Quasar is a video addon for Kodi Media Center that streams movies and TV shows using BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol. Quasar is a fork of the now discontinued Pulsar, it has a lot of features including trakt.tv support and library integration.

If you are using Kodi 17 Krypton read our guide How to install Quasar on Kodi with Estuary skin.



In this tutorial we are going to show you how to install Quasar on Kodi, due to its P2P nature Quasar uses both download and upload bandwidth while you are watching a video and it is not recommended for slow connections. If your connection isn’t very fast or you don’t want to use torrents you should consider using SALTS, Exodus or Specto.

Let’s start by downloading the addon, go to Quasar’s official site and download the latest version for your hardware, remember the path of the downloaded file, we’ll be using it later.


1. Select “System” on the Home Screen. System option in kodi home screen
2. Then “Add-ons”. Addons option in Kodi settings
3. We are going to install Quasar using the zip file downloaded from its official site, choose “Install from zip file”.Install from zip file option
4. Locate the downloaded file and press on it to install. Quasar addon installation zip file
5. Wait a few seconds while the addon is installed. You’ll see a notification when it’s done. Quasar addon enabled notification on Kodi
6. After a couple of seconds the Settings Dialog will open. Quasar needs a folder to temporarily store downloaded files. Click on “Download path (not FAT32)” and select a folder for this purpose (You may need to create a folder on your drive for this).set download path for quasar kodi
7. This step is optional, disable “Choose stream automatically” to see a list of available torrents instead of letting Quasar automatically decide which one to play. If you want to keep a copy of the streamed movies and shows enable “Keep files after playback/download stops”. quasar settings, general tab
8. If you are planning on using Magnetic as a provider you’ll have to enable Custom Provider Timeout, select the “Providers” tab and scroll to the end, check “Enabled (use at own risk)” and set the timeout to “15” seconds, Press “OK” to confirm. custom provider timeout for quasar magnetic

Quasar works together with a process called Quasar Daemon, you must make sure that Kodi can accept instructions from other programs or you’ll get some HTTP errors when searching for torrents.

9. Select “System” on Home Screen . System option in kodi home screen
10. Then “Services”. services settings on kodi
11. Click on the “Remote control” tab and enable both “Allow remote control by programs on this system” and “Allow remote control by programs on other systems”.allow remote control by programs on this systems


We finished installing Quasar but we still need some providers to serve us torrents or we wont be able to stream content. Read our guide How to install Quasar Burst, Quasar Burst is a multi provider addon from the same developer as Quasar.
You can alternatively use Magnetic to manage your torrent providers, follow our guide Torrent streaming with Magnetic Kodi Addon to install magnetic providers.

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Install: Quasar and Kodi Complete Guide Part 1
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Dear all,
I had already set up Quazar on a Xbain/RPi3 and on an Android device, and it worked perfectly.
However, I recently tried to set it up on a recalbox/RPi3 and have a problem : when I try to install Quazar extension, I have an error message: a problem with”dependencies”
What could I do ?


This sounds dumb but how do you restart kodi on a kindle fire? I have ticked those boxes and still have the ‘navigation error http error check the log’


How did you get torrenter? I cant download it when trying to start Magnetic for the first time.


I managed to get torrenter v2 work with magnetic. Thank you very much for your help.


That solved the problem, however, I can’t seem to connect to any of the providers. If I add a url torrent it streams fine btw. I guess I’ll try a few things, and then direct my questions at the kodi forums/addons.
Thank you for your time.


Hello, and thank you for the tutorial. I did everything step by step, but whenever I click on a movie or tv series I get a message from Quasar: “Navigation Error HTTPerror ()” Any idea why this happens? Thank you in advance.


hello, I had installed Quasar, but went I get to step 6, Click on “Download path (not FAT32)” and select a folder for this purpose, I do not know what to do. Let me tell you that I want to use a USB memory for the purpose of this step. (8GB memory)