How to install Netflix Kodi add-on [2024]

The Netflix Kodi add-on offers a convenient way to access Netflix’s extensive catalog of movies and TV shows directly on Kodi. Please note that this add-on requires a Netflix account.

Netflix add-on is not officially developed by Netflix itself, but it offers a lot of great features like access to multiple profiles, recommendations, library integration, watched status synchronization, high-resolution playback (on supported devices), Up Next add-on integration to play episodes continuously, and more.

In this guide, we’re going to install the unofficial Netflix add-on on Kodi. Let’s begin.

If this is the first time you install add-ons on Kodi, you’ll have to allow the installation of unofficial add-ons. Please read How to allow 3rd-party add-ons on Kodi and come back here when you’re ready.

Installing CastagnaIT repository

Let’s add a link to the add-on’s official source on CastagnaIT’s GitHub page. This allows us to download and install the repository zip file directly on Kodi.

1. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the Home Screen. Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

2. Select File Manager.
Kodi File Manager on System menu

3. Press Add Source.
adding source using file manager on kodi

4. Enter on the top box and repository.castagnait on the bottom one. Press OK to add the source.
Netflix Kodi add-on source on CastagnaIT

Now that we’ve added the link to the source, let’s use it to install the repository.

5. Go back to the Settings menu and select Add-ons.
Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Press Install from zip file.
install kodi add-on from zip file

On Kodi 19, you’ll see a message about the auto-update feature. Press Yes to proceed.

7. Select repository.castagnait.
castagnaIT's Netflix source on file explorer

8. Click the file to download and install the repository.
install Netflix repository on Kodi

Installing Netflix add-on on Kodi

Now that the repository is installed, let’s use it to install Netflix and its dependencies.

9. Select Install from repository.
Install add-on from repository on Kodi

10. Click on CastagnaIT Repository to open the repository.
CastagnaIT Kodi repository

11. Select Video add-ons.
video add-ons category on CastagnaIT repository

12. Now Select Netflix.
Netflix Kodi add-on on CastagnaIT repo

13. Press the Install button.
install netflix kodi addon

14. Press OK and to install the add-on and its dependencies.
list of dependencies for Netflix addon

Wait a couple of seconds while the add-on is being downloaded, you’ll see a notification when the installation process is done.

15. Go back to the Home Screen, highlight the Add-ons tab, and select Netflix to open the add-on.
Netflix Kodi addon

On some Linux distributions, you must install a couple of additional libraries. On the other hand, if you’re using Windows, macOS, Android, LibreElec, CoreElec, or Ubuntu, those libraries are already installed.

We have installed Netflix on Kodi, but we still need to set up a user account.

Setting up your Netflix account

Opening the add-on for the first time will launch the setup wizard.

16. Netflix requires the InputStream Adaptive add-on, you’ll be prompted to install it now. Press Yes to continue.
installing inputstream adaptive addon for netflix on kodi

17. You must enter your Netflix credentials, select E-Mail/Password.

18. Type your email.
type your Netflix email account

19. Now enter your password.
type your Netflix password

Log in problems and Authentication Key method

Sometimes, Netflix’s anti-bot feature can cause log-in errors when using the add-on. If you get the “Incorrect Password” message, even after you entered the right credentials, you’ll have to use the Authentication Key method.

To use this method, you must download and run the NF Authentication Key app. You’ll need a Linux, Windows, or Mac computer to run the app.

NF Authentication Key will open a web browser and it’ll ask you to log into Netflix, so it can capture the authentication key on a file and also a 4-digit PIN.

Go to the add-on’s wiki on GitHub to download the NF Authentication Key and follow the instructions on the site.

NF Authentication Key app

Once you’ve run the app, you must use the generated file, 4-digit PIN, and password in Kodi to log in to Netflix with the add-on. Don’t worry, you only need to do this once.

Some antivirus may falsely identify the app as malware, you can read more about it here.

Using the Netflix add-on with Kodi

Now we are ready to use the add-on.

20. Select a profile.
Select a Netflix profile

21. Use the addon’s main menu to navigate the categories and choose a movie or show.
using Netflix Kodi add-on

Netflix uses a special encryption protocol to play 1080p and 4K videos, if your device supports this protocol you’ll be prompted to install the Widevine CDM add-on and you’ll be able to watch high-resolution videos. Some Android boxes are not Widevine certified and will only play 540p videos.

Playing HD videos on Netflix

Netflix requires a Widevine L3 certified device to play 4K videos, if your device is certified, you can already play videos on the highest quality. Check the List of known Android devices for 1080p and 4K playback to see if your device is compatible.

Devices without a Widevine L3 certification are either restricted to 540p videos or no video will play at all, returning the message “Sorry, your account can’t be used on this device”.

Some Android devices are Widevine L1 certified and can play up to 1080p video from Netflix, but they are still restricted to 540p. If your device is marked as “Google Certified”, chances are you’ll be able to play Netflix on HD. It seems like Widevine L1 devices can no longer play 1080p videos due to Netflix’s new restrictions.

Editing your device’s serial number (ESN) might unlock video playback at 540p on some devices. Follow these steps to edit your ESN:

I. Highlight the add-on (do not press it), open the Context Menu, and select Settings. (Long-press or use the C key to open the Context Menu)
open Netflix settings using the context menu

II. Go to the Expert tab, scroll down to the Advanced Add-on Configuration section and press ESN / Widevine settings.
open ESN manager

III. Press Change ESN and edit it following the instructions below, then press Apply changes now to save the new ESN.
changing ESN with Netflix addon

Devices with Widevine L1 certification

Edit your ESN according to these instructions:

An ESN has the following structure:
Prefix Group Device Model System ID

The ESN on your device may look like these examples:


Change the prefix to NFANDROID1 and the group to PRV-0, our examples will end up looking like this:


After editing your ESN, press the Apply changes now button and try to play a video. This used to unlock 1080p playback on most Widevine L1 certified devices, video quality seems to be restricted to 540p now.

Devices without Widevine certification

Enable either the Force L3 or Force L3 (ID 4445), press the Apply changes now and try to play a video. This method might help to get rid of error messages like “Your account can’t be used on this device”, “The title is not available to watch instantly” or “Request blacklisted by exchange service”.

Keep in mind that playing videos on unsupported devices is getting increasingly difficult, forcing L3 may enable playback, but it is not guaranteed to work on every device.

More info:

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How to install Netflix Kodi add-on [2024]
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