We all have seen the “One or more items failed to play. Check the log for details” error message. But where’s the log and how can i check it? In this guide we’ll show you two ways to check Kodi’s log file for errors.


Checking the log file itself

Kodi’s log is a plain text file so you can open it with any text editor. Use this method if you are planning on asking for help in forums, having the log file at hand can save you a lot of time.

Every OS uses different paths to store Kodi’s files, you can find the path to the log file on the following list.

  • Windows: C:\Users\{user_name}\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\kodi.log
  • Android:{storage}/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
  • Linux~/.kodi/kodi.log
  • iOS/private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/Kodi/kodi.log
  • Mac/Users/{user_name}/Library/Application Support/Kodi/kodi.log
  • OpenELEC/storage/.kodi/kodi.log
  • OSMC: /home/osmc/.kodi/temp/kodi.log
  • XBian: /home/xbian/.kodi/temp/kodi.log


It’s considered good practice to use services like xbmclogs.com or pastebin.com to upload your log instead of posting the file directly to a forum.


Using Log Viewer for Kodi addon

You can check the log file without leaving Kodi by downloading the Log Viewer for Kodi addon in Kodi’s official repository. This method will show you the log file regardless of the OS you are running.


1. Select “System” on the Home Screen.System option in kodi home screen
2. Then “Add-ons”. Addons option in Kodi settings
3. Click on “Install from repository”. Install from repository option
4. Select “Kodi Add-on Repository”. (If you don’t have any other repo installed, Kodi will use the official repo by default)Kodi official addon repository
5. Go to “Program add-ons”.program addons on Kodi official repository
6. Scroll the list until you find “Log Viewer for Kodi” and click on it. kodi program addons log viewer
7. Press “Install” and wait a couple of seconds while it downloads. installing Log Viewer for Kodi
8. Go back to the Home Screen and select “Programs”. (If you are using Android you’ll see an extra menu after, select “Program add-ons”)programs option on kodi home screen
9. Click on “Log Viewer for Kodi” to open it. Log Viewer for Kodi addon
10. Select “Show Log” to display the log file. Some low power system might take a couple of second to show the log file.kodi-programs-log-viewer-show-log


Kodi’s log file can give us a hint of what’s going on, you don’t need to fully understand it but it’s a good starting point when identifying failing addons or asking for help in forums. Remember to check the log file as soon as the error happens, Kodi events are constantly being written to this file so the longer you wait the more difficult it’ll be to identify the error.


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How to check Kodi’s log file
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For some reason, the LOG FILE is displayed when I’m watching Kodi and I can’t get rid of it.


I have done all the steps but after step 10 for ” show log” and i press on it nothing comes up what should I do ?

Vernon srurrup

How do I center movies name so I can see them properly

kadjedra henry

I have the firestick with Alexa 2017, I don’t know much about this at all, but everytime I go to a “How to” I am asked to go to a screen that I don’t have. I am referring to the screen that appears on of Using Log Viewer for Kodi addon,number 8. Please help me.

Landa Jones

My log came up to what appeared to be encryptions.

Patricia Scott

I don’t have Programs on my Kodi


Have you got a reply to that problem. Music box is giving me the exact problem


errorlog #184467440723272976000 non exsistant control, 18446744072290992584 can’t find window peripherals, can’t find windows fire stacking dialog. What di I do?

Michelle Stein

After any TV show or movie no matter what add on I use kodi fails. I can watch movie or TV show all the way threw. But soon after I stop it or is over few seconds I get the Kodi fail message and back to the home screen. How can I fix this from happening. Especially when your catching up on TV shows you had to scroll threw many pages or search for. No matter how I tried after it stops Kodi fails.


I have the same. I have no idea and i have looked online too. These android boxes just seem to be more of a hassle than they are worth. Either exodus shows up as no streams available after loading 97% of them and TV Turk Playlist just keeps saying error check logs. Might throw mine away and just get sky at least there are less issues than the XBMC boxes.


How do I fix error : exception: non-existent control 1?

Chris Reid

I get constant messages coming on screen DVB VIEWER CLIENT LOST ARGUS CLIENT LOST what do they mean ?


Me to help please


My log is saying that Control 50 in window 10001 has been asked to focus, but cant. And then it continues with a bunch of warnings: static XFILE::*…etc…


my log is full of errors and warnings what do I do ?!

Barbetta Tina

How do you fix it?

Deanna Kline

Mine says error: virtual book clmageloader do work – direct texture file loading failed for special://masterprofile/thumbnails. How do I fix this?


Installed the addon but it remains empty even after getting many “error check log file” messages.



Try clicking on show old for log


I have gone in to view log loads of errors have came up I don’t kow how to solve them please help


I need help… what do i do after i look at the file log???


Trying to add exodus add on keeps saying check error log. In error log says Python script error the handshake operation timed out. How do I fix this?


how do i fix this error how do i fix failed: couldn’t resolve name for http://mirrors.kodi.tv/addons/jarvis/script.cinder/fanart.jpg


Reading this, most apps have this feature built internally and automatically, so that when it states to look into the error log, you have that option available… having to do an add-on is IMHO a stupid step to have to do …

Douglas tubbs

Error control 61 in window 10147 : link resolve failed


Looking at the log viewer and it reads ERROR:CGUI Media window::Get directory(plug in://) failed


How did you fix this Dave, mine is saying the Dane thing


Okay how do I fix these errors now?

Amanda Mcgrath

won’t do nothing all I am gettin is a black screen. went out of it and back in still nothing. I get constant error messages


Nothing comes up, just a black window


After looking into error log I’ve noticed UrlResolver is missing?!.
ConfigWizard & reinstalled all addons which fixed all errors for me and everything is working again.
Thanks for hint 🙂


also how do we fix it


looking at log viewer for kodi it shows log but what do we do next


What next when you get in log files


So how do I clear the error log on Kodiak now. I have a lot of errors and it doesn’t do anything

Rob Williams

I followed directions and now I am waiting and waiting for something to show up. I have had many error messages. Does it have to wait while loading them all?


What do I do now it says failed I already knew that