Today we are going to configure Kodi Media Center to stream movies and TV shows on-demand using the popular addon Genesis. Unlike other addons, Genesis will get its sources from several popular streaming websites, we can say that is kind of an addon of addons.

IMPORTANT: Genesis is no longer being developed. Let us recommend some alternatives:

  • Specto, Genesis fork with the same features but under new management.
  • Exodus, new addon from the creator of Genesis, supports trakt integration.
  • SALTS (Stream all the sources) popular addon with lots of sources, supports library integration trough trakt.
  • Quasar, video streaming using p2p, supports library integration and also trakt.


In this tutorial we are going to install Genesis on Kodi. Before we begin you must have SuperRepo installed, please read out tutorial on How to Install SuperRepo and come back here once you’re finished.


1. Start on the Home Screen and select “System”.System option in kodi home screen
2. Then select “Add-ons”.Addons option in Kodi settings
3. Now click on “Install from repository”.Install from repository option
4. We are going to use SuperRepo to install Genesis. Click on “SuperRepo All”.SuperRepo repository on Kodi Isengard
5. Once inside the repository choose “Video add-ons”.Video addons in SuperRepo
6. There are dozens of video addons, scroll through the list until you find “Genesis” and click on it.Genesis video addon in SuperRepo
7. You’ll see a window with the addon’s information. Press “Install” and wait for a few seconds while the addon downloads.Genesis addon details
8. Go back to the Home Screen. To access Genesis go to “Video” > “Add-ons”.video addons option in kodi home screen
9. Then “Genesis”.Genesis video addon for kodi
10. We are all set. Navigate the menu and select the movie or tv show you want to shows option in Genesis for kodi


When selecting  a movie or TV show you’ll be presented with a window showing all the sources available. Sometimes you’ll find that some sources are down or overloaded, just try another source until you find one that works for you.

If you want to integrate Genesis with Kodi’s library so your favorite shows are automatically updated when new episodes are available, read the Complete Guide to Genesis on Kodi, Part 2: Library integration.

More Info:

The Complete Guide to Genesis on Kodi, Part 1: Install
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