Exodus is one of the most popular video addons for Kodi Media Center, it has a great set of sources and a wonderful user interface but there is no library integration or favorites list. Instead, Exodus uses the Trakt.tv service to keep track of your TV shows and movies.

In this tutorial we are going to take a look at Trakt.tv and how to use it with Exodus. If you haven’t installed Exodus, read our guide on How to install Exodus on Kodi and come back here when you are ready. You’ll also need a Trakt.tv account, go ahead and create one now, it’s free.

Exodus has been abandoned for a long time. We recommend using Incursion. Please read How to use Trakt with Incursion or  How to install Incursion on Kodi for more information. Incursion is a popular fork of Covenant which is based on Exodus.


Quick Intro to Trakt

Trakt.tv is a free service that let’s you organize your favorite TV shows and movies and keep track of what you’re watching. It integrates with a lot of popular media center software and you can use it from your browser or smartphone. We are going to focus on two specific Trakt features: Collection and Lists.

The Collection: it’s similar to the library on kodi, here you’ll add your favorite shows and movies.

  1. To view your collection select “Collection” from the Profile Menu on the top-left corner.
  2. Use the Filter to select Shows or Movies.
  3. You can order the results by Title or date.

Trakt.tv collection sorted by TV show title

Lists: You can create your own custom lists here, Trakt comes with a default Watchlist you can use to add all the shows and movies you’d like to check out.

  1. To view your lists select “Lists” from the Profile Menu.
  2. Add new lists using the “Add Lists” button.

Trakt lists on user profile

To add a show to your collection using Trakt.tv select “TV” from the Top Menu and click on the green book button located under the image of your preferred show.

  1. Use the buttons under each Show to “Mark as watched”, “Add to Collection” or “Add to a List”.
  2. You can search for specific shows or movies using the search box.
  3. Click on Trending or Popular to explore new shows.

Adding tv show to collection using Trakt.tv


Be aware that the Watchlist is meant to be a temporary list, this means that the movies and shows on this list will be automatically removed once they are marked as watched. On the other hand, the Collection and custom lists are persistent.


Try adding a couple of shows to your collection and check out the other features to familiarize yourself with Trakt. Once you are ready let’s switch to Kodi.


Exodus and Trakt

Now let’s configure Exodus to use Trakt, open Kodi and navigate to Exodus Main Menu.

1. Select “Tools” on the Exodus Main Menu. Tools option on Exodus addon for Kodi
2. Then click on “SETTINGS: Accounts”. Account setting on Exodus
3. Select “Authorization” under Trakt. Setting trakt account on Exodus Kodi Addon
4. Exodus will generate an authorization code, write it down. Trakt Authorization code for Exodus
5. Now go to http://trakt.tv/activate/, enter the code and confirm.enter exodus authorization code on trakt website
6. Back in Kodi select the “General” tab, change Indicators to “Trakt” and press “OK” to confirm. seting exodus indicators to trakt
7. Now go back to Exodus Main Menu and select “My TV Shows”. My Lists on Exodus for Kodi
8. You can get access to your Trakt collection and lists from here. “Progress” acts as a bookmark for your shows and “Episodes” will show you the newest episode of each show on your collection or lists.Trakt features on Exodus for Kodi
9. To manage Trakt within Exodus open the Context Menu and select “Trakt Manager”. Exodus Trakt Manager
10. You can add or remove items from your Collection and Lists using the Trakt Manager. Add to Collection using Exodus Trakt Manager


Activate your Trakt account on all your devices with Kodi and Exodus to keep them synchronized.

If you’ve used Exodus for a while you’ll probably have a lot of items already marked as watched on Kodi, Exodus will only synchronize the items you play after setting indicators to Trakt. To sync everything you need to install the official Trakt addon on “Kodi Add-on Repository” > “Program add-ons”.
The official Trakt addon will automatically scrobble Kodi and synchronize all watched items, it’ll also let you rate the shows and movies you after you watch them.

You might want to use a customizable skin and simulate library integration style menus to get access to your Trakt collection directly from the home screen. Check our guides on how to create custom menu items with Amber, Aeon Nox or Estuary Mod.


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How to use Trakt with Exodus and Kodi
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Wondering if there is a way to delete shows from the Progress list — there seems to be a several shows listed there that were watched once and then the decision was made not to watch that series.


When I go to Exodus – Accounts – Trakt – Authorization nothing happens. What can I do to get the authorization pop-up screen to come up?


I have trait connected and everything but while trying to fix the progress issue (not knowing it was widespread), I reset the authorization in exodus. Now when I click authorization in the exodus accounts tab, it won’t give me a code. Will I just have to wait?

Zac Morris

I put together a step by step process of what you have to do to get it back


I had issues loading the progress tab. I wanted to reload my account so I removed it. Now when I’m in Exodus and I click Trakt Authorization nothing happens. The code never appears.


Trakt SUCKS don’t use it. When you even try to watch a movie it deletes it from your list. I like to sometimes watch a movie more than once.


There is a setting for that.


Please can someone help me, I am trying to stop an episode in my bedroom and resume it on another system in my lounge, but it doesnt let me resume on another system, only let me resume on the system i originally stopped it on..,i have tried to change settings, but still nothing…Is it possible to resume on another system, and if so how ?

Thank you


My series collection on exodus won’t open anymore, removed trakt and installed it again, but nothing! Don’t know what to do anymore and why it doesn’t work.


Also..it looks like trakt is not synced with my tv shows anymore. I always put a check next to my “watched” shows…and those are all missing now. Plus, the providers all seem to be different.


Exodus used to list my tv show collection alphabetically. Today it started to sort by date instead. How can I fix it back? I went to the Trakt website and signed in and chose “title” for sorting, but on my TV it still sorts by date. Please help.


Mine is going the same. Really annoying. Hopefully someone can shed some light on how to fix it


I’ve found that you can manually move TV Shows around in the list and they will maintain position. Not too handy when you have 100+ shows in a list, but at least you can put the currently airing shows at the top until a fix/work around has been made


Has anyone said what update caused the Trakt collection list to stop sorting by the name of TV show’s ? It is very hard to browse or search when I was able to just go down the list alphabetically to get to a show I wanted to watch. Is there a new feature added that we can change the Trakt sort in Exodus? There is a panel on the left that says ascending – descending but it has no affect on the Trakt list. I am running Kodi 17 and everything is up to date.


My collection no longer opens in exodus, i’ve tried to reconnect my trakt account and update exodus but it did not work. My trakt account still shows my collection but nothing opens when I select it on exodus. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?


Hey Kim, I had the same issue today, after hours of messing around, I found that if you change the name of your list in your trakt.tv account then reload your lists in Exodus, it should for.
For example, my TV Show list was called ‘TV Shows’ I changed it to ‘TV Show’ and when I went back into exodus it worked. I was then able to change it back to ‘TV Shows’ on Trakt.tv and it still worked.
Its maybe a bug and changing the name resets the link or something.
Although, you may now find that your list order is set to ranked on Exodus and there doesn’t appear to be a fix for that at the moment. Not that I can find anyway.
Hope that helps.


Clear Exodus cache in Tools section.


The context menu is still there. To add a TV show, simply hold down on the show name or icon to get the context menu (on a tablet) or right click with a mouse on a laptop . Select Trakt Manager, and then Add to Collection.


Right click your mouse on a movie or tv show to get the Context Menu. The Trakt.tv Manager is there


I am unable to locate Trakt.tv Manager to edit my Lists? Not sure what is meant by Context Menu and whatever I press does not give me the Trakt.tv Manager option.


because on the left when you are in an app lets say you are in EXODUS
you press left or move your mouse left in the app a list pops up once its up you then can move down that list and it will say HIDE WATCHED if you un select that button all the tv shows will reappear on the shows you have watched hope this helps