Covenant is a popular Kodi addon based on Exodus. It streams movies and TV shows using several websites as sources. Covenant has all the features of its predecessor such as support, library integration, foreign providers, premium accounts, file downloads and more.

Covenant is no longer maintained, we recommend using Incursion. Incursion is a popular fork of Covenant with the same features and it’s frequently updated. Please read How to install Incursion on Kodi.




In this tutorial we are going to install Covenant on Kodi 17.x Krypton using Kodil repo.


Covenant is no longer maintained, we recommend using Incursion. Incursion is a popular fork of Covenant with the same features and it’s frequently updated. Please read How to install Incursion on Kodi.


1. Open the Settings by pressing on the gear icon near the top left corner of the screen. Kodi system settings on estuary skin
2. Select File managerfile manager on Kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
3. Press Add sourceadding source using file explorer on kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
4. Write in the top box and Kodil in the bottom one. Press OK to continue. add kodil source to kodi
5. Go back to the Home Screen and press the Add-ons tab. addons tab on estuary skin with kodi 17
6. Press the Setting button (gear icon) near the top left corner of the screen. addon settings on kodi 17 estuary
7. Make sure the Add-ons tab is selected and enable Unknown Sources and Show notifications.  enable unknown sources on kodi 17 krypton estuary
8. Go back to the Add-ons menu and this time open Add-on Browser by pressing the box icon on the top left corner of the screen.Addon browser on Kodi 17 with estuary
9. We are going to install Kodil repo. Select Install from zip fileinstalling from zip fileon kodi 17 with estuary
10. Select Kodil.Kodil source on Kodi
11. Click on the file to install the Kodil repo.Kodil repo zip file
12. Now let’s install Covenant. Select Install from repository.Install from zip file on Kodi with estuary
13. Click on Kodil repository to open it. Kodil repository on Kodi
14. Then Video Add-onsvideo addons category on Kodil repo
15. Scroll down and select Covenantinstall covenant kodi using kodil repo
16. Now press Install, this will download and install the addon and its dependencies. Wait a couple of seconds until you see the Covenant Addon Enabled notification.install kodi covenant from kodil repo
17. Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the Add-ons tab, click on Covenant to open the addon.Covenant kodi addon
18. Navigate the menu to watch movies and TV shows with Covenant. Covenant main menu on Kodi

If you used Exodus before Covenant will feel very familiar. The main menu shows the following items:

  • Movies: use this section to browse and search for movies.
  • TV Shows: use this section to browse and search for TV shows.
  • My Movies: movies in your collection or list, needs Trakt or IMDB account.
  • My TV Shows: episodes on your collection or list, needs Trakt or IMDB account.
  • New Movies: new releases, some movies might not have HD sources yet.
  • New Episodes: new TV shows episodes releases.
  • Channels: movie suggestions based on what’s playing on popular network/cable channels.
  • Tools: Settings and cache clearing.
  • Search: Shortcut to search function.

Activate library integration to organize your favorite shows and movies locally on Kodi or use your account with Covenant to keep all your devices organized and synchronized on the cloud.  If you want to use subtitles with Covenant and Kodi please read How to activate automatic subtitles on Kodi.


These are some other popular Kodi addons you might like:

Bubbles: addon with lots of features, optimized for premium accounts.
Elysium: formerly known as Zen is based on Exodus and has some very nice features.
Death Streams: a fork of SALTS (Stream All The Sources).
Not Sure: movies, TV shows, live sports, anime and more. Supports and library integration.
Quasar: if you can use torrents we highly recommend trying this addon.



Install Covenant on Kodi 17.6 Krypton
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11 Comments on "Install Covenant on Kodi 17.6 Krypton"

paul slavik

Can’t understand i did everything step by step but when i open the zip file there’s nothing their why please help

not yet senile

It took a while to set up but Covenant is now running. Thanks.

jebediah johnnies

easy to follow! did a fresh install on a windows 7 pc. never installed or even looked at installing this myself. had it done, with covenant, and watching shows inside 10 minutes…Thanks for the precise and easy instructions!!


I’m new to Android and Kodi and I can’t find any of these places the instructions show. Kodi (installed from Google Play) says when it opens its 17.4, yet the menu system you show is totally different then what is show on my box. I can’t find file manager within Kodi.
So I downloaded the zip file and it said it installed it, yet I can’t find it or figure out if its really installed.


Did you even try to install it on fresh kodi? Its really annoying that the same posts keeps getting copied from one site to other and you dont even try it by yourself. This whole procedure does NOT work.


Covenant was working fine until I cleared the cache for Kodi through the media box setting. Now the background wallpaper for Covenant is missing, movies and tv shows wont load under certain categories, etc

Topher S

I enabled the download feature in Covenant, but when I pic a link in unable to get a context menu with the download option to appear. One tried using both the dedicated context button and the C key on my airmouse. Anyone have any ideas?


Every time I try to install colossus repo from zip it fails… any suggestions?