A lot of popular video addons are opting on using Trakt.tv instead of native library integration, which has its advantages, but it also means navigating through more menus to get to the show or movie you want to watch. In this tutorial we are going to use Aeon Nox 5, a powerful skin for Kodi, to create shortcuts to our favorite addons using custom menu items.

For demonstration purposes we are going use Exodus and Trakt to create a custom TV Shows menu item similar to the one available when using library integration. Keep in mind that you can add menu items for almost anything in Kodi including playlists,  sources, commands and of course addons.

Before we begin you must have Exodus installed and linked to Trakt, you also need to install and activate the Aeon Nox 5 skin from Kodi’s official repository, check our guides on How to Install Exodus or Exodus and Trakt if you need any help, let’s begin.


1. Select “System” > “Skin Settings” on the Home Screen.Aeon Nox 5 Home Screen
2.On the “Home window” tab, click on “Setup the Aeon Nox main menu”. setting up Aeon Nox 5 main menu
3. Since we are creating our own TV show item let’s deactivate the default one. Click on the “TV Shows” tab and uncheck the “Enabled” option. Deactivate other items as well if you are not planning on using them. Disabling default TV Shows menu item on Aeon Nox 5 for Kodi
4. It’s time to add our own custom menu item, select the “Custom 1” tab and click on “Default select action”. changing default action for custom menu item on Aeon Nox 5 for Kodi
5. Let’s define a shortcut to our Trakt TV collection on Exodus as the default action, select “Add-On”. setting default action for menu item on Aeon Nox 5 for Kodi Media Center
6. Then “Video Add-on”. setting action for custom menu item on Aeon Nox 5
7.  Click on “Exodus”. setting exodus as custom menu item action on Aeon Nox 5
8. Select “My Lists”. Aeon Nox Exodus custom menu items
9. Now click on “Trakt: TV Collection”. Add exodus trakt collection to kodi main menu using aeon nox
10. Select “Create Menu Item Here” to set your TV Collection as the default action for our custom menu item. set exodus trakt collection as action for main menu item on aeon nox
11. To change the name of our new menu item click on “Edit Label”. Edit custom menu item label
12. Type the name for the item, we are going to call it “My Shows”. Press “Done” to confirm. aeon nox custom menu item label


Our custom menu item is ready and pointing to our Trakt TV Collection trough Exodus, now let’s add some sub-menu items for latest episodes, progress and history.

13. Select “Manage submenu”. manage submenu on aeon nox custom menu items
14. Click on “Type” until you see “Add-on” on the top-right corner of the window. seting submenu items on aeon nox 5
15. Select “Exodus”. exodus as sub menu item
16. Then  “My lists”. kodi trakt custom menu items
17. Select “Trakt: Episodes”. Aeon nox Exodus Trakt latest episodes
18. Click on “Create menu item to here”. shortcut to exodus trakt latest episodes
19. Press “Set label” and change the name of your new sub-menu item to “Latest Episodes”. setting submenu label on aeon nox 5
20. Use the “Add” Button to create new sub-menu items. add a submenu item on aeon nox
21. Repeat the process to create more shortcuts, we’ll use trakt’s progress, history and Exodus’ most popular tv shows. Trakt and exodus shortcuts on kodi home screen
22. Enjoy your customized menu. exodus an trakt custom menu item on aeon nox 5 for kodi media center


By default, Aeon Nox 5 can use a couple of widgets but most of them will only work with the library, we need some trakt capable widgets to go with our new custom menu item. There are two ways to do this.

You can use the Panel-Style Home Screen Widgets Mod by  Warner306, it’ll add new beautiful widgets to Aeon Nox 5 and some of them can pull information from trakt, you need to replace and edit a couple of files to install it but the results are very pleasing.

If you want even more customization options try installing Aeon Nox 5 – SiLVO skin, a modded version of Aeon Nox 5 with new views and a lot of new features including custom widgets.


More Info:

Create Custom Menu Items with Aeon Nox Skin
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I do not have a enable option on my menu options

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Right don’t know if you guys would know but I’m looking at trying to move the list extended Widget1 to the centre of the screen. For the love of God I really am struggling. Did it on regular nox but for some reason just can’t here.

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