The Complete Guide to Venom on Kodi [Retired]

Venom is a popular Kodi add-on that allows you to stream movies and TV shows using premium sources. This add-on has many features like support, library integration, Youtube section, Debrid cloud manager, and more.

IMPORTANT: Venom and its repository are no longer available. Check out Umbrella, a new add-on based on Venom. Visit our favorite add-ons for more alternatives to Venom.

You’ll need a premium account from Real Debrid, All Debrid, or Premiumize for Venom to work properly. This add-on uses FenomScrapers, an external scraper package also used by other add-ons like Fen.

Venom addon is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia.

In this guide, we’re going to install and set up Venom on Kodi. Let’s get started!

IMPORTANT: Venom and its repository are no longer available. Check out Umbrella, a new add-on based on Venom. Visit our favorite add-ons for more alternatives to Venom.

1. Venom Overview

TypeMovies and TV Shows
Free SourcesNo
Premium SourcesReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, EasyNews, Furk, FilePursuit, Ororo, and Google Drive. 
Source typeCached Torrents and File Hosting Websites supportYes
Library IntegrationYes
More FeaturesContinuous episodes playback, PlayNext and Still Watching dialogs, Context Menu items, File downloads, Integrated subtitles.

Venom sample screenshots:

install Venom on Kodi
Kodi Venom Add-on
Tools category on Venom add-on
selecting a flie to play with Venom

2. Install Venom on Kodi

If this is the first time you install add-ons on Kodi, you’ll have to allow the installation of unofficial add-ons. Please read How to allow 3rd-party add-ons on Kodi and come back here when you’re ready.

2.1. Adding Venom source

Let’s begin by adding a link to the official source on 123venom’s Github page, this will allow us to download the repository zip file directly on Kodi.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the screen.
Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select File Manager.Kodi File Manager on System menu

3. Press Add source. adding source using file manager on kodi

4. Enter on the top box and venom on the bottom one. Press OK to add the source. Venom source on Kodi

2.2. Installing Venom repository

The repository is responsible for installing and updating the add-on, let’s use the new source to download the Venom repo.

5. Go back to the Settings menu and this time select Add-ons. Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Click on Install from zip file. install kodi add-on from zip file

On Kodi 19, you’ll see a message about the auto-update feature. Press Yes to proceed.

7. Now select venom. venom kodi source on file manager

8. Click on to download and install the repository.

2.3. Installing Venom add-on

Now we’ll use the repository to download and install Venom with all its dependencies.

9. Select Install from repository. Install add-on from repository on Kodi

10. Click on Venom Repo.Venom repository on Kodi

11. Select Video add-ons category on Venom repo

12. Now select Venom.Venom Kodi add-on on its own repository

13. Press the Install button.install Venom Kodi add-on

14. You’ll see a list of dependencies to be installed along with the add-on. Press OK to continue and wait until the process is finished.list of dependecies for Venom add-on

If you are prompted to install the Metahandler dependency, press Yes.

15. Go back to the Home Screen, you’ll see a shortcut to Venom on the Add-ons tab.Kodi Venom Add-on

We have installed Venom on Kodi, but we still need to authorize a Debrid account so that the add-on can find sources and stream content.

2.4. Authorizing Venom with Real Debrid

Using premium accounts gives you unrestricted access to several file hosters and cached-torrents. It greatly improves the speed, quantity, and quality of available sources.

In this tutorial we’ll use Real Debrid, a popular service to get access to various file hosters and cached torrents for a very low price.

It is important that you open My Accounts through Venom so that the settings are automatically synced. If you open My accounts from the main screen, you will have to sync Venom and My accounts manually.

16. Open Venom and select Tools.Tools category on Venom add-on

17. Press My Accounts Settings.authorize Debrid account on Venom using My Accounts module

18. Select the Debrid Accounts tab and click on Authorize under Real-Debrid.authorizing Real Debrid on Venom using My Accounts module

19. Copy the authorization codeReal Debrid authorization code for Venom

20. Use a web browser to visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged in to your Real Debrid account). enter real debrid authorization code

21. Set a name for this connection, we’ll write Venom. Press Set that name to continue. authorize Venom with Real Debrid

22. Go back to Kodi. You should now see your username in the Real Debrid section. Press OK to continue. Real Debrid authorized on Venom

We have authorized My Accounts with Real Debrid, Venom should automatically take the new settings but sometimes it fails. Let’s make sure Real Debrid is enabled on Venom.

23. Press SETTINGS: Accounts. Open the accounts settings menu

24. On the Accounts tab, scroll down to the Real-Debrid section and make sure Enable is activated, then press Ok to save the settings. Enable Real Debrid on Venom

All done! Now you’re ready to stream content on Kodi with Venom. Use Venom’s main menu to search for movies or TV shows.

25. You will see a selectable list of available sources before playing a movie or episode.selecting a flie to play with Venom

To continuously play episodes, open the context menu on the episode you want to watch and select Play from here.

When using cached torrents, your device won’t connect to the p2p network directly, instead, Real Debrid will fetch the files on their servers and it’ll let you get them as a normal download.

Venom supports automatic subtitles but if you need more control over the subtitles selection process please read How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.

3. Additional Settings

Let’s take a look at how to set up some popular Venom features. These steps are optional but can improve your user experience.

3.1. Venom and Trakt is a free service that helps you organize and keep track of your favorite movies and shows. Using a Trakt account is very helpful if you want to sync your watched status across devices.

Venom can integrate with your Trakt account giving you access to your Collection, lists, and bookmarks.

It is also capable of scrobbling, so using the official Trakt add-on is optional. Scrobbling means automatically checking in your watched episodes and movies on the cloud.

To use Trakt with Venom, visit the website, log in with your account, and follow these steps.

I. Select Tools on Venom’s main menu.Tools category on Venom add-on

II. Press My Accounts Settings.authorize Debrid account on Venom using My Accounts module

III. Make sure the Trakt tab is selected and press Authorization…authorizing Venom with Trakt

IV. Copy the authorization code. copy the trakt authorization code for venom

V. Using a web browser, visit and enter the authorization code. You must be logged into your Trakt account. activate kodi addon on

VI. Press Yes to link your Trakt account to Venom. allow My Accounts to use your Trakt account

You can now access your Trakt collection and lists with Venom using the My Movies and My TV Shows categories on the addon’s main menu.

If you are not using the official Trakt add-on, you should Enable scrobbling on Venom. Go to the add-on’s main menu, select Tools, and press Settings: General.

VII. Highlight the Trakt tab, scroll down and activate Enable Scrobbling. Set the Resume Point source to Trakt scrobbles to keep your devices synchronized. enabling Trakt scrobbing on Venom

If you are using Kodi on a single device, you can keep the Resume Point source on Local to avoid unnecessary calls to the Trakt API that can slow down navigation.

4. Venom Settings Summary

The Settings menu is divided into 13 categories: General, Navigation, TV Shows, Playback, Providers, Source Options, Trakt, Accounts, Library, Downloads, Subtitles, Debugging, and Shortcuts.

To open the settings menu on Venom go to the add-on’s main menu, select Tools, and press Settings: General.

4.1. General

Adjust interface settings and meta-data providers options.

Venom General Settings

Icon Package [1]Venom, Exodus, Exuary
Menu Icon Type [2]Traditional, MetaProvider Logos
Add Metadata Provider Labels. ex.(IMDb)(On)
Indicators [3]Local, Trakt
Highlight ColorYellow
api Language [4]English
Certification Country (MPAA)United States
– Certification prefix 
Page Item Limit [5]20
Title Search Limit (Movies and TVShows)20
Enable Fanart [6](On)
Enable Extended Artwork (
— Help —Press for information about Extended Artwork
– Clear Metadata and Cache 
– Prefer TMDb artwork (poster, fanart)(On)
Hide movies in cinema [7](Off)
TMDb image resolutionsMedium,  High, Original, Low
Movie theatrical unreleased colorYellow Green
Enable Notification Sound(Off)
Notify Me About Available Updates(On)
My Movies and list sort options [8]
IMDb list sortingDefault, Title, Rating, Votes, Date Premiered, Date Added, Date Watched
– Sorting OrderAscending, Descending
— Help —Press for information about the IMDb list sorting option
Movie SortingDate Premiered
– Sorting OrderDescending
Collections SortingDate Premiered
– Sorting OrderDescending
Watchlist SortingDate Added
– Sorting OrderDescending

[1] Icon Package: Select the color and style of icons.
[2] Menu Icon Type: Choose between traditional icons or Meta-data provider icons on menu items.
[3] Indicators: Save watched status locally or on the cloud using your Trakt account.
[4] API Language: Set meta-data language for movies and shows information.
[5] Page Limit: Set the number of items per page for movies and shows.
[6] Enable Fanart: Show posters and background images.
[7] Hide Movies in Cinema: It may take a while for new releases to have HD sources available. Activating this option will remove newer movies with low-quality sources.
[8] My Movies and list sort options: Sorting options for My Movies. Requires a Trakt account.

4.2. Navigation

You can customize the add-on’s Main Menu, Movies, and TV Shows interface. Just enable or disable the menu items.

Venom Navigation Settings

4.3. TV Shows

TV Shows menu settings and sorting options.

Venom TV Shows Settings

Flatten TV seasons [1](Off)
Include Special Episodes (Season 0)(Off)
Show unaired seasons/episodes(Off)
– Unaired Season/Episode ColorYellow Green
Allow Multi Episodes to Show Unwatched Count(Off)
Unwatched Count [2](Off)
Enable Calendar (TVMaze) fetching extended metadata [3](Off)
Continue Episode Playback Settings
Enable PlayNext popup [4](Off)
My TVShows and list sort options [5]
IMDb list sortingDefault
– Sorting OrderAscending
Show SortingDefault
– Sorting OrderAscending
Watchlist SortingDate Added
– Sorting OrderDescending
Progress SortingDate Watched
– Sorting OrderDescending
Air information(Off)

[1] Flatten TV seasons: Show all available episodes in a big list instead of ordered by season.
(2) Unwatched Count: Show Unwatched count on multi-episode lists. Requires a Trakt account and might not work on some skins.
[3] Enable Calendar (TVMaze) fetching extended data: fetching extended data will make the calendar load slower, this option is disabled by default.
[4] Enable PlayNext popup: Displays a pop-up window with the next episode information at the end of each episode. You must use the “Play from here” option in the Context Menu to play episodes continuously and display the PlayNext and Still Watching dialogs.
[5] My TVShows and list sort options: Sorting options for My TVShows category. Requires a Trakt account.

4.4. Playback

Adjust playback settings.

Venom Playback Settings

When playback starts…
Resume Playback [1](On)
Auto Resume [2](Off)
When playback ends…
Force container refresh [3](Off)

[1] Resume Playback: If video playback is interrupted, Kodi will ask you to resume playback the next time you play the same video.
[2] Auto Resume: Kodi will automatically resume playback without asking.
[3] Force container refresh: After playing a video, Kodi marks it as watched on its local database and/or on the cloud using Trakt. This option will force a refresh to the user interface to show the new markers immediately but it might make the navigation slower.

4.5. Providers

Providers are used in the scraping process to find sources. Venom uses the Fenom Scrapers module to manage the providers.

Venom Providers Settings

Fenom Scrapers Settings [1] 
— Help — 
Clear Providers Cache After Changing Scraper Provider
Clear Providers Cache… [2] 

[1] Fenom Scraper Settings: Enable/Disable scapers using Fenom Scraper. Remember that the more providers you activate, the longer the scraping process will be.
[2] Clear Providers Cache: You must clear the Providers Cache after changing the provider settings.

4.6. Source Options

Customize the sources handling process. Set the play style (auto-play or source select), define filters to limit results, set preemptive termination, and more.

Venom Source Options

Scraper Preparation
Default (movie/episode) select action [1]Source Select, Auto Play
Use default “Rescrape” option vs Menu(Off)
Use provider priority run ordering(Off)
— Help — 
Disable CloudFlare protected providers(Off)
— Help — 
Check IMDb Movie meta(On)
– check title(On)
– check year(On)
Check IMDb Show meta(Off)
— Help — 
Scraper Progress Dialog [2]
Progress Dialog (Scraping and Resolving)Foreground, Background
Scraper Timeout60
Scraper Dialog Highlight ColorLawn Green
Terminate on Cloud Sources [3](On)
Pre-emptive Termination [4](Off)
Source Filtering Options [5]
Max Quality4K, 1080p, 720p, 480p(SD)
Require Year in  source for known Reboot shows [6](Off)
Prioritize HDR and Dolby Vision on top(Off)
Prioritize HEVC to top(Off)
Enable Movie File Size Limit(Off)
Enable Episde File Size Limit(Off)
Remove Duplicate Sources(On)
– Do not spam log with removed duplicates(On)
Remove Dolby Vision sources(Off)
Remove HEVC sources(Off)
Remove HDR sources(Off)
Remove CAM sources(Off)
Remove SD sources (only if better quality exists)(Off)
Remove 3D sources(On)
Remove uncached torrents(On)
— Help — 
Source Select [7]
Highlight ColorLawn Green
Torrent/Hoster sorting methodDo Not group (quality, site priority), Group (Torrents, Acct Sources, Prem Hosters)
Sort by file size(On)
Autoplay SD Quality only(Off)

[1] Default (movie/episode) select action: Choose a playstyle, you can manually select a source to play or let Venom pick a source automatically using the filters.
[2] Scraper progress dialog: Customize the scraper progress dialog.
[3] Terminate on Cloud Sources: Stop scraping if the source is found on your Debrid cloud.
[4] Preemptive Termination: Stop the scraping process as soon as the specified number of sources (with the specified resolution) are found. This can decrease the scraping time.
[5] Source Filtering Options: Adjust the filters to your liking, this is especially useful when using Auto-play.
[6] Require Year in source for known Reboot shows: Some shows are reboots of old shows and have the same name. This option helps to filter out old episodes but may also drop valid links.
(7) Source Select: Customize the Source Select window.

4.7. Trakt

Manage your Trakt account and other related settings.

Venom Trakt Settings

Open My Accounts Addon [1] 
sync(re) with My Accounts [2] 
— Help — 
Trakt Username [3] 
Account Info 
Server Notifications(On)
General Notifications(On)
Direct Progress Scraping [4](Off)
— Help — 
RatingDefault, Force
Enable scrobbling [5](On)
— Help — 
– Show notification on scrobble(Off)
Resume Point source [6]Local, Trakt scrobbles
Trakt Progress Show unaired episodes(Off)
Trakt Upcoming Progress prepend date(On)
–Help — 
Paginate Lists when possible(On)
Trakt Management Tools
Hide fully watched shows(Off)
Auto Trakt Collections Syncing
Sync on Kodi Start(Off)
Schedule Updates Everty – Hour/s0
0 values Disables Scheduling 

[1] Open My Accounts Add-on: Venom uses an external add-on to manage your Trakt and Debrid accounts.
[2] Sync(re) with My Accounts: Re-synchronize Venom with My Accounts. Use this option if you made changes to your accounts. If you open My Accounts through Venom using Tools -> Open my Account Addon, the synchronization will occur automatically.
[3] Trakt username: Your username will appear here once you’ve authorized your account.
[4] Direct Progress Scraping: allows an item in your Trakt Progress list to instantly scrape and play instead of loading an episode list from that current NextUp/Progress position.
[5] Enable scrobbling: Scrobbling keeps track of your watched movies and episodes on the cloud.
[6] Resume Point source: Set to Trakt scrobbles to synchronize the status across devices. Use Local if you use Kodi on a single device.

4.8. Accounts

Account settings for the following services: AllDebrid, Premiumize, Real-Debrid, EasyNews, FilePursuit, Furk, GDrive, and Ororo. All accounts are managed by an external add-on called My Accounts.

Kodi Venom Accounts Settings

Open My Accounts Addon [1] 
sync(re) with My Accounts [2] 
— Help — 
Account info from My Accounts
AllDebrid [3]
Please visit My Account for setup [4]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
Real-Debrid [5]
username(Your username will appear here once you authorize your account)
Sored resolved items in cloud [6](Off)
Enable cloud scraper [7](Off)
Remove show packs due to RD cache checking bug(Off)
Server Notifications(On)
Account Info 
Easy News [8]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
FilePursuit [9]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
API [10]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
Furk Username 
GDrive [11]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
GDrive Worker URL 
Ororo [12]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 

[1] Open My Accounts Addon: All accounts are managed by the My Accounts add-on.
[2] Sync(re) with My Accounts: Re-synchronize Venom with My Accounts. Use this option if you made changes to your accounts. If you open My Accounts via Venom -> Tools -> Open my Account Addon, the synchronization will occur automatically.
[3] AllDebrid: Authorize Venom with AllDebrid.
[4] Premiumize: Authorize Venom with Premiumize.
[5] Real-Debrid: Authorize Venom with Real Debrid. The settings are very similar to the ones for AllDebrid and Premiumize.
[6] Store Resolved items in cloud: Keep played files on your personal cloud.
[7] Enable cloud scraper: Search for matching video files on your personal cloud. Enable this option if you manually add torrents to your cloud.
[8] Easy News: Authorize Venom with Easy News.
[9] FilePursuit: Authorize Venom with FilePursuit.
[10] Furk is another popular cloud storage service.
[11] GDrive: User your Google Drive account with Venom.
[12] Ororo: Authorize Venom with Ororo.

4.9. Accounts (Meta)

Manage your meta-data provider accounts.

Venom Accounts meta settings

Open My Accounts Addon 
sync(re) with My Accounts 
Please visit My Accounts for setup 
Fanart API 
TMDb [2]
TMDb username 
TMDb password 
IMDb [3]
Please visit My Accounts for setup 

[1] Using a fanart account can speed up the meta-data retrieval process.
[2]TMDb: Use your personal TMDb lists on Venom.
[3]IMDb: Using an IMDb account can speed up the meta-data retrieval process.

4.10. Library

Venom can integrate with Kodi’s Library.

Venom Library Settings

Movies [1](kodi_installation_folder) / userdata / addon_data / / Movies
TV [2](kodi_installation_folder) / userdata / addon_data / / TVShows
– Add folders to Kodi Sources Now… [3] 
folders will be imported to the library if they are added to media sources.
Auto Update Service [4](Off)
Show service notification during update(On)
Show general notifications(Off)
Update library after adding content(On)
Avoid creating duplicate content(On)
24HR delay before import [5](On)
Include Special Episodes (Season 0)(Off)
Include episodes with unknown air dates(On)
Create .strm files for TMDB Helper [6](Off)

[1] Movies: Select a folder to store .srtm files for movies.
[2] TV: Select a folder to store .strm files for TV shows.
[3] Add folders to Kodi Sources Now: Set the specified folders as Kodi media sources. You need to restart Kodi after this for the changes to take effect.
[4] Auto Update Service: The automatic update service will periodically check for new episodes of your shows.
[5] 24HR delay before import: Allow enough time for new episode meta-data to be available.
[6] Create .strm filed for TMDB Helper: Use this option if you’re using TheMovieDBHelper add-on.


Venom can also download files. You must set up separate folders for your downloaded movies and shows.

Venom Library Settings

Enable Downloads [1](Off)
Movies [2] 
TV [3] 
– File Name Format torrent file name

[1] Enable Downloads: Downloading features are disabled by default. Activate this option to enable downloads.
[2] Movies: Set a folder for your downloaded movies.
[3] TV: Set a folder for your downloaded TV shows.

4.12. Subtitles

Venom can automatically download subtitles for your videos. If you need more control over the downloaded subtitles, please read How to enable subtitles on Kodi.

Venom Subtitles Settings

Enable Subtitles [1](Off)
Enable notifications of subtitle downloads(On)
Convert subtitles to UTF-8 [2](Off)
Primary Language [3]English
Secondary Language [3]English

[1] Enable Subtitles: Activate to enable automatic subtitle download.
[2] Convert to UTF-8: This can help with subtitles in languages with extra character sets.
[3] Languages: Select primary and secondary language for subtitles.

4.13. Debugging

Developer settings used for troubleshooting. It’s best not to mess with these settings.

Venom Debug Settings

4.14. Shortcuts

Shortcuts to clear cache and show changelog.

Venom Shortcuts

5. Venom Kodi add-on FAQ

Do I need a Debrid account to use Venom?

Yes. Venom requires a premium account from Real Debrid, Premiumize, or All Debrid.

Do I need a VPN to use Venom?

No. When using a Debrid account your traffic is already encrypted using HTTPS.

I get a “No streams available” message on Venom, what should I do?

First, make sure your Debrid account is authorized and hasn’t expired. Then, try clearing Venom’s cache. Follow these steps:
  1. Select Tools on Venom’s main menu.
  2. Select Cache Options.
  3. Press Clear all caches.
  4. Confirm by pressing Yes.
  5. Restart Kodi.

Is it safe to use cached torrents?

Yes. Cached torrents files are downloaded by your Debrid service provider using their servers. These files are then stored on their servers so you can access them as a normal download using HTTPS which is an encrypted protocol. Since you’re using the Debrid’s server as a proxy, your IP address is not exposed to the P2P network.

6. Alternatives to Venom

Looking for more add-ons? These are some of our favorite Kodi add-ons for April 2024.

Please visit our list of the best Kodi add-ons for more information.

Fen Light: New version of Fen. Popular addon with nice user interface and innovative features. (Premium sources)
Umbrella: Great addon with many features. (Premium sources)
Seren Kodi Add-on featured imageSeren: Very stable addon with a clean user interface and many features. (Premium sources)
Elementum Kodi Addon featured imageElementum: An exceptional addon that offers high-quality streams via torrents. (Free sources)
Scrubs: Great addon specialized in free sources. (Free sources)
The Complete Guide to Venom on Kodi [Retired]
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26 thoughts on “The Complete Guide to Venom on Kodi [Retired]

  • 2 years ago

    After following the steps, Venom 5.x.x gets installed, but your screenshot shows 6.1.8

    Then I keep getting “No Streams Available”. I tried all the solutions I could find online for that problem and could not fix it.

    Any ideas? I mainly want to try a newer version of Venom to see if that helps.

  • 2 years ago

    I have setup my Premiumize account in Venom,
    Still when I try to play a movie, Venom says no account setup!!!
    What am I missing? Tiur help will be greatly appreciated

    • 2 years ago

      Hi, seems like Venom is not taking My Accounts settings. Open Venom, go to Tools > SETTINGS: Accounts, make sure Premiumize is enabled and press Sync(re) with My Accounts.

  • 2 years ago

    After I have installed and authorized Resolver for Premiumize in Venom:
    Ehen i try streaming I get a message saying No debrid account setup.

    What am I missing?

    Running Kidi 19.2

  • 2 years ago

    Hi please can someone help me I’m pulling my hair out here. I get No Real Debrid account message every time. I have uninstalled Kodi and Venom so many times now and followed the instructions above to the letter but still shows my Real Debrid account details tells me my account is synced but won’t let me used Venom. Hoping someone on here can help as this is driving me mad.

    Many thanks hopefully Wendy.

    • 2 years ago

      Finally managed to sort it. 😁

      • 2 years ago

        Hi, I’m glad you fxed it. As others users pointed out, Real Debrid was disabled by default on Venom. I’ve updated the guide to show how to enable it.

  • 2 years ago

    I keep getting the error no debrid account setup. Even though I have set it up and can see my credentials within the venom app via My accounts.

    • 2 years ago

      I found the answer below. Look at Msam’s comment. Fixed it for me.

  • 3 years ago

    Hello, I use The Oath and VENOM.

    When I search for tv shows I get nothin but “…”
    Nothing comes up, but when I search movies anything I look for comes up.
    I consider myself somewhat familiar with Kodi and add-ons and this problem has me stumped!!

    Please help!!

  • 3 years ago

    No matter what i do i get tge message No debrid account setup, account is required, if i go to my account, my real debrid account is there and active, i have revoked it several times, still the same message, all other addons like the crew working fine with my real debrid accounten tried removing venom and adding it again.

    • 3 years ago

      Hi. After authorizing Real Debrid on My Accounts, you need to synchronize Venom with My Accounts so it can recognize the new settings.
      Open Venom > go to Tools > select Settings: Accounts > and press sync(re) with My Accounts.
      If you open My Accounts via Venom (using Tools > My Accounts Settings), the synchronization will occur automatically.

    • 3 years ago

      Hi, You might’ve authorized the RD account only in My Account Settings. After authorizing RD account in My account settings in Venom tools menu, scroll down to SETTINGS: Account, then go to Real-Debrid and Enable it. This solved my problem with this authentication error. Hope this helps.

      • 2 years ago

        This here is the solution!!!

      • 2 years ago

        Thank you. This fixed it for me.

  • 3 years ago

    Venom doesn’t work, even when the debrid account has been purchased and set up. Same message, same problem.

  • 3 years ago

    Thanks, everything is working fine. But i hate the thumbnail – icon of this add on. Can you please tell me how to change it?

  • 4 years ago

    I’ve just followed all to install, I’ve deleted all caches, I’ve just registered a Debrid account, but I’m getting always the message “permission-denied” and “unknown_resource”

    • 3 years ago

      Hi, I reinstalled Venom on Windows and Android a couple of times, but I couldn’t reproduce the error.

      I also checked the source code to see if I could get some insights on the problem but those error messages are not hardcoded on Venom nor MyAccounts so they are probably coming directly from the Debrid service.

      It seems like maybe an error occurred when authorizing your account. Could you please try to re-authorize your account and report back?

      • 3 years ago

        Thanx for fast answering. Well I’ve just seen that I should buy the real debrid service to use it, I was supposed to use it for free. Actually I’m not interested in buying this service.

  • 4 years ago

    Same. I tried everything for this “permission-denied” and “unknown_resource” and it’s not working. My account is still on and nothing seems to work. Surely you must have done something that you forgot to annotate.

    Also, I would like to input that you commented, “When using cached torrents, your device won’t connect to the p2p network directly,” yet everything that I see for any movie or show literally has nothing but Cached Torrents.

    Help? Explain?

    • 3 years ago

      Debrid services let you download torrents using their servers, those files are then stored on the server so users can download them without connecting to the torrent network. This is why they are called “cached” torrents, the Debrid server acts as a file cache. Most add-ons give preference to cached torrents as those files tend to be more reliable and have better quality than files from hosters.

      The reason you’re only getting cached torrents is that Hosters are disabled by default on FenomScrapers, if you want to enable them, open FenomScrapers, select the Premium Hosters tab, and click on Enable All Hoster Providers. Be aware that this will increase your search time when finding sources.

  • 4 years ago

    All of this worked, but when I choose a movie, I just keep getting, “Permission_Denied, Unknown_Ressource”

    • 4 years ago

      Please verify that your Debrid account has not expired and try to reauthorize it using My Accounts. Also, try clearing the cache following the steps in the FAQ. When restarting Kodi, use the Power button in the upper left corner of the Home Screen and select Exit, if you just kill the process, some settings may not be saved.

    • 4 years ago

      Same here, have you been able to figure how to make it work?