How to install Cyberflix Catalog on Stremio [April 2024]

Cyberflix Catalog is a Stremio addon that aggregates catalogs from the most popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and many others. It also provides specialized catalogs for kids, anime and Asian content.

Cyberflix Catalog is highly configurable and can even integrate with your Trakt account to provide you with recommendations based on your watched history.

This addon does not provide any links to content, what Cyberflix does is add lists of titles to your Home and Discovery screens, helping you to easily find movies and TV shows.

In this guide, we are going to install Cyberflix Catalog on Stremio. Let’s get started!

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Installing Cyberflix Catalog

You’ll need a web browser and the Stremio app to follow this guide, if you haven’t installed Stremio yet please read The complete guide to Stremio.

The first thing we must do to install the addon is visit its official website.

1. Using a web browser, visit the Cyberflix Configuration Wizard at and press Setup.

Cyberflix Catalog setup page

2.There are many catalogs available, select the ones you like and press the Next button at the bottom of the page.

selecting catalogs on Cyberflix

Note: You can select up to 40 catalogs. The Recommendations catalog requires a Trakt account.

3. Arrange the catalogs in the order you want them to appear in the Home screen. Then, press the Next button when you’re ready.

Arrange Cyberflix catalogs to show on Stremio

4. Now, you can insert your RPDB key for posters with ratings, or your Trakt code if you selected Recommendations. These are optional. Press Install on Stremio to continue.

Authorize Trakt or RPDB

Some web browsers require you to confirm before opening the installation link on Stremio.

5. Go to Stremio and press Install.

installing Cyberflix on Stremio

All done! Now Cyberflix is installed on Stremio.

Note: If nothing happens when you press the Install on Stremio button, you’ll have to copy the installation link manually. Then, open the Stremio app, go to Home and paste the link on the search bar.

Using Cyberflix with Stremio

Now that we installed the addon, let’s see how it looks on the Stremio interface.

1. The Home Screen displays new rows for the installed catalogs.

Cyberflix catalogs on Stremio's Home screen

2. Use the dropdown menu on the Discovery screen to access the new catalogs.

selecting Cyberflix catalogs on Discovery screen

You’re now ready to discover new content on Stremio with Cyberflix Catalog. Remember that you can always add your favorite titles to your Library for easier access.

If you are using Stremio’s native Trakt integration, the official Trakt Integration addon already adds a Recommendations catalog. Adding Cyberflix’s Trakt Recommendations will create duplicate rows in your Home screen.

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How to install Cyberflix Catalog on Stremio [April 2024]
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