The Best Stremio Addons [April 2024]

Looking for the best Stremio addons to supercharge your streaming experience?

Stremio is a versatile media center app that allows you to enjoy movies, TV shows, live channels, and more in one place. Its user-friendly interface, compatibility with many devices, and vast library of addons make it a favorite among cord-cutters and entertainment enthusiasts.

Stremio addons provide exiting new features and functionalities: Some addons offer curated catalogs for specific genres like anime, foreign films, or music, helping you discover hidden gems. Other addons provide links to streaming sources, while subtitle addons ensure you can enjoy content in your preferred language.

We have assembled this list with our favorite addons in the hopes that it helps you find the best Stremio addon for your streaming needs. We regularly update this list, so remember to check back periodically for the latest and the greatest Stremio addons.

Streaming addons

Stream content directly within Stremio using addons that provide links to torrent and file hosting sources.

While these addons can expand content availability, it’s important to be aware of copyright laws and potential security risks associated with some streaming sources.

Depending on your geographical location, you might benefit from using a VPN for added protection when using Stremio addons.


Torrentio is one of the most popular addons for Stremio. It aggregates links to movies, TV shows, and anime from various torrent indexing websites.

The links provided by Torrentio can be played either by connecting directly to the torrent network, or using a Debrid service as a proxy for faster and more secure connections.

Torrentio offers customization options to filter and sort the results. It also supports providers for specific languages like English, French, Spanish (Europe and America), Portuguese and Russian.

Torrentio screenshot

Torrentio setup page
FeaturesMovies, Series, Anime
Sources typeTorrent, Debrid
DebridReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Debrid Link, Offcloud,

For more information on how to setup the Torrentio addon with Stremio please read The complete guide to Torrentio.


Superflix is another popular Stremio addon that provides links for movies and series. The difference with Torrentio is that Superflix serves HTTP links instead of torrents.

This addon requires no configuration, just install and enjoy. Superflix can be used on Stremio Web without connecting to a local streaming server since it doesn’t use torrents.

Superflix screenshot

FeaturesMovies, Series
Sources typeHTTP


Annatar allows you to stream movies and series from Debrid services at lightning speeds.

This addon offers configuration options to filter results by video quality and resolution.

Annatar screenshot

Annatar setup page
FeaturesMovies, Series
Sources typeDebrid
DebridReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Debrid Link

Please read our guide to install Annatar on Stremio for more information.

Media Fusion

Media Fusion is a highly configurable Stremio addon that offers torrent and Debrid streaming links.

It has specialized catalogs for movies, series, live TV and sports in many languages, including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada.

Media Fusion screenshot

Media Fusion setup page
TypeStreaming, Catalog
FeaturesMovies, Series, Live TV, Sports
Sources typeTorrent, Debrid
DebridReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Debrid Link


Shlulflix is a Stremio addon that provides HTTP streaming links for your favorite movies and series. No configuration needed, just install and enjoy.

Shluflix does not connect to the torrent network, Since the links are HTTP, you can use this addons directly with Stremio Web on any device.

Shluflix screenshot

Shluflix setup page
FeaturesMovies, Series
Sources typeHTTP


KnightCrawler is a fork of Torrentio. It offers links to movies and shows on from popular torrent indexer websites.

The links provided by KnightCrawler can be played directly via torrent or using a Debrid service. This addon offers customization options to filter the results.

KnightCrawler screenshot

KnightCrawler setup page
FeaturesMovies, Series
Sources typeTorrent, Debrid
DebridReal Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid, Debrid Link, Offcloud,

Catalog addons

Discover a world of content with addons offering specialized catalogs for anime, foreign titles, documentaries, live TV, sports, music and more. These addons bring new meta-data with information about titles, cast, posters and more.

Cyberflix Catalog

Cyberflix Catalog is an addon for Stremio that aggregates catalogs from the most popular streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and others. It also provides specialized catalogs for kids, anime and Asian content.

Cyberflix Catalog is highly configurable and can even integrate with your Trakt account.

Cyberflix screenshot

Cyberflix setup page
FeaturesTitles from popular streaming platforms, Anime, Asian Content, Kids section
SupportsTrakt, RPDB

Please read out guide to install Cyberflix on Stremio for more information.

The Movie Database Addon

The Movie Database Addon provides catalogs in many languages for movies and series from TMDB. It is a great alternative to Stremio’s default catalogs provided by the Cinemeta addon.

The Movie Database Addon screenshot

The Movie Database setup page
FeaturesMovies and Series catalogs by TMDB

Please read our guide to install The Movie Database Addon on Stremio for more information.

Trakt Up Next

Trakt Up Next creates a personalized catalog with all your unwatched and recently aired episodes, based on your Trakt collection and watchlist.

Trakt Up Next screenshot

Trakt Up Next setup page
FeaturesUnwatched and newly aired episodes

Streaming Catalogs

Streaming catalogs offers trending movies and series on many popular streaming platforms, you can select catalogs by region (United States, Brazil, France, India, Netherlands, Turkey). You can also use your RPDB key to get posters with ratings.

Streaming Catalogs screenshot

Streaming Catalogs setup page
FeaturesTitles from popular streaming platforms

Miscellaneous addons

Expand Stremio functions with these amazing addons.


Watch your favorite content with friends! Create a chatroom, share the link, and watch synchronized movies and series with this fantastic Stremio addon.

Peario screenshot

Peario setup page
Featuresmulti-device playback synchronization

Addon Manager

Change the order of your Home screen’s catalogs with Addon Manager. This addon uses the internal Stremio API to manipulate addon order without having to install/uninstall them.

Addon Manager screenshot

Addon Manager setup page
FeaturesManage catalogs on Home screen

More Community Stremio addons

Not all Stremio addons are listed on the internal Stremio Catalog, there are many more addons available and a fantastic place to learn more about them is the Stremio Community Addons List.

Make sure to visit this site and take a look at all the ways you can customize Stremio.

Stremio Community addons list

Stremio and Debrid Services

A Debrid service gives you unrestricted access to files on various file hosting websites as well as access to cached torrents.

Cached torrents refer to torrents that have been previously downloaded and stored on the Debrid provider’s servers. Instead of streaming the files directly from other peers participating in the torrent network, Debrid users can access these files from the servers at high speeds.

When using cached torrents, your device’s IP is never exposed to the torrent network. Communication with the Debrid servers is done via HTTPS which is encrypted using the SSL/TSL protocol.

Most popular Debrid providers for Stremio are: Real Debrid, Premiumize, All Debrid and Debrid Link.

Stremio and VPN

Do I need a VPN with Stremio? The answer is different for every user and depends on your streaming methods, geographic location and personal preference.

When using torrents, your IP address is exposed to the torrent network, allowing anyone to collect information about your online activity. Depending on your geographic location you might need a VPN to protect your privacy.

When using cached torrents, the communication with Debrid servers is encrypted and your IP address is not exposed to the torrent network. You technically do not need a VPN, but you can still use one for extra protection.

Differences between Stremio and Kodi addons

Both Stremio addons and Kodi addons enhance the capabilities of their respective media center apps, but they differ in several key ways.

Stremio addons focus mostly on content discovery and playback. They are easy to install and they offer little customization, making them a great choice for beginners.

Stremio addons are written in JavaScript. Stremio doesn’t technically the install the addons, instead, it connects to the addon’s code running on a web server. Since they run on a server, Stremio addons can sometimes be overloaded with requests or can even go offline for many hours.

On the other hand, Kodi addons offer a wider variety of functions and more configuration options, you can personalize the menus, install themes, and even play videogames. But they are a bit harder to install and configure.

Kodi addons are written in Python and run directly on your device. This allows for more powerful addons but it also carries a potential security risk since they run with very little restrictions. However, Kodi addons are more resilient since they do not depend on a web server to run.

In both cases, always make sure to install addons from trusted sources.

For more information about Kodi addons please read The best Kodi addons.

For more information about the Stremio app, native Trakt integration and running Stremio on unsupported devices, please read The complete Guide to Stremio.

Is your favorite addon missing from our list of the Best Stremio addons? Leave a comment with your favorite Stremio addon.

The Best Stremio Addons [April 2024]
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