How to install Annatar on Stremio [April 2024]

Annatar is a Stremio addon that allows you to stream movies and series using cached torrents from Debrid services. This addon provides very fast results and offer configuration options to filter results by quality and video resolution.

An account from Real Debrid, Premiumize, Debrid Link, or All Debrid is required to use Annatar with Stremio.

Annatar was designed to run as a self-hosted alternative to Torrentio, but there’s also a community edition hosted on Elfhosted, that you can access for free.

In this guide, we are going to install the community edition of Annatar on Stremio. Let’s get started!

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It’s important to note that using torrents can have legal implications depending on your location and the content being downloaded. It’s recommended to check your local laws and regulations before using non-official Stremio addons.

Installing Annatar

Annatar Community Edition is the public instance of Annatar on Elfhosted. It is great for beginners since it allows us to use Annatar without all the setup needed for self-hosting.

You need a Debrid account to use Annatar with Stremio. In this guide, we are going to use Real Debrid, a service that gives you unrestricted access to cached torrents and various file hosting websites for a very low price.

1. Using a web browser, visit the official Annatar Configuration Page on

Annatar setup page

The addon is very easy to setup, these are the available options:

  • Debrid Provider: Select your Debrid provider.
  • Debrid API key: Enter your Debrid API token. (Real Debrid users can get their API key on
  • Max Results: How many results to show per video quality.
  • Video Quality: Select the video encodings that are compatible with your device. For example, older devices cannot play H.265 (HEVC), or HDR videos look too dark on non-HDR TVs. Exclude non compatible encoding for a better playback experience.
  • Resolution: Select your preferred resolutions. Users with slow internet connections should exclude higher resolutions.

2. Once you have adjusted the settings, press the Install button. Some web browsers will require you to confirm before opening the installation link on Stremio.

3. Go to Stremio and press the Install button.

All done! now Annatar is installed on Stremio.

When you select an episode or a movie, Annatar will show results according to your settings. Real Debrid links are labeled with [RD+].

Using Annatar with Stremio Web

Debrid services transmit cached torrents securely via HTTPS so it is technically possible to use Annatar directly with Stremio Web without connecting to a streaming server. However, some video formats might not be compatible with your web browser. You must use an external player like VLC or Outplayer to play those videos.

If you want to play all cached torrents directly on the web browser, you will have to connect to a streaming server running on Stremio Desktop, the streaming server will automatically transcode the videos to a web standard format. Please read using Stremio Web on unsupported devices for more information.

Self-hosted Annatar

You can also run Annatar locally on your PC but it requires advanced configuration of Docker, Jackett, and nginx.

Setting up a self-hosted version of Annatar is beyond the reach of his guide, but you can find more information on the addon’s GitLab page.

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How to install Annatar on Stremio [April 2024]
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