Exodus is an addon for Kodi, it allows streaming of movies and TV shows using several file hoster websites as sources. Exodus features Trakt.tv support, library integration, premium services support and more. In this guide we are going to install Exodus on Kodi.

TVAddons servers are down and Exodus is unmaintained. If you are looking for an alternative to Exodus you can try:
Covenant: a fork of Exodus. 
: formerly known as Zen is based on Exodus and has some very nice features.
Bubbles: addon with lots of features, optimized for premium accounts.
Quasar: if you can use torrents you should check out this addon. 


1.  Let’s begin by adding the source, open the System Settings by clicking on the gear button near the top left corner of the screen. Kodi system settings on estuary skin
2. Open the File Manager.file explorer on Kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
3. Select Add Source.adding source using file explorer on kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
4. Enter http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff on the top box and kodistuff on the bottom one, press OK to add the source.add smash repo source to kodi
5. Go back to the Home Screen and click on the Add-ons tab. addons tab on estuary skin with kodi 17
6. Press the Setting button (gear icon) near the top left corner of the screen. addon settings on kodi 17 estuary
7. Make sure the Add-ons tab is selected and enable Unknown Sources and Show notifications.  enable unknown sources on kodi 17 krypton estuary
8. Go back to the Add-ons screen and this time open Add-on Browser by pressing the box icon on the top left corner of the screen.Addon browser on Kodi 17 with estuary
9. We are going to install Smash repo. Select Install from zip fileinstalling from zip fileon kodi 17 with estuary
10. Select kodistuff.installing smash repo on kodi
11. Click on SMASH Repo.zip to install the repository. install smash repo zip file on kodi
12. Now let’s install Exodus. Select Install from repository.Install from zip file on Kodi with estuary
13. Click on Smash repository to open it. smash repo on kodi
14. Then Video Add-ons.Video addons on Smash repository
15. Select Exodus.install exodus on kodi
16. Now press Install, this will download and install the addon and its dependencies. Wait until you see the Exodus Addon Enabled notification.install exodus kodi krypton
17. Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the Add-ons tab, click on Exodus to open the addon.Exodus kodi addon estuary krypton
18. Navigate Exodus Main Menu to watch movies and TV shows. Exodus main menu on kodi krypton


Exodus supports library integration and Trakt.tv. If you want to know more about Trakt read our guide How to use Trakt with Exodus and Kodi.

If you want to use subtitles with Exodus read our guide How to activate subtitles on Kodi.


Here are other popular Kodi addons that you might like:

Elysium, formerly known as Zen is based on Exodus and has some very nice features.
Specto, multi scraper addon very similar to Exodus, supports Library Integration and Trakt.tv.
Bubbles, addon with lots of features, optimized for premium accounts.
Quasar, if you can use torrents we highly recommend trying this addon.


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How to Install Exodus on Kodi 17 Krypton with Estuary Skin
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I was fine until Step 11. There was nothing from which to,select, just a blank screen , sigh.


Kodi is dead. I’ve tried it on the Firestick that used to run Kodi and Exodus nicely, and nothing. Exodus used to work fine until a week ago. On my Pi with the OSMC Kodi, it worked fine until a week ago. Today, I reloaded OSMC and Kodi, its inop. Can’t even get to Kodi’s official repositories. I loaded Kodi with libreELEC. Same problem. It seems they killed their own program in the attempt to stop free TV and being able to try movies to see if they are worth buying.


When I get to step 11 and open the kodistuff zip folder there are not zip files to select


When I get to step 13 the blue circle just spins continuously. What can I do to fix this?





I cant even get this to work, it keeps telling me it cannot get the directory information because the network may not be connected.. I know my network is just fine, so how do I fix this.. I did the manual update to the repos and restarted Kodi, but it is still giving me the same message. Any advice is welcome and thank you in advanced.

Roger hulett

Got to “install from zip file”. Little box with lh arrow just sits glowering at me.
Is it a big zip file? Can I force it ?


I used http://repo.cazwall.com/sc It worked for me after trying I don’t know how many otherways. And i’m a fucking idiot when it comes to all this tech crap. My only problem now is on top left of screen is a few lines of stuff that is constantly running about my speed cpus bah bah wolf wolf. How the fuck do I make that go away?


Look admin, apparently tvaddons is down a LOT, fix it please. There are like 200 guides for Kodi, ALL of them use tvaddons repo, so why in the bloody fucking hell is that site down every second day???!?


GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Spent like 5 hours 111 watching progress bars NOT moving. Reinstalled from scratch, then tvaddons is down. Then tried 12 different other sources, all fudge. The downloaded exodus 2.0 repo from link up top of this page here, AND THE FUCKING THING STILL WONT INSTALL!!!!

Franz- Josef Fleischhacker
Franz- Josef Fleischhacker

Delete the config File und reinstall Kodi with this perfekt new Exodus repository from smash


You say delete config file but give no direction how and where.

I will help you

Sorry, have you got Kodi on an Pc, Android Box,?.. or anything else?


I am trying this just after a system restore cleaning and it is still not letting me add Exodus. There are no old files remaining from Kodi. Every option I find to add Exodus give me the same error, it can’t retrieve information because the network may not be connected. My network itself is fine. I have tried several other ways including manual updating repos and restarting Kodi all with no luck.. Am I doing something wrong here?


I get to step 4 and it says my directories not connected to online can anyone help


Yep. Same for me. I actually the download up to 20 something % before it stopped on me and went back down to 0% download.