Chappa’ai is a fork of MetalliQ, an addon for Kodi that lets you search for content and organize your library independently of other addons. You can use Chappa’ai to browse movies, shows or music and it’ll let you choose the right addon to play them, it’s very convenient if you have several addons installed and you want to manage all your content on one place.

Chappa’ai has been discontinued. Please visit our Home Page for the latest Kodi add-ons.


Chappa’ai is compatible with lots of popular addons and it supports accounts to synchronize your content across devices. In this tutorial we’re going to install Chappa’ai on Kodi using the Blamo repository.


Installing Blamo source

Let’s start by adding the official source for Chappa’ai so we can download the repository using just Kodi.

1. Open the Settings by pressing the gear icon near the top left corner of the Home Screen. Kodi system settings on estuary skin
2. Select File managerfile manager on Kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
3. Press Add sourceadding source using file explorer on kodi 17 krypton with estuary skin
4. Enter on the top box and blamo on the bottom one. Press OK to continue. blamo repo source in Kodi


Installing Blamo repository

The repository is responsible of installing and updating Chappa’ai when new versions become available.

5. Go back to the Home Screen and press the Add-ons tab. addons tab on estuary skin with kodi 17
6. Open the Add-on Browser by pressing the box icon on the top left corner. Addon browser on Kodi 17 with estuary
7. Click on Install from zip fileinstalling from zip fileon kodi 17 with estuary
8. Select blamokodi blamo source on file explorer
9. Select to download and install the repository. kodi blamo repository zip file


Installing Chappa’ai addon on Kodi

Now that we’ve installed the repository it’s time to install Chappa’ai on Kodi.

10. Select Install from repositoryInstall from zip file on Kodi with estuary
11. Click on Blamo RepoKodi Blamo repository
12. Press Video add-onsvideo addons category in blamo repo for kodi
13. Select Chappa’aiChappa'ai kodi addon on blamo repo
14. Press the Install button and wait a couple of seconds while the addon and its dependencies are installed. install Chappa'ai kodi addon


Chappa’ai is now installed but it won’t find any sources by itself, instead it’ll use other addons installed on your system to find and play content.


Setting up Chappa’ai

In order to interact with other addons, Chappa’ai uses small scripts called players. When you first install Chappa’ai, it’ll search for other installed addons and activate their respective players. If you install addons after Chappa’ai you’ll need to re-scan for new players.

15. Go back to the Home Screen and highlight the Add-ons tab. Chappa'ai Kodi Addon
16. Open the Context Menu on Chappa’ai and select Settings. (You can open the context menu by pressing C on your keyboard, right-click in your mouse, long-press on touch devices or the menu key on the remote)open Chappa'ai settings on kodi using the context menu
17. Select Rerun TotalSetup on the General Total Setup on Chappa'ai Kodi addon
18. Press Yes to refresh all players. refresh Chappa'ai players on Kodi


Playing content with Chappa’ai

19. Open Chappa’aiChappa'ai Kodi Addon
20. Use the menu to find Movies, TV Shows or MusicMain menu on Chappa'ai Kodi addon
21. Select the item you want to play, Chappa’ai will show you a list of available addons to play it. Chappa'ai addon selector dialog


It’s important to clarify that Chappa’ai will search for sources using the selected addon only. Searching for an item using all the addons at the same time would be very inefficient.


Adding items to Kodi’s Library using Chappa’ai

Use the menu to find the item you want to add to the library.

22. Open the context menu on the selected item and press Scan item to libraryscan item to library on the context menu
23. Once you added a couple of items go back to the Home Screen, your added items should be under the Movies, TV Shows or Music tab respectively.  kodi library integration


Pressing an item from the library will open the Selector Dialog where you can choose your preferred addon. You can set predefined players for specific items using the addon settings.


Patching addons with Chappa’ai

Some addons contain blocking code to prevent other addons from calling their functions. Chappa’ai can patch some of those addons to disable the blocking code.

24. Open Chappa’ai Settings using the Context Menu. open Chappa'ai settings on kodi using the context menu
25. Select the Custom tab, enable Auto-patch add-ons and click on Patchpatch addons using Chappa'ai kodi addon


Chappa’ai will search for addons containing block code and ask for your confirmation to patch. Enabling auto-patch will re-patch the addons after they’ve been updated.

If you want to install other addons to use with Chappa’ai please read our guides to install Neptune Rising, Incursion or Elementum.

To use subtitles with your videos please read our guide on How to enable subtitles on Kodi.


More Info:

  • MrBlamo on twitter.



Multi Addon Library Integration with Chappa’ai Kodi Addon
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