Castaway is an awesome Kodi addon for sports lovers, it pulls live content from many popular sports sites, it supports acestream/sopcast and it can even scrape subreddits. Developed by Natko1412, Castaway rapidly became one of the most popular sports addon for Kodi Media Center.

In this tutorial we are going to install Castaway on Kodi, we’ll also add some sports streaming subreddits and configure everything necessary to enable streams using p2p. You’ll need Addon Installer to install Castaway an its official repository, natko1412 repo. Read our guide on How to install fusion addon installer if you need any help.


1. Go to “Programs” on the Home Screen. programs option on kodi home screen
2. Click on “Addon Installer”.kodi fusion addon installer
3. Select “Featured Add-ons”. featured addons in fusion addon installer
4. Click on “Castaway”. Castaway sports addon for Kodi on Fusion Addon Installer
5. Click on “Install Castaway” to install the addon and its official repository. Wait until you see the success message.Install Castaway on Kodi using fusion Addon installer
6. Go back to the Home Screen and select “Video” > “Add-ons”. video addons option in kodi home screen
7. Then “Castaway”. Kodi Castaway sports addon
8. Let’s set up the addon, click on “Tools”. Configure Castaway Kodi addon
9. Then “Settings”. Kodi Castaway Settings
10.  Select your Timezone, use PgUp and PgDn Keys to rapidly move across the list. If you are using Quasar you can set it as the default Torrent Player. set timezone on Castaway


Castaway and Subreddits

You can add your favorite streaming subreddits. Castaway will read the posts on the specified subreddit looking for sources. Search for sports streaming groups on Reddit, there might be one for your favorite sport.

11. Click on “Subreddits”. subreddits on Castaway for Kodi
12. Select “Add Subreddit”. add subreddit to castaway kodi
13. Enter the name of the subreddit. We’ll add /r/SoccerStreams. Press “Ok” to confirm.adding sport streaming subreddit to castaway


Castaway and P2P

To use the “P2P Corner” we need to install and configure a couple of extra addons.

14. Go to the Castaway main menu and select “Tools”. Configure Castaway Kodi addon
15. Then select “Install external addons”. Kodi Castaway required addons
16. Click on “Plexus” and “YATP” to install them. (If you are using Quasar just install Plexus)installing required addons for Castaway
17. Go back to the Home Screen and select “Programs”. programs option on kodi home screen
18. Click on “Plexus”, it’ll download the necessary dependencies to handle acestream and sopcast. Plexus addon for Kodi


Restart Kodi to let the new changes take effect.  Now you are ready to start streaming you favorite sports on Kodi using Castaway. Navigating through the menu can be intimidating at first but it becomes easier once you find the right sites for your favorite sport.


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