If you are using Kodi Media Center in several devices or if you want to reinstall Kodi without losing your TV shows and movies watchlist, then integrating Genesis and Trakt is an excellent idea. Trakt.tv is a free service that keeps an active log of what we are watching, its website also features user based suggestions and social network elements.

IMPORTANT: Genesis is no longer being developed. Let us recommend some alternatives:

  • Specto, Genesis fork with the same features but under new management.
  • Exodus, new addon from the creator of Genesis, supports trakt integration.
  • SALTS (Stream all the sources) similar to Genesis, supports library integration trough trakt.
  • Quasar, video streaming using p2p, supports library integration and also trakt.


In this tutorial we’ll show you how to integrate Trakt with Genesis and the library in two steps. First we’ll configure Genesis that natively supports Trakt and then we’ll install Trakt’s official addon to keep our library synchronized.

Before continuing you must have a trakt.tv account, go to their website and create one if you don’t have one. You must also have Genesis installed and integrated with the library, check out our tutorials if you have any doubts.


1. Let’s start on Genesis’ Main Menu and select “Tools”. Genesis tools option on Kodi
2. Then “Settings: Accounts”. account settings on Genesis
3. Enter your Trakt username and password, confirm by pressing “OK”. kodi genesis settings accounts trakt
4. Go back one level and select “My Genesis”. kodi My Genesis option on Genesis main menu
5. The menu will show new options to navegate your Trakt collections and watchlists. (If you are a new user these lists will be empty) trakt options on my genesis, tv collections
6. You can add or remove items from Trakt by using “Trakt Manager”, to open it use the Context Menu. (Open the context menu by pressing the “C” key, right-click or long-pressing the selection). Genesis Trakt Manager on context menu
7. We are going to import our collection and watchlists from trakt into the library. Go back to Genesis Main Menu and select “Tools”. (If you are a new user you don’t need to import from trakt, jump to step 10). Genesis tools option on Kodi
8. Select “Genesis: Library”. library tools on Genesis fro Kodi
9. Import you collections and watchlists to the library. import Trakt collection to Kodi library using Genesis
10. Now we are going to install Trakt’s official addon. Go back to the Home Screen and select “System”. System option in kodi home screen
11. Then “Add-ons”. Addons option in Kodi settings
12. Select “Install from repository”. Install from repository option
13. Now “Kodi Add-on Repository”. Kodi official addon repository
14. Go to “Program Add-ons”. program addons on Kodi official repository
15. Scroll down the list until you find “Trakt” and click on it. Trakt official addon for Kodi
16. Press “Install”. installing trakt official addon on kodi
17. Wait until the addon and dependencies are downloaded, you’ll see an authorization screen when it’s done. Using your browser go to http://trakt.tv/pin/999 and get the code from the website. trakt authorization code on trakt.tv website
19. Go back to Kodi and enter the authorization code. Press “Authorize” to continue. trakt authorization code on kodi
20. Go back to the Home Screen and select “Programs”. programs option on kodi home screen
21. Right-click on “Trakt” to open the Context Menu and select “Add-on Settings” (you can also open the Context Menu by pressing the “C” key or long-pressing the selection). opening trakt setting on kodi
22. Go to the “Synchronize” tab and activate “Sync collection on library update or cleaning”. Confirm by pressing “OK”. sync trakt on library update or cleaning
23. Now click on “Trakt” to run the synchronization for the first time. All your movies and TV shows will be added to your Trakt collections. synchronizing trakt and kodi library


No that you’ve installed and configure Kodi with Genesis and Trakt take a couple of minutes getting to know the new options on “My Genesis”, also check Trakt’s addon settings there’s a lot to things you can tweak. You should visit trakt.tv and spend some time there too. Don’t forget that now you have “Trakt Manager” on the Context Menu to manage your collections and watchlists straight from Kodi.


More Info:

The Complete Guide to Genesis on Kodi, Part 3: Genesis and Trakt
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Syd Andy

Images at 22& 23 not displaying.

Also 23 not working seems rather important! Help us please!


The “23. Now click on “Trakt” to run the synchronization for the first time. All your movies and TV shows will be added to your Trakt collections.” doesnot work!
Any help?