SALTS is heavily integrated with Trakt. If you really want to take advantage of all the features this addon has to offer you are going to need a account. Trakt is a service that allows you to store your watching preferences in the cloud, this is very helpful if you want to keep all your devices synchronized. Stream All The Sources can access and manage you Trakt collection and lists straight from Kodi Media Center.



In this tutorial we are going to show you how to authorize SALTS with Trakt, you must have a trakt account and at least one list created we before continue. Go to, sign up and create a list if you haven’t done so yet, it’s free. We are going to use a Trakt list to subscribe our TV shows so we get updates when new episodes are released.


1. Start on the Home Screen and select “Video” > “Add-ons”. video addons option in kodi home screen
2. Select “Stream All The Sources”. SALTS Stream all the sources video addon for Kodi
3. Then “Settings”. settings option on SALTS main menu
4. Click on “Authorize SALTS to access my account”. Authorize SALTS to access my account
5. Open you Web Browser and go to, login with your Trakt account and get the Authorization Code. authorization for SALTS on Kodi
6. Back in Kodi, enter the Authorization Code and press “Authorize”. entering authorization code for Trakt on SALTS
7. Let’s activate automatic subscriptions. Select “Add-on Settings”. addon settings option in SALTS for Kodi
8. Go to the “Library Integration” tab and activate the options “Automatically Update Subscriptions”, “During StartUp?”, “Update Library Afterward?”and set “Create tv show/movie nfo file for?” to “All”. SALTS library integration settings
9. Last we have to set a Trakt list as a subscriptions source. Select “TV Shows”. tv shows option on salts main menu
10. Then “My Subscriptions”. my subscriptions option on SALTS & Trakt
11. Click on “Pick a list to use for subscription”. subcribing to a list with SALTS
12. Select the list you want to subscribe to, be aware that Trakt will automatically remove watched episodes from the default watchlist, it’s recommended that you create a separate list for your subscriptions. using default trakt watchlist for subscription with SALTS
13. Press “Update Subscriptions” to force the first update. This might take a couple of minutes if you have a long list.import from trakt to kodi library with SALTS
14. To add new TV shows on your selected trakt list, find the show and use “Subscribe” in the Context Menu.subscribing to tv show using salts and trakt


SALTS uses lists on Trakt for library integration so you can’t import your trakt collection to SALTS directly. Luckily there’s an easy workaround, first import the collection to a list and then subscribe to that list.

1. On the SALTS’ TV Shows menu, go to “My Lists”. my lists on SALTS with Trakt
2. Right-click on the list you want to use to open the Context Menu and select “Import from Collection”. This will copy your collection to the list. import trakt collection to list with SALTS

Now go back to “My Subscriptions” as shown on step 9 and import the list.

To keep your watched status automatically updated between kodi and Trakt you need to install the official Trakt addon located on the official Kodi Add-on Repository under “Program Add-ons”. The official Trakt addon will take care of scrobbling.

In the next part of this tutorial we are going to integrate SALTS with the library, click on the link to read SALTS library integration: Stream all the sources and Kodi Complete Guide part 3.

Also check our tutorial on how to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.


More Info:

SALTS and Trakt: Kodi & Stream All The Sources Complete Guide Part 2
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Crystal Thomas

At step #8 if you plan to use this for movies make sure you activate Include Movies?. This is the second time I’ve started over and realized I couldn’t get movies to sync with the library and couldn’t remember how I fixed it the last time. I haven’t been able to find this info anywhere else so hope it helps someone.

Mike Ward

I have some shows I would like to remove. I delete them in Kodi but when Library updates Trakt reinstalls. I went to Trakt, removed from collection AND watchlist. Removed from Kodi. TRAKT reinstalls when Library Updates. Using android so there is not a right click remove from TRAKT option in Kodi. Help, please.


I found it now but it keeps saying error.


When I went to video and then add ons all am seeing are a list of countries instead of the option stated above.


I am not able to get SALTS to sync with Trakt


is there a way to change the subsriptionslist?


I have 4 items in my Trackt.TV SubscriptionList but when I first go on the page it says that I only have 2 items. It is only when I enter the SubscriptionList that it shows all 4 items.

This means that when I go into my Kodi and My Subscriptions, it also only has 2 items despite me manually updating the Subscription run.

I have also noticed on my TV Shows menu, it only has 3 items.

Can anyone help?


Nevermind…just activated / authorized trakt tv for the fourth time with SALTS and it looks as though it’s good to go now…I have the full list.


Very confused. When I click on TV Show on SALTS, the first five items on the list are the same as listed above, but then (after [hulkhorgen] IMDB, etc), all I have on the list is this:
Other Lists
General Calendar
Premiere Calendar
Recent Searches
Saved Searches

It have NONE of these:
Recommended TV Shows
My TV Show Collection
My Favorites
My Subscriptions
My Watchlist
My Lists
Liked LIsts

Any idea what I need to do to update/upgrade/change this list?…it’s not very useful…thx much…jt

Kyle D

In Step # 12 “be aware that Trakt will automatically remove watched episodes from the default watchlist, it’s recommended that you create a separate list for your subscriptions”

I initially used the default Watchlist for testing reasons, but now I can’t figure out how to change it. Personally, I think it’s okay if it deletes episodes as I watch them, but for future reference, is there a way to change this list now that it’s already been specified?

Brian M

Thanks, but not sure I quite follow it all 🙂 However, using “subscribe” seems to have things syncing between my 2 systems and Trakt.

Now, I have noticed that streaming at certain times of the day causes interruptions in playback. The download option seems like something to explore. I have “Show download option” selected, but I can’t seem to find this option anywhere. Are you able to direct? Thank you.


Hi Brian – Did you ever find the DOWNLOAD option for each stream ?

Brian M

Part 2 of this document has us “Add to Library”. I think this is what caused my problem. Since then, I have “Subscribed”, and it seems to be working with Trakt. I am unclear of the difference between “Add to Library”, “Subscribe” and “Add to Collection”. If possible could you please explain how each of these works with SALTS and Trakt?

Sometimes SALTS can be confusing with so many options. Use “Add to library” to add items to your local library without adding them to Trakt. “Subscribe” will add the item to your Tratk List and in consequence it will also be added to the library. To use subscribe you must first select a Trakt List to hold all your items as shown on step 10. Remember that items added by either method will only appear on your library after the next Subscription Update. You can force a subscription update by using the “Update Subscriptions” option on “My Subscriptions” or by… Read more »
Brian M

When I imported from collection(last step), it deleted my collection in Trakt and pushed only my kodi library to Trakt – no synchronization. Is this correct?


That should definitely not happen. “Import from collection” should copy the items in your collection to the selected list without deleting anything.