Specto is a video addon for Kodi Media Center that streams movies and TV shows from several of websites. Forked from Genesis by Mrknow, Specto comes with all the great features from its predecessor and it’s frequently updated. It supports library integration, video downloading, automatic subtitles and Trakt.tv. In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install Specto on Kodi.




Before installing Specto we need to install its official repository, Filmkodi. Let’s begin by adding a source to the File Manager on Kodi so we can download the repo.


1. Go to “System” > “File Manager” on the Home Screen.File manager option on kodi home screen
2. Select “Add source”.Adding source in kodi file manager
3. Type “http://kodi.filmkodi.com” on the top textbox and “.filmkodi” on the bottom one. Press “Ok” to confirm.add filmkodi repository source to file manager on Kodi
4. Go back to the Home Screen and select “System”.System option in kodi home screen
5. Then “Add-ons”. Addons option in Kodi settings
6. Select “Install from zip file”. Install from zip file option
7. Then “.filmkodi”.install specto kodi
8. Click on “repository.filmkodi.com”. kodi specto official repository
9. Now click on “repository.fimlkodi.com-x.x.x.zip” to install the repository. Wait until you see the “Add-on installed” notification.FilmKodi repository zip file for specto kodi addon
10. Now that the repository is installed it’s time to install the Specto Kodi addon, select “Install from repository”. Install from repository option
11. Select “FilmKodi.com repository – MRKNOW”. kodi-specto-filmkodi-mrknow-repo
12. Then “Video add-ons”. FilmKodi repository video addons
13. Click on “Specto – **** fork”.specto kodi addon on filmkodi repo
14. Press “Install” on the addon information window to install Specto on Kodi. Wait until the addon and its dependencies are installed.install specto kodi addon with filmkodi repo
15. Now go back to the Home Screen and select “Videos” > “Add-ons”. video addons option in kodi home screen
16. Click on “Specto” to open the addon. Specto Kodi addon, genesis fork
17. Navigate the menu to access movies and TV shows. Specto Kodi Addon Main Menu


This is the basic configuration of Specto, you can stream movies and TV shows with it and use the Favorites sections in “My Specto” to save your favorite shows and movies. On the next part of this tutorial we are going to integrate Specto with Kodi’s library, Specto will periodically check for new episodes of the shows in the library; read the second part of this guide to integrate Specto with Kodi’s library.


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Install: Specto Kodi Addon Complete Guide Part 1
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Nasimul Noorani

No stream available


How long does it take to install? I am at step 9, but it seems to be frozen, the time has been the same for over 20 minutes.


FilmKodi repo is not very powerful and it gets crowded sometimes, it shouldn’t take more than 3 or 4 minutes. Probably your download timed out, check your internet connection just to be sure and try to install again.

Valerie L.Whitaker

Thank you. Installation was a breeze. Clear and precise instructions were very easy to follow


I get failed to install a dependency. I am not sure if that is on my end or not.

Paul Dekker

good work…even for me clear!