Exodus is one of the most popular video addons for Kodi Media Center, it has a great set of sources and a wonderful user interface but there is no library integration or favorites list. Instead, Exodus uses the Trakt.tv service to keep track of your TV shows and movies.

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at Trakt.tv and how use it with Exodus. If you haven’t installed Exodus yet read our guide on How to install Exodus on Kodi and come back here when you are ready. You’ll also need a Trakt.tv account, go ahead and create one now, it’s free.


Quick Intro to Trakt

Trakt.tv is a free service that let’s you organize your favorite TV shows and movies and keep track of what you watch. It integrates with a lot of popular media center software and you can use it from your browser or smartphone. We are going to focus on two specific Trakt features: Collection and Lists.

The Collection: it’s similar to the library, here you’ll add your favorite shows and movies.

  1. To view your collection select “Collection” from the Profile Menu.
  2. Use the Filter to select Shows or Movies.
  3. You can order the results by Title or date.

Trakt.tv collection sorted by TV show title

Lists: You can create your own custom lists here, Trakt comes with a default Watchlist you can use to add all the shows and movies you’d like to check out.

  1. To view your lists select “Lists” from the Profile Menu.
  2. Add new lists using the “Add Lists” button.

Trakt lists on user profile

To add a show to your collection using Trakt.tv select “TV” from the Top Menu and click on the green book button located under the image of your preferred show.

  1. Use the buttons under each Show to “Mark as watched”, “Add to Collection” or “Add to a List”.
  2. You can search for specific shows or movies using the search box.
  3. Click on Trending or Popular to explore new shows.

Adding tv show to collection using Trakt.tv


Try adding a couple of shows to your collection and check out the other features to familiarize yourself with Trakt. Once you are ready let’s switch to Kodi.


Exodus and Trakt

Now let’s configure Exodus to use Trakt, open Kodi and navigate to Exodus Main Menu.

1. On the Exodus Main Menu and select “Tools”. Tools option on Exodus addon for Kodi
2. Then click on “SETTINGS: Accounts”. Account setting on Exodus
3. Select “Authorization” under Trakt. Setting trakt account on Exodus Kodi Addon
4. Exodus will generate an authorization code, write down the code. Trakt Authorization code for Exodus
5. Now go to http://trakt.tv/activate/, enter the code and confirm.enter exodus authorization code on trakt website
6. Back in Kodi select the “General” tab, change Indicators to “Trakt” and press “OK” to confirm. seting exodus indicators to trakt
7. Now go back to Exodus Main Menu and select “My TV Shows”. My Lists on Exodus for Kodi
8. You can get access to your Trakt collection and lists from here. “Progress” acts like a bookmark for your shows and “Episodes” will show you the newest episode of each show on your collection or lists.Trakt features on Exodus for Kodi
9. To manage Trakt within Exodus open the Context Menu and select “Trakt Manager”. Exodus Trakt Manager
10. You can add or remove items to your Collection and Lists using the Trakt Manager. Add to Collection using Exodus Trakt Manager


Activate your Trakt account on all your devices with Kodi and Exodus to keep them synchronized.

If you’ve used Exodus for a while you’ll probably have a lot of items already marked as watched on Kodi, Exodus will only synchronize the items you play after setting indicators to Trakt. To sync everything you need to install the official Trakt addon on “Kodi Add-on Repository” > “Program add-ons”.
The official Trakt addon will automatically scrobble Kodi and synchronize all watched items, it’ll also let you rate the shows and movies you after you watch them.

You might want to use a customizable skin and simulate library integration style menus to get access to your Trakt collection directly from the home screen. Check our guides on how to create custom menu items with Amber, Aeon Nox or Estuary Mod.


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How to use Trakt with Exodus and Kodi
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The context menu is still there. To add a TV show, simply hold down on the show name or icon to get the context menu (on a tablet) or right click with a mouse on a laptop . Select Trakt Manager, and then Add to Collection.


Right click your mouse on a movie or tv show to get the Context Menu. The Trakt.tv Manager is there


I am unable to locate Trakt.tv Manager to edit my Lists? Not sure what is meant by Context Menu and whatever I press does not give me the Trakt.tv Manager option.


because on the left when you are in an app lets say you are in EXODUS
you press left or move your mouse left in the app a list pops up once its up you then can move down that list and it will say HIDE WATCHED if you un select that button all the tv shows will reappear on the shows you have watched hope this helps

Phoenix Rob

It won’t let me select trakt in the indicator


Nevermind. I figured it out. Under the General tab after changing the indicator to Traktor, I scrolled down and enabled My Lists.


I’ve done the steps but Exodus doesn’t have a my TV category. I have the KODI No Limits build 3.0.


Hi. Please check Tools>General and at the very bottom Enable “My List”.


Did the context menu disappear in Exodus after upgrading to Kodi 17? I cannot find it anywhere. I want to click ADD TO COLLECTION for my shows and I cannot seem to do it. Any ideas/


My issue is that when I check off an entire season that I watched in exodus by selecting watched in trakt is checks off all of the other seasons. So I said ok, I will just check individual episodes and it doesn’t check off the entire season when I check all of the episodes. Does anyone have an idea why this is? If I watch an episode it checks it off just fine.

James Maroney

I had so many problems with Kodi and trakt working together. Exodus still showed TV shows and movies that I had deleted via my trakt account, and trakt is an unfriendly pain in the ass. I ended up uninstalling trakt, Exodus, and Kodi and started fresh. I will never touch trakt again!

Allen Gresham

When clicking authorization in exodus now, it doesn’t provide the code. The screen will flash and go back to the accounts page.

James Maroney

How does one do that???

I sense great potential with Exodus and trakt, but both are SO unintuitive!!

Kaitlyn Farren

I already have a trakt account can I add it to Jodi, or do I have to make a new account


Hi everyone !
I have a little problems with kodi and trakt tv.
Before, when I see one episode of my series, the episodes are tick but it was possible to review if I want.
Now, I dont understand why every time I saw a episode, it disappears of my list!
If you are a solution, please help me!!!!
Thank you so much!


This was so useful – thank you so much! Been hating searching for shows everytime but this makes life so much easier!

Tom brook

I did everything right but it won’t change on the indicators. It says local.


This is a life saver. I was so tired of “finding” the show I wanted to watch everytime. Quick question…if multiple ppl are using the same Kodi/exodus, can multiple trakt account be synced?


Ugh worked great before, now I have lost everything I had in my lists and although it is showing as successful when I re add shows, my lists are showing as empty still


Thanks for the guide!