How to install The Movie Database Addon on Stremio

The Movie Database Addon is a popular Stremio addon that provides catalogs for movies and series in many languages.

This addon gets catalogs and meta-data from TMDB, a website with a massive collection of information about movies and shows contributed by its users around the world. It doesn’t provide any links to videos.

The Movie Database Addon is a great alternative to Stremio’s default catalogs provided by the Cinemeta addon. In fact, many people use The Movie Database as a replacement for Cinemeta since it offers titles, synopsis, posters and other meta-data in their preferred language.

In this guide, we are going to install The Movie Database addon on Stremio. Let’s begin!

Installing The Movie Database Addon

You’ll need a web browser and the Stremio app to follow this guide, if you haven’t installed Stremio yet please read The complete guide to Stremio.

The first thing we must do to install the addon is visit its official website.

1. Visit the addon’s official site at

The Movie Database Addon setup page

2. Select a language and adjust the other settings. Press the Install button when you’re ready.

There’s a couple of optional settings. You can use an RPDB key to get posters with ratings. And there’s also an option to enable adult content which is best to leave unchecked unless you know what you’re doing.

3. Now, go to Stremio and press Install.

All done! The Movie Database Addon is now installed on Stremio.

Using The Movie Database Addon with Stremio

The Movie Database Addon adds the following Movies and Series catalogs to Stremio:

  • TMDB – Popular: Popular titles, filtered by genere.
  • TMDB – By Year: Display titles by release year.
  • TMDB – By Language: Display Titles in specified language.
  • TMDB – Trending: Today’s or this week’s Trending titles.

1. The Home screen shows the TMDB Popular catalogs for movies and series.

2. Use the dropdown menu in the Discovery screen to browse the catalogs.

You’re now ready to discover new content on Stremio with The Movie Database Addon, remember that you can add your favorite items to your library for easier access.

Even if the TMDB catalogs don’t show as many titles as Stremio’s default catalogs, the search function is very powerful and can find titles that are not available with the official Cinemeta addon.

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How to install The Movie Database Addon on Stremio
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