If you are using Kodi 17 Krypton you are probably wondering how to add custom menu items or widgets. Estuary is not as mature as Confluence or other popular skins so there aren’t many customization options available yet.

Estuary Mod has been discontinued. Please check out the Estuary Mod V2 thread on Kodi’s official forum .


Estuary Mod is a skin based on Estuary with a lot of new features, developed by Guilouz, Estuary Mod will let us create custom menu items and add widgets to our Home Screen.

In this tutorial we are going to use Exodus and Trakt to create a custom menu item for TV shows similar to the one available when using library integration, check our guides on how to install Exodus or Exodus and Trakt if you need any help. You can use your preferred addon, we are using Exodus just to illustrate.

Installing Estuary Mod

First you need to download both Guilouz Repository from GitHub and Marcelveldt’s BETA repository from GitHub. Remember the downloaded file’s path, we’ll be using it later.

1. Click the Add-ons tab on the Home Screen. addons tab on estuary skin with kodi 17
2. Open the Add-on Browser by clicking the box icon on the top left corner of the screen. Addon browser on Kodi 17 with estuary
3. Select Install from zip fileinstalling from zip fileon kodi 17 with estuary
4. Install both Guilouz and Marcelveldt repositories.estuary mod guilouz repository
5. Once both repositories are installed select Install from repository.Install from zip file on Kodi with estuary
6. Go to Guilouz Repository/Look and feel/Skin and install Estuary MOD (Kodi 17).install estuary mod on kodi

After the installation you’ll be prompted to switch skin, confirm by pressing Yes.

Configuring Estuary Mod

Estuary Mod uses other addons to improve the user experience, we are going to configure the skin and install its dependencies.

7. Go back to the Home Screen, you’ll be asked to install Skin Helper Service Widget, press Yes
8. Open the Settings by clicking on the gear icon near the bottom left corner of the Home Screen. Setting button on Estuary Mod
9. Select Skin SettingsSkin Settings on Estuary Mod
10. Select the Necessary Addons tab and install all the addons marked with a red icon by pressing on each one. Necessary addons for Estuary mod

Some of these addons are located on Marcelvdt’s repository and installation will fail if the repo is not installed.

Creating Menu Items with Estuary Mod

We are going to create a new menu item called My TV Shows that will take us to our Trakt’s TV Collection when selected. We’ve already set up Exodus and linked it to Trakt, you can use your favorite addon instead, the steps are very similar.

11. Go to Skin Settings and select the Home menu tab, click on Customize Main MenuCustomize Estuary Main Menu
12. Add a new item by pressing the + button on the left side of the screen.add new menu item on Estuary
13. Make sure that our new item is selected and click on Choose item for menuChange action for custom menu on estuary
14. Navigate to Add-On > Video Add-On > Exodus > My TV Shows > Collection, you’ll see a list of shows on your collection along with a “Create menu item to here” button, click on it to set the action. set trakt tv collection using exodus as menu item action for estuary
15. Use Set label and Set thumbnail to change the name and icon of the menu item, we are going to call it “My TV Shows” and use the tv.png icon.set custom menu label on estuary mod

Go to the Home Screen and test your new menu item. There are a lot of possibilities here, check the other options available when choosing an item for menu.

Adding widgets to Estuary Mod

Now let’s add some widgets, following with our Exodus and Trakt example, we are going to add a widget to show us the latest released episodes from Trakt.

16. Select Set type of widgetsset custom widget style on estuary mod
17. We are going to select Customizable widgets > Customizable widget (thumb) for our widget type. You’ll be prompted to enter a name, this name will not be visible so you can just press OK.setting customizable widget type on estuary mod
18. Now let’s create a widget to show the latest episodes from Trakt right on the home screen. Click on Select widget 1create custom widget on estuary mod
19. Navigate to Add-On > Video Add-On > Exodus > My TV Shows > Episodes and select Use as widget.  setting trakt exodus widget on estuary
20. Set a name for the widget, we’ll call it “Recently Added”.Setting custom widget name on estuary mod

Go back to the home screen and test your widget. You can add up to 6 widgets for each menu item, there are some extra widgets on Skin Helper Service Widgets, check them out.

There are 2 types of widgets: Pre-configured widgets (video, movies, tv shows, music video and music) you can overwrite the widgets but not remove them.  Customizable Widgets (posters, thumbs, icons and hub) these are fully customizable.

Creating a Sub Menu

Estuary Mod allows us to create sub menus, we are going to add a shortcut to Exodus’s people watching category.

21.Make sure that our new item is selected and click on Customize Submenucustomize sub menu for estuary
22. Select Choose item for menusetting action for custom sub menu item on estuary mod
23. Navigate to Add-On > Video Add-On > Exodus > TV Shows > People Watching and select Create menu item to hereset exodus as custom menu on estuary
24. Use Set label and Set thumbnail to customize the sub menu item. set icon for submenu item on estary

To create more sub menu items use the + button on the left side of the screen. Try adding a couple more items.

25. Once you are done your home screen should look something like this. (Hopefully better)exodus widgets on estuary mod


There it is, fully customized Estuary. We used Exodus on this guide but you can use your favorite addon. Estuary Mod really shines when used with library integration, there are a lot of options on Skin Helper Service Widgets and Extended Info Script. Some addons like Nextup Service Notification won’t work without library integration. If you want to install addons that support library integration check out our guides on Specto, Quasar or SALTS.


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Create Custom Menu Items with Estuary Mod Skin
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FrenckRahimtrinity fogartymehGeorgianna Recent comment authors

Hi m8, ty for sharing.
Just a question, how i can remove backgrounds from shortcuts System/file/favorite in home menu. I have find the option for change but not for remove.


Thanks for sharing. Is there a way to get rid of search function in kodi menu bar?? Thanks in advance

trinity fogarty
trinity fogarty

This skin has lots of customization options. But my minix u9h slows down to a crawl when using it so its useless to me unfortunately.


Sort of ironic that the skin provides the ability to create your own menu items but yet we can’t put the favorites back where they belong in the main list. All we get is widgets, which are the most tedious part of the regular Estuary theme. I wish I could find something that just lets me organize my favorites into different categories in the main vertical menu, with the same beautiful look of the original Estuary theme.


Hello so I was trying to figure Kodi out and accidentally made it so that the add on’s wasn’t displayed on the main menu. Is there a way to get that back on the main menu? I am still new to Kodi and I am having trouble since I don’t know where to find my add on’s.


Great tutorial , works well except the widgets take a long time to load posters or thumbnails 20-30 secs.Anyone got any solutions

franco otaola
franco otaola

is possible to put for e.g. the exodus search in the submenu of the movies folder?
i want to have my movies and a “search botton” from the exodus.


hi is it possible to use my own pictures for the backgrounds on an android box? when I click on the “select background” I cannot access my android box storage paths? also, is it possible to add a splash screen?


How do I add the github repo to kodi so I can access the two zip files listed at the start of this tutorial?


Marcelveldt’s BETA repository from GitHub that fails to install any ideas?

Terry Willick
Terry Willick

I have been using this skin for a few weeks and really enjoy it. Seems to be very simple yet very effective in creating all I want. Love the 6 widgets that have been added, I can select movie and Tv sections from several Addons and have them all in one place. Like the fact that you can change menu items as well as add and delete. It is so much better then the very limited Kodi original version. It has similar characters as Aeon Nox Silvo in a way and yet is different. I think this will be a popular skin for anyone moving up to Kodi 17. Great job : )

Steve McCaffertee
Steve McCaffertee

GREAT Tutorial…
I am in need of somebody who can do some customization “similar” to this. If somebody can contact me, I will send details of what I need, so you can give me a quote.
Thanks and ANY HELP is appreciated!!!!

Matt Wass
Matt Wass

My settings never stick and they are exactly how yours are (even tried custom typing them in to make sure they were right)

Any ideas?

Matt Wass
Matt Wass

They *stick* but they do nothing (when i click the new link in menu it does nothing)

Daniel Leite
Daniel Leite

Same here… anybody?