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Seren is a new addon for Kodi that allows you to stream movies and TV shows, it has been designed to provide a smooth experience when watching content with fast menus and innovative features like continuously playing episodes back-to-back like Netflix does, preemptive scrapping of sources, custom provider modules, cached torrents support and more. Seren is still in beta stage so some bugs are expected but overall it’s pretty stable.

To use all of Seren’s awesome features you’ll need a premium account from Real Debrid or Premiumize and also a account. In this tutorial we’re going to install Seren on Kodi 18 Leia from its official source, we’ll also set up Trakt and Real Debrid on Seren.

Adding Seren source to Kodi

Let’s add the addon’s source to Kodi so we can download the repository.

1. Go back to the System menu and select File Manager. Kodi File Manager on System menu

2. Press Add Source. adding source using file manager on kodi

3. Enter on the top box and nixrepo on the bottom one. Press OK to continue. Seren source on Kodi 18 Leia

Installing Nixgates repository on Kodi

The repository is responsible of installing Seren and updating the add-on when new versions are available, let’s install the repo.

4. Go back to the System menu and select Add-onsKodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

5. Press Install from zip fileinstall kodi add-on from zip file

If this is your first time installing add-ons on Kodi, you’ll see an “unknown sources disabled” notification, press the Settings button and enable Unknown sources and Show notifications.

6. Select nixrepo.adding nixgates seren source to kodi

7. Click the file to download and install the repository. install seren repository on kodi

Installing Seren add-on

Now let’s use the repository to install the Seren add-on on Kodi.

8. Select Install from repositoryInstall add-on from repository on Kodi

9. Click on Nixgates Repo to open the repository. Nixgates Kodi repository

10. Select Video add-onsvideo add-ons category on Nixgates repo

11. Now select SerenSeren Kodi add-on on Nixgates repository

12. Press the Install button. install seren kodi addon

13. You’ll see a list of all the dependencies for Seren, click OK to download the addon and its dependencies. Wait a couple of seconds for the process to finish. list of dependencies for Seren add-on for Kodi 18 Leia

If the YouTube configuration wizard comes up just press No.

14. Go back to the Home Screen, highlight the Add-ons tab and select Seren to open the addon. Kodi Seren add-on

We installed Seren on Kodi but we still need configure a couple of things. Seren requires a account and a premium account from Real Debrid or Premiumize to work properly. We also must install providers packs on Seren.

Setting up Trakt with Seren

Seren provides full Trakt integration to give you access to your Collection, lists and bookmarks. It also uses information on Trakt for its Smart Play features allowing it to automatically resume episodes and preemptively scrape sources for the next episode of a show. Use your preferred browser to visit the website and log in with your account.

15. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

16. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

17. Select the Accounts tab and click on Authorize Trakt… use Trakt with Seren on Kodi

18. Copy the authorization codeTrakt authorization code for Seren Kodi add-on

19. Using a web browser visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged into your account) activate kodi addon on

20. Press Yes to link Seren to your Trakt account. authorize seren with trakt

Back in Kodi you’ll see a Successfully authenticated with Trakt dialog, press OK to continue. After a couple of seconds you’ll be asked to perform the Initial sync with Trakt, press Yes and wait until the synchronization finishes.

Authorizing Trakt with Seren will enable the My Movies, My Shows and Continue Watching sections on Seren’s main menu.

Setting up Real Debrid with Seren

Debrid services like Real Debrid and Premiumize offer unrestricted access to file hosters and cached torrents, they connect to the p2p network to store the file on their servers and then let you get the file as a normal download.

In this example we’re going to use Real Debrid, a popular service to get access to cached torrents and various file hosters for a very low price.

21. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

22. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

23. Select the Accounts tab and click on Enable Real Debrid… enable Real Debrid on Seren Kodi addon

24. Scroll down and press Authorize Real Debrid… authorize Real Debrid on Seren Kodi add-on

25. Copy the authorization codeReal Debrid authorization code for Seren Kodi addon

26. Using a web browser visit and enter the authorization code. (You must be logged into your Real Debrid account) enter real debrid authorization code

You’ll be asked to allow the permissions required by the addon and set a name, just write Seren as name. Back in Kodi you’ll see a Real Debrid Authentication is completed dialog, press OK to continue.

27. Re-open the Settings Menu, select the Scraping tab and set Preferred Cloud Location to Real Debrid. Press OK to continue. set auto caching assistant to real debrid on Seren

Install providers for Seren

Seren uses modular providers packs, this allows other developers to write their own providers.

The providers are responsible for getting files from hosting websites and cached torrents, these providers require premium accounts and use normal downloads to get the files (no p2p is used on your device). We’re going to install a4kScrapers.

28. Select Tools on Seren’s main menu. opening Seren tools on Kodi

29. Press Open Settings Menuopen setting menu on Seren Kodi add-on

30. Highlight the Providers tab and activate Enable Automatic Provider Updates. enable automatic providers update on Seren

31. Now click on Install Provider Package.install Seren providers package

32. Select Web Location… install providers for Seren Kodi addon

33. Type to install a4kScrapers. Press OK to continue. source for a4kScrapers for Seren Kodi addon

34. Press the Install button to download and install the providers pack. installing a4kscrapers on Seren

Now you’re ready to use Seren on Kodi. Seren is meant to be a click and play experience, it’ll automatically search for sources and play the best one without any interaction from the user.

You can set filters to make sure Seren won’t select a file that’s too big for your bandwidth or low quality files, go to Tools > Open Settings Menu > Sort & Filter tab and adjust the preferences to your liking.

If you want to use subtitles with Seren please read How to enable subtitles on Kodi.

[Optional] Manually select sources

It’s possible to override automatic selection of sources, instead, we can make Seren show a list of all the available sources and pick one manually. To set manual selection of sources open Seren, go to Tools and select Open Settings Menu.

I. Make sure the General tab is selected and change Movie Play Style and Episode Play Styileto Source Select. Press OK to save the settings. change Play style to source select to override autoplay on Seren Kodi add-on

[Optional] Install Next up Service

Next up Service creates a notification showing information about the next episode available, very similar to the behavior observed on Netflix app.

To enable it, we’re going to install the Next up Service from Nixgates repo. Go to the Home Screen on Kodi > click the cog icon to open the System menu > select Add-ons > select Install from repository > open Nixgates repository.

I. Click on Services in Nixgates repository. Kodi services on Nixgates repository

II. Select Up Next. Next Up service on Nixgates repo

III. Press Install. installing Next Up with Seren on Kodi

IV. Select the version from Nixgates Repo. Next up version selection for Seren

V. You’ll see a list of dependencies, press OK to continue. dependencies for Next up addon with Seren

VI. Once the addon is installed, open the Context Menu on Next Up and select Settings. (Use C on the keyboard, Menu Key on the remote, long-press on touch devices or right-click with the mouse to open the Context Menu). open Next Up settings on Kodi

VII. Set Default action when nothing selected to Don’t Play and activate Enable on Playlists. Press OK to continue. setup Next Up to work with Seren Kodi add-on

Next Up service will now work with Seren. You should see the next up notification near the end of each episode.

More info:

How to install Seren Add-on on Kodi 18 – Complete Guide
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This has got to be the strangest add-on I’ve ever seen. I authorized trakt yet no trakt. No “menu” even after adding providers.

What gives? I suspect there is something missing…like prioritizing either provider but I can’t find it.


I figure it out but add-on still clumsy to use. I’d not recommend for newbies to Kodi.