on from repository on Kodi

4. Click on Subtitles. (If you’ve installed 3rd party repositories on your system, you’ll have to select the official Kodi Add-on Repository first.)install subtitles on kodi

5. Now, let’s install some subtitles add-ons. There are many providers, install the ones that suit your language needs.subtitles addons for kodi

6. Click on the Install button.enable subtitles on kodi 17

7. Let’s configure the add-on. Open the Context Menu on and select Settings. (Use a long-press on the remote or the C key on the keyboard to open the context menu).open the subtitle add-on settings

8. Enter your username and password, and press OK to continue.setting up opensubtitles

3. Using subtitles add-ons en Kodi

Now that we installed and configured the add-ons, we’re ready to use subtitles on Kodi. Let’s start by playing a movie or episode.

1. When playing a video, press the Subtitles button near the bottom-right corner of the screen.enabling subtitles on Kodi 17 krypton with estuary

2. Select Download subtitles…downloading subtitles with Kodi

3. Press on one of the installed add-ons and wait a couple of seconds while the search process finishes. Then select a file from the list to download the subtitles.
selecting subtitles on kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin

The video will automatically resume playing as soon as the subtitle file is downloaded.

a4kSubtitles and SubLoader are two great subtitle add-ons. Both can grab subtitles from a set of popular subtitle websites, they can find subtitles in many languages, and do not require a user account (but you can still use your own OpenSubtitles account for better results).

4.1. Install a4kSubtitles

A4KSubtitles is a great add-on that supports multiple subtitle services like OpenSubtitles, BSPlayer, Podnapisi, Subscene, and Addic7ed.

a4kSubtitles uses the IMDb identifier to find matches for your video, this identifier is usually provided by the streaming add-on as metadata. Luckily, a4kSubtitles works with most modern add-ons.

1. Press the cog icon to open the Settings menu. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Press File Manager. Kodi File Manager on System menu

3. Select Add Source. adding source using file manager on kodi

4. Enter on the top box and Addons4Kodi on the bottom one. Press OK to add the source. adding source for a4kSubtitles on Kodi

5. Now select Add-ons. Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Press on Install from zip file. install kodi add-on from zip file

7. Select Addons4Kodi. select a4kSubtitles source

8. Click on to install the repository. installing a4ksubtitles repository zip file

9. Now select Install from repository. Install add-on from repository on Kodi

10. Press on Addons4Kodi Repository. a4kSubtitles repository

11. Select Subtitles. subtitles category on a4kSubtitles repository

12. Click on a4KSubtitles. installing a4kSubtitles

13. Press the Install button to install a4kSubtitles on Kodi. install a4kSubtitles Kodi addon

You’ll see a list of dependencies to be installed along with the add-on, press OK to continue. Now you’re ready to use a4kSubtitles on Kodi.

Check out the add-on’s settings to enable automatic subtitles search, enable/disable subtitle providers, and more.

4.2. Install SubLoader

SubLoader is a service add-on that automatically finds and downloads subtitles for your content with great accuracy. No need to navigate menus, just play your content and SubLoader will do the rest. This add-on is especially useful if you use subtitles often.

SubLoader uses the IMDb number and filename of your video to find the best match. The more descriptive the filename, the better the chances of finding the correct subtitles.

1. Go to SubLoader’s releases page on GitHub and download the latest version of SubLoader addon on Github

Remember the path for the downloaded zip file, we’ll need it in a moment.

2. Open Kodi and press the cog icon to open the Settings menu. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

3. Select Add-ons.Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

4. Press Install from zip file.install kodi add-on from zip file

5. Locate the recently downloaded zip file and press on it to install SubLoader. SubLoader installation file

SubLoader is now installed, but it uses its own language preferences. Let’s open the add-on’s settings and select our preferred language.

6. Select My Add-ons. My Addons category on Kodi settings

7. Click on  Services. Services installed on Kodi

8. Select SubLoader.

9. Press the Configure button. opening SubLoader settings

10. You can choose up to 3 languages on the Subtitles tab. Press OK to save the settings. setting preferred language for SubLoader

It’s important that you install other subtitle add-ons to use as backup. If SubLoader can’t identify your video, it’ll open the subtitle download dialog and use your other add-ons as fallback.

SubLoader is a fork of AutoSubs. If you’re using AutoSubs please uninstall it to avoid conflicts between the add-ons.

Looking for more add-ons? These are some of our favorite Kodi add-ons for March 2024.

Please visit our list of the best Kodi add-ons for more information.

Seren Kodi Add-on featured imageSeren: Excellent add-on with great user interface and many innovative functions. (Premium sources)
Umbrella: Great add-on based on Venom. (Premium sources)
Fen Kodi Add-onFen: This add-on is very fast and offers many features. (Premium sources)
Elementum Kodi Addon featured imageElementum: An exceptional add-on that offers high-quality streams using torrents. (Free sources)
Scrubs: Great add-on specialized in free sources. (Free sources)
The Crew Kodi Add-onThe Crew: Great all-in-one add-on with many extra features for kids, sports, live TV, and more. (Free and premium sources)
How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi [2024]
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