Stream All The Sources is able to integrate with Kodi Media Center by using the library, but in order to get automatic updates of your TV shows you are going to need a account. In this tutorial we are going to use the SALTS Library Integration features to add TV shows and movies to the library through trakt lists.

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Before we begin you need to install SALTS on Kodi and authorize your trakt account, SALTS uses the TV shows and movies on your trakt lists to update the library, read the previous parts of this tutorial if you need to and come back here when you are ready.


1. First we must make sure that Kodi is showing hidden files. Go to the Home Screen and select “System”. System option in kodi home screen
2. Then “Appearance”. Appearance option in kodi settings
3. Click on the “File lists” tab and activate “Show hidden files and directories”.show hidden files and directories setting for kodi file explorer
4. Go back to the Home Screen. We are going to add the SALTS folder to the library. Select “Video” > “Files”. video files option in kodi home screen
5. Now “Files”. video files option on Kodi
6. Click on “Add Videos…”. add video file to Kodi's library
7. Open the file explorer by pressing “Browse”. adding video source to kodi library
8. Find the SALTS folder, the location depends on the OS you are using.

  • Windows: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\userdata\addon_data\\TVShows
  • Android:{storage}/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/
  • Linux: ~/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/
  • iOS: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/userdata/addon_data/
  • Mac: /Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/Kodi/userdata/addon_data/
  • OpenELEC: /storage/.kodi/userdata/addon_data/

browsing genesis tv shows folder

9. Check that all the data is correct before pressing OK. (If you are adding movies, the name of the folder will be Movies instead of TVShows). adding TV shows from SALTS to Kodi library
10. Set the content type of the folder to TV Shows. Choose “(TV Shows)” as directory content and “The TVDB” as scraper. Press “Ok” to confirm. Set folder content to tv shows
11. Go back to the Home Screen, Now you’ll see a new section called “TV Shows”.tv shows section on home screen


Repeat the process to enable the movies section. Keep in mind that you need to athorize trakt to automatically update the library when new episodes of your TV shows are released.
It’s important to use the “Subscribe” option in the Context Menu to add shows to your trakt list and therefore to your library. If you use the “Add to library” option you’ll not receive updates on that show.

If you want to use subtitles read our guide on how to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.


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SALTS Library Integration: Kodi & Stream All The Sources Complete Guide Part 3
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After doing all the steps i see my TV Shows library is updated, however after i click on videos-> in progess tv shows , it says “Remote share could not connect to remote server “. In TV shows folder i see multiple folders for artist, title, genre but nothing is accessible. Is any one facing the same problem, and can someone explain why i am getting this error in library and how to fix it??

Paul Campbell
I tried library integration as explained in this guide. Read on if you want IMO a much better/faster way of doing things. Kodi Library integration with SALTS makes you lose a bunch of awesome SALTS features and it will make everything become slow and laggy due to both Trakt scrobbling and updating subscriptions whenever you go to watch something. I think a lot of people (myself included) assume that Library integration is the way to go when they first get into SALTS. Initially i thought it would be cool to have both my streaming and local network media all in one synchronized library. This, as far as i can tell, is the only real advantage you get from integrating SALTS and Kodi Library. You can’t Search for, or add new shows/movies, view schedules, view most popular, recommended and other filters directly from Kodi Library. you still have to start the… Read more »
PrepaidWireless Guy
Great info here! I’m a bit confused though. – Does subscribing to a newly discovered show automatically add it to the Trakt collection? – On the Trakt website, there’s no subscribe option, so if adding to the collection on the website, do I then need to go to Kodi and subscribe to that show so it will show me when there are new episodes? – I can import my collection to a new list, which I can then setup with SALTS, however, when adding new shows, I then need to add to collection AND add to this list as well? – So when using Trakt, I never need to use the Add to Library option again b/c Trakt collections and subscriptions are always used? This all seems too cumbersome. There should just be ONE collection, and a setting in SALTS (or whatever other app that uses Trakt) to then let… Read more »

Everything worked out perfectly, only thing id like to do now is change the “recently added episodes” menu in the kodi home page to show only tv show titles and not recently added episodes. Could you give me any info on how I could go about changing this?


Try installing LazyTV, it has a lot of settings to play around and it can do exactly what you are looking for. You can find it under Program Addons on the official repository.

Seth I.

This worked perfectly for my TV Shows with Trakt but I keep getting the following error when I try it for Movies: “Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected.” I’ve verified the location of the Movies folder within SALTS and used the similar path with TV Shows which again is working fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for the awesome walkthrough!

John K

I found a problem with the library integration. For example in a movie (from the library), if you open the context menu there is no option to rate the movie in trakt. Off course if you go to the same movie through salt categories the option is there… Any tip to have the rate??


Does the subscription download the media and save to hard drive. Or, just make a reference to it that still streams online?


When you use Subscriptions SALTS will create a small reference file (.strm) for each episode/movie, check the “Library Integration” tab in SALTS settings to get the path to those files. Subscribing will not download any media file to your hard drive.

Brittany Ferris

How come everything is duplicated in my library, I am only using SALTS as an addon?

Jonathan Keane

Great page. I’ve no sub folders for movies and tv shows. is as far as I can get. Have followed all instructions as per above and previous pages (hidden files enabled etc.), but without those sub folders in unable to segregate. Any suggestions on where I could be going wrong please?


I am using a skystreamx4 box. I can’t find my storage. I have root and external storage (don’t think it’s that) to choose from. When I do find a path it’s storage/sdcard0 then android. I go all the way after that and get no choices to choose at the content part. Nor does it let me rename “for the media source”. It just has TVshows there.
Basically I’m stuck at the end part where the content is chosen. All I get is () in the box next to arrows


I can’t get the drop down for content to change. It has () in side it. I have shows added already before I did your setup. Should I start from scratch or am I missing something? Thanks

reurt berga

I have succesfuly installed the movie librarie but when i do the same for tvseries i doesnt apear in my kodi homescreen.
Any idea what i did wrong?
I use the openelec system.
Sorry for the bad English 🙂