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Elementum is a Kodi add-on that uses BitTorrent, a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol, to stream high-definition movies and TV shows.

Due to its P2P nature, it uses both download and upload bandwidth while you’re watching videos. Depending on your location, you might need a VPN to protect your privacy while using torrents.

Elementum has many features like library integration, Trakt support, file downloads, integrated subtitles, automatic playback and even web interface to manage your torrents.

In this guide, we’re going to install Elementum on Kodi. Let’s begin!

1. Downloading Elementum

First, let’s download Elementum’s repository zip file from its official website.

The new ElementumOrg stand-alone repository is recommended for installing Elementum. It will automatically detect your platform and install the appropriate files for it.

1. Go to Elementum’s official site and download the repository zip file by clicking on the All-in-one (repository.elementumorg-0.0.1.zip) link.
elementum kodi addon official website

Remember the folder where you saved the file, as we’ll need it later.

2. Enabling Remote Control

Before installing Elementum we need to enable remote control settings in Kodi. This is necessary for the add-on to work properly. Some features like library updates, lists synchronization, repository management, and more are dependent on this.

2. Press the cog icon near the top left corner of the screen.
Open System menu on Kodi using the cog icon

3. Select Services.
Kodi Service settings on System menu

4. Highlight the Control tab and enable Allow remote control from applications on other systems.
allow Kodi to communicate with other applications

You will see a warning notification, press Yes to allow remote control.

3. Installing the Elementum Repository

If this is the first time you’re installing add-ons on Kodi, you’ll have to allow the installation of unofficial add-ons. Please read How to allow 3rd-party add-ons on Kodi and come back here when you’re ready.

We are going to install the new ElementumOrg repository using the zip file we’ve just downloaded.

5. Go back to the System menu and select Add-ons.Kodi Add-on Browser on System Menu

6. Press Install from zip file.install kodi add-on from zip file

You’ll see a message about the auto-update feature. Press Yes to continue.

7. Locate the installation file that we downloaded earlier and click on it to install the Elementum Repository.elementum kodi addon installation zip file

4. Installing Elementum Add-on

Now, let’s use the repository to install the Elementum add-on. The installation process will automatically detect your platform and download the corresponding files. It will also install Elementum Burst.

8. Select Install from repository.Install add-on from repository on Kodi

9. Press ElementumOrg respository. ElementumOrg repository on Kodi

10. Select Video add-ons.ElementumOrg repository, the Video add-ons category is selected

11. Now, select Elementum. Select Elementum to install the add-on

12. Press the Install button.Installing Ellementum on  Kodi

Wait while the files are downloaded and installed. After a couple of seconds, you’ll be prompted to install Elementum Burst. Burst is a multi-provider add-on responsible for searching torrents on various websites.

13. Press Yes to install Elementum Burst.auto-installing Elementum Burst on Kodi

All done! Elementum, Elementum Burst, and the torrent engine are now installed on Kodi. You should see an “Elementum daemon has started” notification.

5. Using Elementum

Now that Elementum and Elementum Burst are installed on Kodi, let’s use the add-on to watch some videos.

14. Go to the Home Screen and highlight the Add-ons tab. Press on Elementum to open the add-on.Elementum and Elementum Burst on Kodi Home Screen

15. Use the menu to find Movies or TV Shows.stream movies with Elementum Kodi

Whenever you choose a movie or episode, Elementum Burst will look for torrents on different websites. 

16. You’ll see a list of available torrents. Select one to start playing the video.List of available torrents on Kodi Elementum Burst

17. The torrent engine will connect to other peers and download a small buffer before playing the file.loading initial buffer on Elementum Kodi

Elementum supports automatic subtitles search, you must have an OpenSubtitles account to use the feature.

Please read How to enable subtitles on Kodi for more information about the subtitles’ settings and subtitles add-on suggestions.

6. Elementum WebUI [Recommended]

There’s a useful web interface to remotely manage your torrents from a smartphone or other devices on your local network. You can add, delete, resume, and pause torrents using the web interface.

1. Using a web browser, go to http://locahost:65220/web/ to access the Elementum WebUI. Kodi Elementum WebUI

7. Change Elementum storage method [Optional]

By default, Elementum will temporarily download fragments of the streamed file on the device’s RAM.

If you want to keep files on the hard drive, you can change the storage method in the add-on’s settings menu. Using the file system instead of the memory might help with stuttering problems on devices with limited memory.

1. Open Elementum and press Settings. open Elementum settings on Kodi

2. Select the General tab, scroll down to the Storage section and change the Download storage type to Use files, then press Download Path and choose a folder to store the downloaded files. change Elementum Kodi addon settings to use file as storage method

You must set a download path in order to use files as storage type instead of memory.

Android users must set the Download Path to a folder inside the Kodi data folder (Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/<your_folder_here>).

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How to install Elementum on Kodi [2024]
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18 thoughts on “How to install Elementum on Kodi [2024]

  • 1 month ago

    I’ve used elementum addon for years, but when I updated my kodi to nexxus I cant install it, can’t find the zip file I downloaded, I saved it to various locations but can’t seem to browse to it, need help thanks.

    • 2 weeks ago

      yes, i have same problem.
      Somebody do you have any idea how can i fix it?

  • 1 year ago

    Kudos excccellent work !!! only one glitch…I prefer downloading than streaming. So i set up file saving. Though my repository is in a shared drive. I may select it with a letter but i would like to make it available to other installs. therefore i need a SMB path so it would be the same for my android and win install. When I checked SMB it does not show the target shared drive and if I try to save SMB://READYSHARE/USB_STORAGE/MOVIES (with or without SMB at the beginning) system said path is invalid (while my kodi sources are all formatted with the path above) . Any hint ?
    Also i store files according to a structure: it would be beneficial to be able to select a different folder each time. Is there any simple way to do it without entering each time in the settings ?

  • 3 years ago

    Its work for me. Kodi matrix 19.0 version. Though i have problem automatic install so i need to do the manual installingnin repository.
    Kudos i can watch new movie

  • 3 years ago

    Just loaded Leia 18.9 and Elementum/Burst works great. I had a lot of trouble with Kodi 19. 18.9 is good enough.

  • 3 years ago

    Any ideas on the permission error? It started with Kodi 19.

    • 3 years ago

      Elementum doesn’t work with Kodi 19 in Android 10 or superior. There is a thread in Elementum github that explains why this happens. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no workaround for the issue except to downgrade to Kodi 18.9. See https://github.com/elgatito/plugin.video.elementum/issues/669

      • 3 years ago

        very good function.you’re wrong.

  • 3 years ago

    This doesn’t work with latest version of Kodi on Linux with dependency on xbmc.python 2.1.0

  • 3 years ago

    On Android 11 i get error 13 permission denied when starting…any solution?

    • 3 years ago

      Same problem here, error 13

      • 3 years ago

        Try kodi 18

    • 3 years ago

      Elementum doesn’t work with Kodi 19 in Android 10 or superior. There is a thread in Elementum github that explains why this happens. Unfortunately, at the moment, there is no workaround for the issue except to downgrade to Kodi 18.9. See https://github.com/elgatito/plugin.video.elementum/issues/669

  • 3 years ago

    I followed the steps, but still movies aren’t playing

  • 3 years ago


    • 3 years ago

      hi. just install Elementum. it is just working great for the pictures. just the sound is low. nice addon, no buffering.

  • 3 years ago

    You never got to the first step of downloading the program! Just launched into how to install it.