Live Sports on Kodi 18.x with Plexus (AceStream/SopCast) April 2021

Plexus allows us to watch live streams on Kodi using AceStream and SopCast, two peer-to-peer protocols similar to BitTorrent but optimized for audio and video streaming. AceStream and SopCast are very popular with sports fans living abroad since it gives them access to matches that are not available with their local providers.

Using P2P protocols like AceStream or SopCast means you’ll be exchanging small pieces of the stream with other users and this will consume both download and upload bandwidth, a fast internet connection is required. Depending on your location you might also need to use a VPN to protect your privacy.

Important: Plexus is deprecated. You can still watch live sports with AceStream using other apps, please read Acestream and Sopcast players for more information. To stream live sports on Kodi please read Alternatives to Plexus

In this guide, we are going to install Plexus on Kodi using the TVAddons repository. Plexus has not received updates for a long time and it isn’t available anymore. Please read Alternatives to Plexus and Acestream/Sopcast players.

Alternatives to Plexus

Plexus is not compatible with Kodi 19 and it isn’t available anymore. To stream live sports on Kodi we recommend you use the following add-ons.

Rising Tides: Live events, replays, and highlights from several sport streaming websites. 
The Crew Kodi Add-onThe Crew: All-in-one addons with movies, shows and a great live sports section.

Please visit our Updated list of the best Kodi add-ons for more information.

AceStream and Sopcast Players

SportHD and ApeX Sports are great add-ons and they both stream from web sources which might be prone to buffering problems when servers get overwhelmed by a lot of users.

On the other hand, AceStream is a P2P protocol so the stream gets more reliable when there are many users connected.

SopCast has been discontinued but you can still use AceStream to watch live sports with these apps.

Finding Content IDs is actually pretty easy, searching for ‘Acestream content id‘ followed by the sport or event name you want to watch will return lots of websites specialized in publishing these IDs.

You can use a search engine like to find links to tv channels, there are also other websites with features like event calendar and organized links like and others.

Looking for more add-ons? These are some of our favorite Kodi add-ons for January 2022.

Please visit our list of the best Kodi add-ons for more information.

The Crew Kodi Add-onThe Crew: Free and premium sources. Very popular add-on with many extra features like live sports and more. (Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia)
The Oath: Free and premium sources. Great add-on based on Exodus. (Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia)
Seren Kodi Add-on featured imageSeren: Premium sources. Excellent add-on with great user interface and many innovative features. (Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia)
Venom: Premium sources. Very popular add-on with great features. (Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia)
Elementum Kodi Addon featured imageElementum: P2P sources. An excellent add-on that offers high-quality streams using torrents. (Kodi 19 Matrix & 18 Leia)

The following steps are no longer valid, we plan to remove them in the future. Please read Alternatives to Plexus and AceStream/SopCast players.

Allowing 3rd party addons

If this is your first time installing addons on Kodi you’ll have to allow the use of unofficial addons. If you already did it please skip to the next section.

1. Open the System menu by pressing the cog icon on the top left corner of the Home Screen. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select System settings.Kodi System Options on System Menu

3. Select the Add-ons tab and enable Show notifications and Unknown sources. Enable unknown sources and notifications on Kodi

Enabling Unknown sources will allow installation of 3rd party addons that are not available in the official Kodi repository, we also recommend enabling Show notifications since most addons use them to display important information.

Adding Fusion source to Kodi

TVAddons’ server is called Fusion, it contains the files needed to download and install several addons and repositories including Plexus.

4. Go back to the System menu and select File Manager. Kodi File Manager on System menu

5. Press Add Source. adding source using file manager on kodi

6. Enter on the top box and fusion on the bottom one, press OK to add the source.  

Installing TVAddons repository

The repository is responsible of installing Plexus and updating it when new versions are released.

7. Go back to the System menu and this time select Add-ons.Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

8. Select Install from zip fileinstall kodi add-on from zip file

9. Click on fusioninstall fusion addon installer on kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin

10. Open the kodi-repos folder. Kodi repos on Fusion Installer by TVAddons

11. Click on EnglishTVAddons Fusion english repositories

12. Scroll down the list and select to download and install TVAddons repository. TVAddons' repository on Fusion for Kodi

Installing Plexus on Kodi

Now that the repository is in place we’re going to install Plexus on Kodi.

13. Select Install from repositoryInstall add-on from repository on Kodi

14. Click on TVADDONS.CO Add-on RepositoryKodi TVAddons repository

15. Select Program add-onsprogram addons category on tvaddons repository

16. Select Plexusinstalling plexus from tvaddons repository

17. Press the Install button to download and install the addon and its dependencies. Wait a couple of seconds for the process to finish. installing Plexus on Kodi

18. You’ll see a list of dependencies for Plexus, press OK to continue. Dependencies for Plexus Kodi add-on

19. Plexus is now installed on Kodi. Do not open Plexus yet, there’s a couple of thing we need to do first.Plexus Kodi Addon

Do not open Plexus yet. When launching Plexus for the first time, it’ll run an initial setup script and it’ll try to install the AceStream and SopCast engines. You’ll see a series of messages that will guide you through this process, these messages are a bit different on each OS and require different steps.

If you need to re-run the initial setup process open the Context Menu on Plexus, select Settings and activate Repeat configuration on the next run. (You can open the Context Menu pressing C on the keyboard, long-pressing on touch devices, or the menu key on the remote.)

Setting up AceStream and SopCast for Plexus

Important: SopCast has been discontinued.

The process to install the engines for AceStream and SopCast are different depending on the platform you’re running.

Android Setup

When installing Plexus on Android, it’ll automatically install SopCast engine but you’ll have to manually install the AceStream engine as an Android App. Keep in mind that you’ll also have manually launch the AceStream Engine app before launching Kodi when you want to use Plexus. Let’s run Plexus first.

  1. Open Plexus on Kodi.
  2. Answer No when you see the message By default SopCast will use the Kodi player. Do you want to use an external application/player?
  3. You’ll see a SopCast: All done successfully! message. Press OK.
  4. Now you’ll see the message It is necessary to have AceStream.apk or TSC.apk installed… choose Yes. Plexus will download the AceStream.apk file to your device’s Downloads Folder, wait for the download to finish.
  5. If you see the message Do you want to download Torrent Stream Controller?… Answer No.
  6. You’ll see the message AceStream: All done successfully! Press OK.
  7. Now properly close Kodi. Go to the Home Screen, press the Power Button on the top left corner and select Exit.
  8. Install AceStream Engine app on Android.

The recommended way is to use the AceStream.apk file downloaded by Plexus on your device’s Downloads folder, find the file using your preferred File Manager app and install AceStream Engine app. You might have to allow installation of apps from unknown sources on your device, this is usually under Android Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
We also tried installing AceStream Engine from the Play Store and it worked just fine but we worry it might break if there’s an unexpected update. Either way, you should now have AceStream installed on your device now.

  1. Open the AceStream app and wait for the initial setup to finish, you don’t need to sign in.
  2. Go back to your device’s Home Screen and leave AceStream Engine running in the background.
  3. Open Kodi.
  4. Enjoy Plexus.

Be patient when opening AceStream or SopCast links on slow Android boxes, the initial connection may take about a minute.

If Kodi freezes when using AceStream open AceStream Engine app, open the Menu on the top-right corner, select Settings, scroll down and change Selected Player to Kodi.

Windows Setup

When installing Plexus on Windows, it’ll automatically install the AceStream engine but you’ll have to manually install the SopCast Engine.

  1. First, you must properly close Kodi. Push the Power Button on the top left corner of the Home Screen and pressing Exit.
  2. Go to the SopCast website and download SopCast for Windows. (Note: SopCast has been discontinued)
  3. Install SopCast on Windows.
  4. Open SopCast.
  5. Log in to SopCast as an anonymous user.
  6. Run Kodi as Administrator.
  7. Open Plexus.
  8. The initial setup script will run, this will download the AceStream engine and detect the SopCast engine that we installed.
  9. Enjoy Plexus.

We couldn’t make SopCast work with Plexus on Windows 10 64-bit because Plexus couldn’t find sopcast.exe. If you know a workaround please leave us a comment. AceStream is working fine though.

Linux Setup

We used Ubuntu 18.04 to install Plexus. Just like on Android, Plexus will install the SopCast engine but you’ll have to manually install AceStream. You’ll also have to launch the AceStream Engine before Kodi when you want to use Plexus.

  1. Open Plexus.
  2. Answer No when you see the message Are you using OpenELEC x86_64?
  3. Plexus will download the SopCast Engine, wait for the process to finish and ignore the AceStream message.
  4. Properly close Kodi. Go to the Home Screen, press the Power Button on the top left corner and select Exit.
  5. Install AceStream on Ubuntu. Open the terminal and type sudo snap install acestreamplayer. This will install AceStream engine and AceStream player.
  6. Open AceStream Engine, you’ll see the AceStream icon on the system tray area.
  7. Open Kodi.
  8. Enjoy Plexus.

Playing AceStream/SopCast on Kodi with Plexus

Both AceStream and Sopcast use a long string of letters and numbers to identify one stream from another, it’s called the Content ID.

If you already have ContentID for a stream, it’s time to play it on Plexus. In this example, we’re going to use an AceStream link. Please read the finding AceStream links section for more information.

I. Select the type of stream you want to play, we’ll select AceStreamMain menu on Plexus Kodi addon

II. Copy the Content ID and press OKusing acestream with Plexus and Kodi

Give it a couple of seconds, Plexus will call the appropriate engine, start looking for peers and it’ll load a small initial buffer before playing the stream.

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Live Sports on Kodi 18.x with Plexus (AceStream/SopCast) April 2021
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