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Seren is an addon for Kodi that allows you to stream movies and TV shows, it has been designed to provide a smooth experience while watching content offering fast menus and innovative features like continuously playing episodes back-to-back like Netflix does, preemptive scrapping of sources, custom provider modules, cached torrents support and more.

To use Seren, you’ll need an account from Real Debrid or Premiumize. This will allow you to easily stream content in high definition from premium sources. Seren can also integrate with to keep track of your favorite shows and display recommendations based on your preferences.

Seren is compatible with Kodi 19 Matrix and Kodi 18 Leia.

In this tutorial we’re going to install Seren 2.0 on Kodi using its official source, we will also install a provider’s package and set up Real Debrid. Lastly, we’ll check out some of Seren’s extra features, let’s begin.

If this is the first time you install add-ons on Kodi, you’ll have to allow the installation of unofficial add-ons. Please read How to allow 3rd-party add-ons on Kodi and come back here when you’re ready.

Adding Seren source to Kodi

Let’s add a link to the official source for Seren on Nixgates’ Github page so we can download and install the repository zip file.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the Home Screen to open the Settings menu. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select File Manager. Kodi File Manager on System menu

3. Press Add Source. adding source using file manager on kodi

4. Enter on the top box and nixrepo on the bottom one. Press OK to add the source. Seren source on Kodi 18 Leia

Installing Nixgates repository on Kodi

The repository is responsible for installing Seren and updating the add-on when new versions are available.

5. Go back to the Settings menu and select Add-onsKodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Press Install from zip fileinstall kodi add-on from zip file

On Kodi 19, you’ll see a message about the auto-update feature. Press Yes to proceed.

7. Select nixrepo.adding nixgates seren source to kodi

8. Click the file to download and install the repository. install seren repository on kodi

Installing Seren Kodi add-on

Now that the repository is installed, let’s use it to download and install Seren and its dependencies.

9. Select Install from repositoryInstall add-on from repository on Kodi

10. Click on Nixgates Repo to open the repository. Nixgates Kodi repository

11. Select Video add-onsvideo add-ons category on Nixgates repo

12. Now select SerenSeren Kodi add-on on Nixgates repository

13. Press the Install button. install seren kodi addon

14. You’ll see a list of all the dependencies for Seren, click OK to continue and wait a couple of seconds for the process to finish. list of dependencies for Seren add-on for Kodi 18 Leia

If the YouTube configuration wizard comes up just press No to use its default settings.

15. Go back to the Home Screen, highlight the Add-ons tab and select Seren to open the addon. Kodi Seren add-on

We have installed Seren on Kodi but we still need to configure a couple of things. Seren requires a premium account from Real Debrid or Premiumize to work properly. We also must install a provider pack so Seren can find sources.

Setting up Real Debrid with Seren

Debrid services like Real Debrid and Premiumize offer unrestricted access to file hosters and cached torrents. When using cached torrents, your device will not connect directly to the p2p network, instead, Real Debrid will fetch the file for you and allow you to get it as a normal download.

In this example we’re going to use Real Debrid, a popular service to get access to cached torrents and various file hosters for a very low price.

16. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

17. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

18. Select the Accounts tab and click on Enable Real Debridenable Real Debrid on Seren Kodi addon

19. Scroll down and press Authorize Real Debrid… authorize Real Debrid on Seren Kodi add-on

20. Copy the authorization codeReal Debrid authorization code for Seren Kodi addon

21. Using a web browser visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged into your Real Debrid account) enter real debrid authorization code

22. Type Seren and press Set that name. use Seren with Real Debrid

Once Seren is authorized with Real Debrid you can close the browser and go back to Kodi.

23. Re-open the Settings Menu, select the Scraping tab, and set Preferred Cloud Location to Real Debrid. Press OK to continue. set auto caching assistant to real debrid on Seren

We are almost done, next we will install the provider package.

Installing providers for Seren

The providers are responsible for finding files on hosting websites and cached torrents. We’re going to install the a4kScrapers provider pack.

24. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

25. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

26. Highlight the Providers tab and press Manage Provider Packages. Manage provider packages on Seren

27. Now click on Install Provider Package.install Seren providers package

28. Select Web Location… install providers for Seren Kodi addon

29. Type to install a4kScrapers. Press OK to continue. source for a4kScrapers for Seren Kodi addon

30. Press the Install button to download and install the provider pack. installing a4kscrapers on Seren

All Done! Now you’re ready to use Seren on Kodi.

Seren offers a click-and-play experience. When you select a movie or episode it’ll automatically search for sources and play the best one available without any interaction from the user.

You can set filters to make sure Seren won’t select a file that’s too large for your bandwidth or exclude low-quality files, go to Tools > Open Settings Menu > Sort & Filter tab and adjust the preferences to your liking.

If you want to use subtitles with Seren please read How to enable subtitles on Kodi.

[Recommended] Setting up Trakt with Seren is a free service that helps you keep track of your favorite movies and shows. Seren features full integration with Trakt so you can get access to your Collection, lists, and bookmarks.

Using Trakt is optional, but authorizing your Trakt account with Seren will unlock many useful features like automatically resume episodes, personalized suggestions, and more.

To use your Trakt account with Seren, visit the website, log in with your account and follow these steps:

I. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

II. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

III. Select the Accounts tab and click on Authorize Trakt… use Trakt with Seren on Kodi

IV. Copy the authorization codeTrakt authorization code for Seren Kodi add-on

V. Using a web browser visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged into your account) activate kodi addon on

VI. Press Yes to link Seren to your Trakt account. authorize seren with trakt

Back in Kodi, you’ll see a Successfully authenticated with Trakt dialog, press OK to continue and wait while Seren synchronizes with your Trakt account.

Authorizing Trakt with Seren will enable My Movies and My Shows sections on Seren’s main menu so you can interact with your Collection and lists, it will also enable other features like suggestions based on your preferences.

[Optional] Manually select sources

It is possible to override the automatic selection of sources and have Seren show a list of all available sources to choose one manually.

To set manual selection of sources go to Tools on Seren’s main menu and select Open Settings Menu.

I. Make sure the Playback tab is selected and change Movie Play Style and Episode Play Style to Source Select. Press OK to save the settings. change Play style to source select to override autoplay on Seren Kodi add-on

Seren Kodi add-on FAQ

Do I need a Debrid account to use Seren?

Yes. Seren requires a Debrid account to stream high-quality cached torrents.

Do I need a VPN to use Seren?

No. When using a Debrid account your traffic is already encrypted using HTTPS.

Is it safe to use cached torrents?

Yes. Cached torrents files are downloaded by your Debrid service provider using their servers. These files are then stored on their servers so you can access them as a normal download using HTTPS which is an encrypted protocol. Since you’re using the Debrid’s server as a proxy, your IP address is not exposed to the P2P network.

More info:

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How to install Seren 2.0 on Kodi [Apr 2021]
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I can’t install providers on Seren. I go step by step but I never get the print! Help JJDeHoyos


I alrdy succes install and setup seren,but question is how i want yo install addons for subtitle on seren?second is when i search movie i want to watch i click..then it automatic select and play that movie i cant choose from the list,like it automaticly play audio language randomly ,seem in sort and filter setting i can set to choose qualty of image like max 4k but dont see option for slect language and subtitle?help me newbie




Can’t install “a4kscrapers” are there any others?


Seren will not install for me in Kodi 19, error message


great walkthrough guys, thanks!

Dave K

Trakt show plays, but in a foreign language. How to play only English?


hi all
have problem with seren not working on any of my device and more just keep on saying check logs
have update still the same trying to reinstall the same any help please

Apple Jackson

Same issue here! I think trakt may have blacklisted it. I really don’t know though.


Btw SUPER SUPER HELPFUL how-to, thanks for uploading this man. Gonna easily recommend this to friends now!


Seems like Trakt doesn’t work with Serene anymore? I try to authorise Trakt but it gives me an error saying that the is down, but I checked it’s not.


Why does Seren not play any of the films in the recently updated list?


This has got to be the strangest add-on I’ve ever seen. I authorized trakt yet no trakt. No “menu” even after adding providers.

What gives? I suspect there is something missing…like prioritizing either provider but I can’t find it.


I figure it out but add-on still clumsy to use. I’d not recommend for newbies to Kodi.

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