The Complete Guide to Umbrella on Kodi [2024]

Umbrella is a Kodi addon that lets you stream movies and TV shows using premium sources. Based on Venom, Umbrella has many of the features of its predecessor and also many new features.

A premium account from Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Easynews or Furk is required to use Umbrella Kodi addon. These services grant unrestricted, high-speed access to files on the cloud.

The Umbrella addon features Trakt support, library integration, file downloads, subtitles, cloud storage manager, continuous episode playback and more. Umbrella uses a new provider package called CocoScrapers, which is also used by Fen, another great add-on for Kodi.

TypeMovies and TV Shows
Free SourcesNo
Premium SourcesReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Easynews, Furk and more. 
Source typeCached Torrents and File Hosting Websites supportYes
Library IntegrationYes
More FeaturesCloud storage manager, file downloads, subtitles, continuous episodes playback, context menu actions, youtube section.
Kodi Umbrella add-on
accessing Trakt features on Umbrella

Umbrella addon overview

In this guide, we’re going to install Umbrella on Kodi. Let’s get started!

1. How to Install Umbrella on Kodi

If this is the first time you install add-ons on Kodi, you’ll have to allow the installation of unofficial add-ons. Please read How to allow 3rd-party add-ons on Kodi and come back here when you’re ready.

1.1. Install Umbrella repository

To install the Umbrella addon on Kodi, we must first download and install the Umbrella Repo. Let’s add a link to it’s official source on GitHub so we can download the repository zip file directly with Kodi.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the screen.
Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select File Manager.Kodi File Manager on System menu

3. Press Add source. adding source using file manager on kodi

4. Enter on the top box and umbrella on the bottom one. Press OK to add the source. Umbrella source URL on Kodi

Now that we added the link, let’s use it to install the Umbrella repo on Kodi.

5. Go back to the Settings menu and this time select Add-ons. Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Click on Install from zip file. install kodi add-on from zip file

You’ll see a message about the auto-update feature. Press Yes to proceed.

7. Now select umbrella. installing umbrella repository from source URL

8. Click on to download and install the repository. Umbrella repository zip file

1.2. Install Umbrella addon

Now we’ll use the repository to download and install Umbrella addon and its dependencies.

9. Select Install from repository. Install add-on from repository on Kodi

10. Click on Umbrella Repository.Umbrella repository on Kodi

11. Select Video add-ons category on Umbrella repo

12. Now select Umbrella.Umbrella add-on on its own repo

13. Press the Install button.install Umbrella on Kodi

14. Press OK to install Umbrella and its dependencies.list of dependencies for Umbrella

Wait a couple of seconds while the add-on is downloaded. You’ll see a notification when the installation process finishes.

15. Go back to the Home Screen, you’ll see a shortcut to Umbrella on the Add-ons tab.Kodi Umbrella add-on

We have installed Umbrella on Kodi, but we still to set up an external scraper package and a Debrid account.

2. Installing CocoScrapers

By default, Umbrella addon can only find sources that you manually uploaded to your Debrid cloud.

CocoScrapers is a scraper package that allows you to stream video from premium sources on services such as Real Debrid, Premiumize or All Debrid.

If you’re getting error messages on Umbrella like “no stream available” or “no debrid account”, it’s probably because you haven’t installed and/or enabled an external scraper package.

Please read How to install CocoScrapers on Kodi and come back here after you’ve installed the CocoScrapers external package.

2.1. Enable CocoScrapers on Umbrella

Now that CocoScrapers is installed, let’s configure Umbrella to use the external package.

1. Open Umbrella and select Tools.
Umbrella's main menu, the Tools category is selected

2. Press SETTINGS: Providers.

3. Activate Enable External Providers.

4. Press External Scrapers.

5. Select CocoScrapers Module.

After selecting CocoScrapers you’ll see a success message. Next, we will set up a debrid account.

3. Using Real Debrid with Umbrella

The Umbrella addon requires a premium account from Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Easynews, Furk, FilePursuit or PlexShare to function properly.

In this guide, we’re going to use Real Debrid, a popular service that grants access to cached torrents and various file hosting services for a very low price.

1. Open Umbrella and select Tools.Umbrella's main menu, the Tools category is selected

2. Press SETTINGS: Accounts.   Umbrella's tools menu, open My Accounts

3. Make sure the Accounts (Debrid) tab is selected and press Authorization under Real-Debrid.autorize Real Debrid with Umbrella

4. Copy the authorization code.Real debrid authorization code

5. Use a web browser to visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged in to your Real Debrid account). enter real debrid authorization code

6. Set a name for this connection. Enter Umbrella and press Set that name to continue. authorize Umbrella with Real Debrid

7. Back on Kodi, press OK to save the settings. Real Debrid successfully authorized with Umbrella

All done! Now you’re ready to stream content with Umbrella Kodi addon.

Use the add-on’s main menu to select a movie or TV show, Umbrella will display a selectable list of available sources.

8. Select a source to start playing the video. source select screen

Tip: You can access the files on your Real Debrid cloud directly from the Umbrella addon, go to Premium Services > Real Debrid.

By using cached torrents, your device does not connect directly to the P2P network, instead, Real Debrid will fetch the files on their servers and will make them available to download over HTTPS.

Umbrella Kodi addon supports automatic subtitles, but if you need more control over the subtitles’ selection process, please read How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.

4. Additional Settings

Let’s take a look at other features on the Umbrella addon. These are optional, but can improve your user experience when using the add-on.

4.1. Using Trakt with Umbrella is a free service that helps you organize and keep track of your favorite movies and shows. Using a Trakt account is optional, but it’s very helpful if you want to sync your watched status across devices.

Umbrella can integrate with your Trakt account, giving you access to your collection, lists, bookmarks, and other Trakt features.

1. Open Umbrella and select Tools.Umbrella's main menu, the Tools category is selected

2. Press SETTINGS: Traktopen Trakt settings on Umbrella

3. Make sure the Trakt tab is selected and press Authorization.   authorize Umbrella with Trakt

4. Copy the authorization code. copy the authorization code for Trakt

5. Using a web browser, visit and enter the authorization code. You must be logged into your Trakt account. activate kodi addon on

6. Press Yes to link your Trakt account to Umbrella. connecting Trakt account with Umbrella Kodi addon

Let’s not forget to enable scrobbling on Umbrella. Scrobbling is the automated process of keeping track of your watched videos on Trakt. If you’re using the official Trakt add-on, you can skip this step.

7. Back in Kodi, scroll down and activate Enable Scrobbling. You should also set Resume Point Source to Trakt scrobbles to keep your watched status synchronized across devices. Press OK to continue. Enable scrobble on Umbrella

Note: if you’re using Kodi on a single device, you can keep the Resume Point source on Local to avoid unnecessary calls to the Trakt API that might slow down navigation.

8. All done! Use My Movies and My TV Shows on Umbrella’s main menu to access your collection, lists, and other Trakt features. accessing Trakt features on Umbrella

4.2. Continuous episode playback

By default, Umbrella addon displays a list of found sources and you must manually select a source to start playing the video.

You can make Umbrella play episodes automatically and also show the PlayNext popup at the end of each episode. Keep in mind that enabling continuous episode playback will get rid of the source selection screen, sources will be automatically selected by the add-on.

1. Select Settings: General on Umbrella’s Tools menu. Umbrella's Tools menu. General:Settings is selected

2. Highlight the TV Shows tab, scroll down to the Continuous Episode Playback settings section and activate Enable PlayNext popup. enable continuous playback on Umbrella Kodi addon

Tip: PlayNext Popup Trigger decides when to show the popup, you can choose between Seconds Remaining, Percentage Watched, and Subtitle End. You can also change the popup style with PlayNext Popup Theme.

3. Now select the Sorting and Filters tab. Adjust the Max Quality and other setting to your preferences, then press OK to close the settings. adjust source filtering options

Automatic playback is now enabled and configured.

Tip: Take some time to familiarize yourself with the Sorting and Filters settings, prioritize your preferred formats and remove the ones that are not compatible with your device. You can filter files according to your internet speed using the Filter Episode by Size and Filter Movie by size settings.

When playing an episode, the add-on will automatically select a source according to the Sorting and Filter settings. Episodes will play continuously and the Play Next/Still Watching dialogs will be displayed at the end of each episode.

If you want to manually select a source, you’ll have to open the Context Menu on the episode and use Source Select. (You can open the Context Menu by long-pressing on the remote or using the C key on the keyboard)

5. Umbrella Settings Summary

5.1. General

Customize the general settings on Umbrella addon.

Umbrella settings: General

Icon Package: Change the icons on the add-on’s menu.
Menu Icon Type: Traditional/Meta Provider Logo.
Add Meta Provider Labels. ex. (IMDb): Show meta-data provider’s name on menus.
Indicators: use Local database or Trakt to display watched status and bookmarks.
Highlight Color: Select a highlight color.
api Language: Change the language of titles, descriptions, and other meta-data shown on menus. (It doesn’t change the video language).
Certification Country (MPAA): Movies and show certification rating country.
— Certification prefix:
Movie Search Provider: Select a provider for Movie’s meta-data.
TV Shows Search Provider: Select a provider for TV Shows’ meta-data.
Page Item Limit: Select how many items to show on a single page.
Title Search Limit (Movies and TV Shows): Select how many items to show on search results.
Enable Fanart: Download poster and preview image for movies and episodes.
Enable extended artwork ( Download extra artwork like logos, banners, and disc art. (Disabling this can improve loading times).
Clear Metadata and Cache: Use this if you changed the metadata and fanart settings.
Prefer TMDb artwork (poster, fanart): Download background images from TMDb.
TMDb image resolutions: Background image size, bigger sizes may increase loading times.
Hide Movies in cinema and unreleased: Removes movies that are currently playing in theaters.
Movie theatrical unreleased color: Select a color to highlight unreleased titles.
Hide Watched in Widgets: Hide watched items on widgets.
Enable Notification Sound: On/Off.
Notify Me About Available Updates: Show notification when there’s a new Umbrella version available.
Launch Umbrella on Kodi Start: Go straight to Umbrella’s main menu when opening Kodi.

My movies and list sort options

IMDb list sorting: Sort options for certain lists inside the “My Movies” category like Genres, Certification, Language. Use Default to sort by popularity.
– Sorting Order: Ascending / Descending.
Movie Sorting: Sort options for movies.
Collections Sorting: Sort options for collections.
Watchlist Sorting: Sort options for watchlist.

Reuse Language Invoker Setting

ReuseLanguageInvoker current Status: Off/On.
Turn reuselanguageinvoker Off: ReuseLanguageInvoker is a component that can improve the add-on speed.

5.2. Navigation

Enable or disable different categories on the add-on’s Main menu. (There’s an Anime menu that you can enable to watch anime with Umbrella)

Umbrella settings: Navigation

5.3. Navigation (Movies)

Enable or disable different categories on the add-on’s Movies menu.

Umbrella settings: Navigation (Movies)

5.4. Navigation (TV Shows)

Enable or disable different categories on the add-on’s TV Shows menu.

5.5. TV Shows

Setting related to television shows. Includes play next and show list options.

Umbrella settings: TV Shows

Flatten TV seasons: Show all episodes in a single list instead of ordering by seasons.
Include Special Episodes (Season 0): Show special episodes.
Show unaired seasons/episodes: Show episodes that haven’t been released yet.
Unaired Season/Episode Color: Highlight unreleased episodes using selected color.
Allow multiple Episodes to Show Unwatched Count: On/Off.
Enable Calendar (TV Maze) fetching extended meta: On/Off.

Continuous Episode Playback Settings

Enable PlayNext popup: Activate this option to enable continuous episode playback.
— Playnext Popup Theme: Select a style for Umbrella’s PlayNext window.
— Playnext Background Color: Select a background color for the Playnext popup window.
— Playnext Popup Trigger: When to show the PlayNext popup. You can choose between Seconds Remaining, Percentage Watched or Subtitle End.
— PlayNext Default action: Play/Stop/Pause.
Show Close/Hide Button: On/Off.
Number of episodes till Still Watching: Select how many episodes to play continuously before showing the Still Watching dialog.
Still Watching default action: Pause/Stop/Play.

My TV Shows and list sort options

IMDb list sorting: Sort options for certain lists inside the “My TV Shows” categories. Use Default to sort by popularity.
– Sorting Order: Ascending / Descending.
Show Sorting: Select the sorting method for TV Shows.
Watchlist Sorting: Select a sorting method for the watchlist screen.
Progress Sorting: Select a sorting method for the progress screen.
Air Information: Show airing date of episodes.

5.6. Playback

Settings related to video playback.

Umbrella settings: Playback

When playback starts…

Resume Playback: Will ask to resume video from last stop point or start from the beginning.
Auto Resume: Will automatically resume playback from last stop point.

When playback ends…

Force container refresh: Reloads the episode/movie selection screen to show the updated watched status markers, but increases loading time.

Mark Watched

Percentage to use to mark items watched: Mark items as watched after X percent has been played.

5.7. Sorting and Filters

Adjust settings related to sorting and filtering results from sources, use these options together with autoplay.

Umbrella settings: Sorting and filters

Source Sorting Options

Prioritize HDR and Dolby-Vision to top: Push High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dolby Vision videos to the top of the scraped results.
Prioritize AV1 to top: Push videos encoded with the new AV1 format to the top of the scraped results.
Prioritize HVEC to top: Push H.265 High Efficiency Video Coding (HVEC) videos to the top of the scraped results.

Source Filtering Options

Max Quality: Set the maximum video resolution for scraped results.
Require Year in source for known Reboot shows: On/Off.
Filter Movies by Size: Filter movies results by file size or enter your internet speed and Umbrella will filter all the results that are too big to stream with your connection.
Filter Episodes by Size: Same as above, but for episodes.
Remove Duplicate Sources: Removes duplicated results.
– Do not spam log with removed duplicates: On/Off.
– Do not show removed duplicates popup: Off/On.
Remove uncached torrents: Filter results that are not yet cached on your Debrid provider’s cloud.
– Hide popup for uncached torrents if no results: Off/On.

Source Filtering (Video)

Use Video filters to hide results with video codecs or types that are not compatible with your device. (Dolby Vision, HDR, HEVC, AV1, AVC, DIVX, MP4, MPEG, WMV, CAM, SD, 3D)

Source Filtering (Audio Codec)

Use Audio filters to hide results with audio codecs or types that are not compatible with your device. (OPUS, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Atmos, TrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD, DTS-HDMA, DTS-X, MP3)

Source Filtering (Audio Channels)

Use Audio channel filters to hide results with specific number of audio channels.

5.8. Source Options

Adjust settings related to sources and how results from the sources are presented.

Umbrella settings: Source options

Movie select action: Source Select (Window xml skin) / Auto Play.
Episode select action: Source Select (Window xml skin) / Auto Play.
Use default “Rescrape” option vs Menu: On/Off.
Use provider priority run ordering: Scrape sources using provider priority set on CocoScrapers. Can be used together with preemptive termination.
Disable CloudFlare protected providers: On/Off.
Check IMDb Movie meta: Use IMDb data to validate scraped results for movies.
— check title: On/Off.
— check year: On/Off.
Check IMDb Show meta: Use IMDb data to validate scraped results for TV shows.
Substitute Title Name(s): On/Off.
— List of Substitutes: a list of words to substitute on Title names.

Scraper Progress Dialog

Progress Dialog (Scraping and Resolving): Foreground/Background.
Scraper Timeout: Number of seconds until timeout.
Scraper Dialog Highlight Color: Customize scraper dialog color.
Terminate on Cloud Sources: Terminate scraping process if source is found on your personal Debrid cloud.
Pre-emprive termination (Movies): Terminate scraping process as soon as the specified number of results with the specified resolution are found.
Pre-emptive termination (TV Shows): Terminate scraping process as soon as the specified number of results with the specified resolution are found.

Source Select

Use artwork for background: Show artwork while selecting a source for episode or movie.
Highlight Method: Select a method to highlight found sources.
Sources Highlight Color: Select a color to highlight selected sources.
Torrent/Hoster sorting method: Select a sorting method for the results.
Sort by file size: On/Off.
— Reverse Size Sort (Low to High): Off/On.
Uncached Torrents sort by seeders: Off/On.
Autoplay SD Quality only: Off/On.
Only try one source: Off/On.
Add Back button for touchscreens: Off/On.

5.9. Trakt

Trakt authorization and settings.

Umbrella settings: Trakt


Trakt Username: Your Trakt username.
Account Info: Press to see your account details.
Revoke Authorization: Press to Unlink Trakt and Umbrella.
Trakt service sync interval (in minutes): Set how many minutes between Trakt synchronizations.
Server Notifications: On/Off.
General Notifications: On/Off.
Direct Progress scraping: Allows an item in your Trakt Progress list to instantly scrape instead of loading an episode list from that current NextUp/Progress position. (Do not use with continuous playback)
Browse Progress – load all remaining episodes of a series: On/Off.
Rating: Default/Force.
Enable scrobbling: Scrobbling stores your bookmarks and watched status on Trakt. Do not enable scrobble if you’re using the official Trakt add-on.
Show notification of scrobble: Off/On.
Resume Point Source: Local/Trakt scrobbles. Set resume point to Trakt scrobbles if you’re running Umbrella on multiple devices.
Trakt Progress Show unaired episodes: Show unaired episodes on Trakt Progress.
Trakt Upcoming Progress prepend date: Add date to upcoming episodes.
Paginate Lists when possible: Break long lists into pages for faster loading.
Show List Owner: Show the owner of the list.

5.10. Simkl

Simkl is a service to keep track of your watched shows and movies. It’s a great alternative to Trakt. Compatibility with Umbrella is currently under construction.

5.11. Accounts (Debrid)

Accounts settings and authorizations for Debrid services like Real Debrid, All Debrid, and Premiumize.

Umbrella settings: Accounts

5.12. Accounts (Non-Debrid)

Account settings and authorizations for other cloud services like Easy News, Furk, GDrive, PlexShare and File Pursuit.

5.13. Accounts (Meta)

Account settings and authorizations for Meta-data providers like, TMDb, IMDb, and MDBList.

Umbrella settings: Accounts (Meta)

5.14. Library

Set up library integration with Umbrella. You must create a folder for movies and another one for TV Shows on your device and assign them as media sources on Kodi.

Umbrella settings: Library

Movies: Path to Movies folder.
TV: Path to TV shows folder.
– Add folders to Kodi Sources Now: Press to add folders as media source for the library.

Show notifications for library: Off/On.
Auto Update Service: Automatically scan the library folders for new files.
– Show Notifications for Service: Off/On.

Auto-update library from Trakt list(s): Use your Trakt lists to populate the library instead of your Trakt collection.
Select Lists to Manually Import Now (One-time): Select the list to import to your library.

Update library after adding content: On/Off.
Avoid Creating duplicate content: On/Off.

Delay before import: Sources and meta-data for new releases are not instantly available. Delaying import makes sure there’s metadata available.
Include Special Episodes (Season 0): Off/On.
Include episodes with unknown air dates: On/Off.
Include unaired episodes: Off/On.
Create .strm file for TMDB Helper: Use this option if you’ve enabled library integration with TMDB Helper.


Adjust file downloading settings on Umbrella.

Umbrella settings: Downloads

Enable Downloads: Activate this option to download files with Umbrella.
Movies: Set a folder for downloaded movies.
TV: Set a folder for downloaded episodes.
– File Name Format: Use the torrent name or apply a format to the file name.

5.16. Subtitles

Automatic subtitles settings. To use other subtitles add-ons read How to enable subtitles on Kodi.

Umbrella settings: Subtitles

Enable Subtitles: Activate this option to enable automatic subtitles on Umbrella.
Enable Notification of subtitle downloads: On/Off.
Convert subtitles to UTF-8: Off/On.
Primary Language: Select subtitle’s language.
Secondary Language: Select a secondary language for the subtitles.

5.17. Cache

Adjust cache settings for different meta-data services.

5.18. Widget Context Menu

Manage Umbrella’s Context Menu options.

Umbrella settings: Context Menu

5.19. Debugging

Developer and advanced user settings.

Umbrella settings: Debugging

Enable Debug: Enable debug mode.
View Kodi Log File: Press to view the log file.
Developer mode: Developing and testing options. Enabling this can break the add-on.

5.20. Shortcuts

Quick access to Umbrella addon maintenance options.

Umbrella settings: Shortcuts

6. Alternatives to Umbrella addon

Looking for more add-ons? These are some of our favorite Kodi add-ons for March 2024.

Please visit our list of the best Kodi add-ons for more information.

Seren Kodi Add-on featured imageSeren: Excellent add-on with great user interface and many innovative functions. (Premium sources)
Umbrella: Great add-on based on Venom. (Premium sources)
Fen Kodi Add-onFen: This add-on is very fast and offers many features. (Premium sources)
Elementum Kodi Addon featured imageElementum: An exceptional add-on that offers high-quality streams using torrents. (Free sources)
Scrubs: Great add-on specialized in free sources. (Free sources)
The Crew Kodi Add-onThe Crew: Great all-in-one add-on with many extra features for kids, sports, live TV, and more. (Free and premium sources)
The Complete Guide to Umbrella on Kodi [2024]
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