If you are using Kodi 17 Krypton you are probably wondering how to add custom menu items or widgets. Estuary is not as mature as Confluence or other popular skins so there aren’t many customization options available yet. Luckily for us there’s Estuary Mod.

Estuary Mod is a skin based on Estuary with a lot of new features, developed by Guilouz, Estuary Mod will let us create custom menu items and add a couple of widgets to our Home Screen. Go to the official thread on Kodi Community Forum and download the zip file.

In this tutorial we are going to use Exodus and Trakt to create a custom menu item for TV shows similar to the one available when using library integration, check our guides on how to install Exodus or Exodus and Trakt if you need any help.

To install Estuary Mod go to “Settings” > “Addons” > “Install from zip file” and select the file you’ve downloaded. Wait a couple of second until you are prompted to switch skins. Once you have Estuary Mod installed we are ready to begin.


1. Click the “Settings” icon on the bottom-left corner of the Home Screen. Setting button on Estuary Mod
2. Select “Skin Settings”. Skin Settings on Estuary Mod
3. Select the “Necessary Addons” tab and install all the addons marked with a red icon by pressing on each one. Necessary addons for Estuary mod
4. Let’s create a new item for the home menu, select the “Home Menu” tab and click on “Customize Main Menu”. Customize Estuary Main Menu
5. Scroll down and click “Add” to create a new menu item. add new menu item on Estuary
6. Since we are creating our own tv shows menu we are going to set our new item to take us straight to our Trakt’s tv collection when clicked. Select “Change Action”. Change action for custom menu on estuary
7. Navigate to “Add-On” > “Video Add-On” > “Exodus” > “My Lists” > “Trakt: TV Collection”, you’ll see a list of shows on your collection along with a “Create menu item to here” button, click on it to set the action. set trakt tv collection using exodus as menu item action for estuary
8. Use “Set label” and “Set thumbnail” to change the name and icon of the menu item, we are going to call it “My Shows” and use the tv.png icon.set custom menu label on estuary mod

We’ve created a new menu item, if you go to the Home Screen you should see “My Shows” on the menu; clicking on it will take you to your Trakt TV collection. Now let’s add some widgets.

9. Now let’s create a widget to show the latest episodes from Trakt right on the home screen. Click on “Select widget 1”. create custom widget on estuary mod
10. Navigate to “Add-On” > “Video Add-On” > “Exodus” > “My Lists” > “Trakt: Episodes” and select “Use as widget”.  setting trakt exodus widget on estuary
11. Set a name for the widget, we’ll call it “Recently Added”.Setting custom widget name on estuary mod
12. Change “Widget Style” to “Icon”. set custom widget style on estuary mod

You can add up to 4 widgets for each menu item, there are some extra widgets on the ExtendedInfo Script addon, check them out. Now lets create some sub-menu items.

13. Click on “Customize Submenu”. customize sub menu for estuary
14. Select “Choose item for menu”. setting action for custom sub menu item on estuary mod
15. Navigate to “Add-On” > “Video Add-On” > “Exodus” > “TV Shows” > “People Watching” and select “Create menu item to Here”. set exodus as custom menu on estuary
16. To change the icon select “Set thumbnail”. set icon for submenu item on estary
17. Repeat the process to create more sub-menu items, once you are done your home screen should look something like this. exodus widgets on estuary mod


There it is, fully customized Estuary. Keep in mind that all of this is in alpha state so some bugs are expected, also some features like Nextup Service Notification won’t work without library integration so it won’t work with Exodus either.


More Info:

Create Custom Menu Items with Estuary Mod Skin
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5 thoughts on “Create Custom Menu Items with Estuary Mod Skin

  • November 30, 2016 at 10:22 pm

    I have been using this skin for a few weeks and really enjoy it. Seems to be very simple yet very effective in creating all I want. Love the 6 widgets that have been added, I can select movie and Tv sections from several Addons and have them all in one place. Like the fact that you can change menu items as well as add and delete. It is so much better then the very limited Kodi original version. It has similar characters as Aeon Nox Silvo in a way and yet is different. I think this will be a popular skin for anyone moving up to Kodi 17. Great job : )

  • November 20, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    GREAT Tutorial…
    I am in need of somebody who can do some customization “similar” to this. If somebody can contact me, I will send details of what I need, so you can give me a quote.
    Thanks and ANY HELP is appreciated!!!!

  • July 3, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    My settings never stick and they are exactly how yours are (even tried custom typing them in to make sure they were right)

    Any ideas?


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