Incursion is capable of integrating with Kodi’s library. By enabling library integration, Incursion will periodically check for new episodes of the shows in your library. It’s a great way of keeping your favorite movies and TV shows organized in Kodi.
In this tutorial we’re going to integrate Incursion with the library.

Incursion has been discontinued. These are our favorite add-ons for  December 2018:
Exodus Redux:  New add-on based on Exodus, it uses Lambda Scrapers to get sources from file hosting websites.
Yoda: Based on Exodus, scrapes sources from file hosting websites.
Seren: New add-on written from scratch with very innovative features like playing next episodes automatically, requires Debrid and Trakt accounts.
Elementum: High quality videos using Torrents.
Masterani Redux: Subtitled and dubbed anime.
Plexus: Live sports using AceStream or SopCast.


1. Highlight the Add-ons tab on the Home Screen and select Incursionincursion kodi addon
2. Click on Tools.Tools on Incursion main menu for Kodi
3. Select Incursion: Library.incursion library integration settings
4. Open the Context menu on Incursion: TV folder and select Set Content. (To open the Context menu use the C key, right-click or long-press the selection). Incursion library integration, set content of TV shows folder
5. Set the content’s folder to TV Shows and press OK to confirm. set library folder content to tv shows
6. Now press Yes to refresh the folder information. kodi incursion library integration

This will enable the TV Shows section on the Home Screen. To enable the Movies repeat the process using Incursion: Movies folder on step 4 and set the content to Movies on step 5.


Add items to Kodi’s library using Incursion

Let’s add some items to the library, in this example we’ll be adding some TV shows but the process is the same for movies.

7. Select TV Shows on Incursion’s main menu. kodi incursion addon main menu
8. Select Most Popularmost popular tv shows on incursion for kodi
9. Open the Context Menu on an item and select Add to library. (You can open the Context Menu using the C key on your keyboard, right click on mouse, long-press on touch display or the menu key on the your remote) add items to library with incursion kodi addon
10. After adding a couple of items go back to the Home Screen and highlight the TV Shows tab to see an overview of the library. incursion kodi library integration

Incursion will periodically check for new episodes and update the library.


[Optional] How to import your Trakt Collection or Watchlist to Kodi’s Library with Incursion

You can import your Trakt Collection or Watchlist to the Library using Incursion. To know more about Trakt and Incursion please read How to use Trakt with Incursion and Kodi.

If you’re importing your Watchlist you should know that items won’t disappear from the Library after watched, that behavior is only inherent to the Watchlist.

11. Go to Incursion’s Main Menu and select ToolsTools on Incursion main menu for Kodi
12. Click on Incursion: Libraryincursion library integration settings
13. Import your movies and TV shows from your Trakt Collection or Watchlist. incursion import trakt collection to library
14. Go back on the Tools menu and select Settings: Generalincursion general settings
15. Scroll down to the Auto Trakt Collections Syncing section, enable Sync on Kodi Start and set Schedule Updates Every – Hour/s to something different than 0, we’ll set it to synchronize every 8 hours. incursion kodi addon auto trakt sync


When Auto Trakt Collections Syncing is enabled, any changes to the Collection on Trakt will be reflected on your Library but it won’t sync the other way around, this feature is coming soon though. In the meantime you’ll need to install the official Trakt addon from the official Kodi Add-on repository to sync the changes you make to your Library back to the Collection.



How to integrate Incursion with Kodi Library
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Incursion will periodically check for new episodes and update the library. That feature is not working.