Magnetic is a program addon for Kodi that allows you to search torrents on popular sites by using a collection of providers. It is very modular and flexible, it can work independently using the Magnetizer action on the Context menu, this way you can search for torrents on other addons like Exodus or SALTS. It can also work as a torrent provider for Quasar and Torrenter V2, it even has an extension to manage subscriptions and library integration. In this tutorial we are going to install Magnetic on Kodi 17 Krypton with Estuary Skin.

If you are already using Quasar make sure you uninstall all the old Quasar MC’s Providers before installing Magnetic. Magnetic works great as a provider manager for Quasar but you might want to check out our guide How to install Quasar Burst, a new multi provider addon for Quasar.

Let’s start by downloading the Magnetic Repository, this contains the addons as well as a the providers we’ll use in this guide. You can download the repository zip file from its official source. Remember the downloaded file’s location on your drive, we’ll be using it in a moment.


1. Press the Add-ons tab on the Home Screen. addons tab on estuary skin with kodi 17
2. Open the Settings by clicking on the gear icon near the top left corner of the screen. addon settings on kodi 17 estuary
3. Enable Unknown Sources to install 3rd party addons, we recommend that you also enable Show notificationsenable unknown sources on kodi 17 krypton estuary
4. Go back to the Add-ons screen and this time open the Add-on Browser by pressing the box icon on the top left corner of the screen. Addon browser on Kodi 17 with estuary
5. Select Install from zip fileinstalling from zip fileon kodi 17 with estuary
6. Locate the file we’ve just downloaded and click on it to install the Magnetic repository. install magnetic repository on kodi 17 krypton estuary
7. Now select Install from repository.Install from zip file on Kodi with estuary
8. Click on Magnetic RepositoryMagnetic repository installation file
9. Then Program Add-onsprogram addons on magnetic repo for kodi with estuary
10. Install Magnetic Torrent Managerinstall required addons for Magnetic Kodi 17
11. If you are planing on using Magnetic independently you can skip this step.
– To use Magnetic as a provider for Quasar install Magnetic Quasar Connector, do not install the connector if you are using Quasar Burst.
– If you want to use Magnetic as a provider for Torrenter V2 install Torrenter Searcher: Magnetic.. Magnetic quasar connector and torrenter v2 search addons
12. Now install your favorite providers. install providers for magnetic kodi 17 estuary
13. We are going to test our installed providers, go back to the Home Screen and click on Magnetic Torrent Manager to open the addon. Manage torrents with Magnetic on Kodi 17 krypton with estuary
14. Open the Context Menu on any of the installed providers and select Check All Individually, wait until the process is done.checking torrent providers on Magnetic for Kodi 17 estuary
15. Disable the ones that are too slow or didn’t return any items. selecting fastest providers for Magnetic on Kodi
16. Open the context menu again and select Check All as Groupchecking selected providers as group on magnetic for kodi krypton with estuary
17. After a couple of seconds you’ll see the test results, try to get as many items as possible in the least amount of time. Try a couple of different providers until you are satisfied with the results. kodi magnetic providers test


Magnetic runs as a service so you’ll need to restart Kodi whenever you change the providers’ configuration or when you update the providers.

There are several ways to use Magnetic:

– Independently by using the Magnetizer action in the Context Menu, this way you can search for torrents from other addons (like Exodus or SALTS). You’ll still need to install a torrent player, luckily Magnetic is compatible with YATP, KmediaTorrent, XBMCTorrent and of course, Quasar and Torrenter V2.

18. Calling Magnetizer from Exodus using the Context Menu. calling magnetic magnetizer from exodus
19. Select one of the torrents from the Magnetizer results. Magnetizer torrent results on magnetic for kodi
20. Select your preferred torrent player. choose torrent player for magnetic kodi addon


– You can also use Magnetic it as a provider for Quasar, make sure you’ve installed Magnetic Quasar Connector as shown on  step 11, if you need help installing Quasar follow our guide How to Install Quasar on Kodi 17 with Estuary Skin, keep in mind that you can not use Magnetic Quasar Connector and Quasar Burst together.

– Or you can use Magnetic as a provider for Torrenter V2, make sure you’ve installed Torrenter Searcher Magnetic as shown on step 11 and install Torrenter V2.

Magnetic providers are developed for Kodi 17 Krypton and some of them will return 0 results or an error when used with previous versions of Kodi due to open SSL certificate compatibility issues. If you are using Isengard or Jarvis try with different providers or upgrade to Krypton.


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Torrent streaming with Magnetic Kodi Addon
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Vinay Jain

cant install providers , did anybody got workaround ?


Same here, only can install very few Magnetic Providers, majority won’t go passed 0%. Any ideas?


Hey, something doesn’t work. I cannot install any of the providers. aynone managed?


None of the providers get any results back… Any help?


Awesome, thanks!


His github account was deleted today. 🙁