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Elementum can integrate with Kodi‘s library. Using the library is a great way to keep all your favorite shows and movies organized locally on your device.

The library can be accessed through the TV Shows and Movies tabs on the Home Screen and it provides a nice interface for your media. It also offers features like recently added episodes, unwatched movies/shows, shows in progress, resume watching, and more.

Enabling library integration allows Elementum to periodically search for new episodes of the shows you have added and keep them updated.

If you want to synchronize your library across multiple devices we recommend you to read Using Elementum and Trakt.

In this guide, we are going to integrate Elementum with the library. If you need help installing Elementum please read How to install Elementum on Kodi first.

Elementum library files and folders

To use the library you’ll need two folders, one for your movies and another one for your shows. These folders are used to store small .strm files that contain instructions for the add-on, they won’t store video files.

By default, Elementum creates these two folders inside Kodi’s cache folder, the location of this folder is different depending on the OS you’re using.

  • Windows Desktop: %APPDATA%\Kodi\cache\elementum_library
  • Windows Store%LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\XBMCFoundation.Kodi_4n2hpmxwrvr6p\LocalCache\Roaming\Kodi\cache\elementum_library
  • Linux$HOME/.kodi/cache/elementum_library
  • OSx/Users/<user_name>/Library/Application Support/Kodi/cache/elementum_library
  • Android<data | sdcard | storage>/Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi/files/.kodi/cache/elementum_library
  • OpenELEC/storage/.kodi/cache/elementum_library

We’re going to use Elementum’s default location but you can create your own library folders on a different path.

Linking Elementum folders to the library

Let’s link the shows folder to the library, this will enable the TV Shows tab on the Home Screen.

1. Start Kodi and go to the Add-ons tab. Open the Context menu on Elementum and select Settings.open Elementum settings on Kodi

Note: to open the Context Menu, use C on the keyboard, long-press on touch devices, right-click on the mouse, or the menu key on the remote.

2. On the General tab, Scroll down until you see Library path and press Open directory with Kodi file browser.
Selecting directory for library in Elementum

If you’ve created your own folders for the library, use Library path to point to your custom location before opening the directory with Kodi file browser.

3. Now open the Context menu on the Shows folder and select Set content.
setting up Elementum library folder

4. Set the folder’s content type. Click on This directory contains and select TV Shows. Press OK to continue.
set TV shows as the folder's content on Kodi

5. Select Yes to refresh the information.
refresh the contents of kodi's library

Now that the Shows folder is linked to the library, whenever you add a show to the library, it will appear in the TV Shows tab on the Home screen.

Repeat the process to link the Movies folder to the library too.

Adding items to the library using Elementum

Now let’s add some items to the library. In this example, we’ll be adding TV shows but the process is the same for movies.

6. Open Elementum.
Elementum and Elementum Burst on Kodi Home Screen

7. Select TV Shows.
TV shows category on Elementum Kodi addon

8. Select Trakt > Trending.
trending tv shows category on Elementum Kodi addon

9. Open the Context Menu on an item and select Add to Library
add item to library with Elementum and Kodi

Elementum will create .strm files for each episode and save them in the library folder, it’ll also rescan the folders and update the library. It might take a couple of minutes for shows with many seasons. Go ahead and add a couple of shows to your library.

10. Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the TV Shows tab to see an overview of your library.
Elementum Kodi library integration

Now that the library is enabled, Elementum will periodically check for new episodes and update the library. To manually re-scan library folders open the Context Menu on Elementum and select Settings > Kodi Library tab > Update library.

You can also access your Trakt account and synchronize your collection with the library using Elementum, please read How to use Trakt with Elementum for more information.

If you want to use subtitles with Elementum with please read How to enable automatic subtitles on Kodi.

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Library integration with Elementum Kodi Addon
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