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Quasar is capable of integrating with Kodi library. By enabling library integration Quasar will periodically check for new episodes of the shows in your library. It’s a great way to keep your favorite movies and TV shows organized on Kodi. In this tutorial we are going to integrate Quasar with the library using Kodi 17 Krypton or greater.

IMPORTANT: Quasar is retired and is not compatible with Kodi 19 and above. Please use Elementum.


First we must create a folder to store the files of the library. Create a folder somewhere on your hard drive, in this guide we’ll call our folder QuasarLibrary but you can use any name you want.


1. After creating the folder open Kodi, highlight the Add-ons tab, open the Context Menu on Quasar and select Settings. (long-press, right-click or use the C key to open the Context Menu).open Quasar settings on Kodi
2. Click on Library path and select the folder we just created. Press OK to continue.setting quasar library integration on Kodi


Now restart Kodi. Quasar will automatically create 2 folders called Movies and Shows on the path specified earlier to store library files. These files are very small and they contain instructions for the addon, these are not media files.

We are going to use those 2 folders as media sources for our library, first we’ll do the TV Shows section.


3. Click the TV Shows tab. TV Shows library tab on Kodi
4. Select Add videos… adding a folder as media source for Kodi library
5. Go to the folder created earlier, you’ll see the 2 new folders added by Quasar. Click on the Shows folder. set up tv shows section of library using Quasar and Kodi
6. Once inside the Shows folder press OKconfirm tv shows folder for quasar library integration
7. Press OK to continue. set up quasar library integration
8. Click on This directory contains and select TV Shows. Press OK to continue. set tv shows as the folder's contents
9. You’ll be prompted to refresh the path, click Yes.refresh the contents of kodi library


Repeat the process to enable the Movies section.


Adding items to the library using Quasar

Let’s add some items to the library, in this example we’ll be adding some TV Shows but the process is the same for movies.


10. Go to Quasar main menu and select TV ShowsTV shows category on Quasar Kodi addon
11. Select Trendingtrending tv shows category on quasar
12. Open the Context Menu on an item and select Add to Library. (Long-press, right-click or use the C key to open the Context Menu). add to library with quasar and kodi
13. Quasar will create the library files for each episode of the show, this can take a couple of minutes for shows with lots of episodes. You’ll see a notification when it’s done, press Yes to refresh the library.refresh path after adding item to kodi library with quasar
14. Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the TV Shows tab to see an overview of your library. quasar kodi library integration


Quasar will periodically check for new episodes and update the library. To force a library update open the context menu on quasar and select Settings > Advanced > Update library.

If you want to use subtitles with Quasar please read How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.


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How to integrate Quasar with Kodi Library [Retired]
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